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Acland, Sir John Hugh Bevil, 1928-2006, Knight, Major General

  • KCL-AF0002
  • Person
  • 1928-2006

Born 1928; educated Eton; enlisted Scots Guards, 1946; 2 Lieutenant, 1948; Lieutenant, 1950; Captain, 1954; Equerry to HRH the Duke of Gloucester, 1957-59; Staff College, 1959; Major, 1961; Brigade Major, 4 Guards Armoured Brigade, 1964-1966; Lieutenant Colonel, 1967; Commanding Officer 2 Battalion Scots Guards, 1968-71; Chief of General Staff, Armament Supply Department, Ministry of Defence, 1972-1974; Brigadier, 1975; Brigadier General Staff, Ministry of Defence, 1975; Commander Land Forces and Deputy Commander British Forces, Cyprus, 1976-1978; General Officer Commanding South West District, 1978-1981; Commander, Commonwealth Monitoring Force and Military Adviser to the Governor, Southern Rhodesia [Zimbabwe], 1979-1980; retired 1981; died 2006.

Adam, Sir Ronald Forbes, 1885-1982, 2nd Baronet, General

  • KCL-AF0003
  • Person
  • 1885-1982

Born in 1885; educated at Eton College and Royal Military Academy, Woolwich; served in France, Flanders and Italy, World War One, 1914-1918; General Staff Officer Grade 1, Staff College, Camberley, 1932-1935; General Staff Officer Grade 1, War Office, 1935-1936; Deputy Director of Military Operations, War Office, 1936; Commander, Royal Artillery, 1 Div, 1936-1937; Commandant of Staff College, Camberley, 1937; Deputy Chief of Imperial General Staff, 1938-1939; Commanding 3 Army Corps, 1939- 1940; General Officer Commander-in-Chief, Northern Command, 1940-1941; Col Commandant of Royal Artillery and Army Educational Corps, 1940-1950; Adjutant General to the Forces, 1941-1946; Gen, 1942; Col Commandant, Royal Army Dental Corps, 1945-1951; retired, 1946; President of Marylebone Cricket Club, 1946- 1947, Library Association, 1949, National Institute of Adult Education, 1949-1964; National Institute of Industrial Psychology, 1947-1952; member of Council, Institute of Education, London University, 1948-1967; member of Miners Welfare Commission, 1946-1952; Chairman and Director General, British Council, 1946-1954; Executive Board, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, 1950-1954 and Chairman, 1952-1954; Principal of Working Men's College, 1956-1961; died in 1982.

Brooke, Alan Francis, 1883-1963, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke of Brookeborough, Field Marshal

  • KCL-AF0004
  • Person
  • 1883-1963

Born in 1883; commissioned into Royal Artillery, 1902; served in Southern Ireland, 1902-1906; India, 1906-1909; Royal Horse Artillery (Northern Battery), Royal Artillery, India, 1909-1914; served in Western Front in World War One, commanding Canadian and Indian troops; proceeded to war in France with Secunderabad Cavalry Bde; landed Marseilles, Sep 1914, in command of ammunition column; Adjutant, 2 Indian Bde, Royal Horse Artillery, 1915; Bde Maj, 18 Divisional Artillery, 1915; General Staff Officer Grade 2, Royal Artillery, Canadian Corps, 1917; General Staff Officer Grade 1, Royal Artillery, 1 Army, 1918-1919; Instructor, Staff College, Camberley, 1919 and 1923-1927; General Staff Officer Grade 2 Northumbrian Div, Territorial Army, 1920-1923; Instructor, Imperial Defence College, 1927 and 1932-1934; Commandant, School of Artillery, 1929-1932; Commander, 8 Infantry Bde, 1934-1935; Inspector of Royal Artillery, 1935-1936; Director of Military Training, War Office, 1936-1937; Commander, Mobile Division, 1937-1938; Commander, Anti-Aircraft Corps, 1938-1939; General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Anti-Aircraft Command and Southern Command, 1939-1940; Commander, 2 Army Corps, British Expeditionary Force, France and Belgium, 1939-1940; Commander-in-Chief, Home Forces, 1940-1941; Chief of the Imperial General Staff, 1941-1946; ADC General to King George VI, 1942-1946; FM, 1944; received Freedom of Belfast, 1945; received Freedom of City of London, 1946; Col Commandant, Royal Artillery, 1939-1957, Royal Horse Artillery, 1940-1957, Glider Pilot Regt, 1942-1951, and Honourable Artillery Company, 1946-1954; President, Royal Artillery Association; one of Government Directors of Anglo-Iranian Oil Co, 1946-1956; Director, Midland Bank Ltd, 1947-1963; Chairman, Belfast Banking Co, Ltd, 1947-1963; Director, National Discount Co, 1948-1963, and Hudson's Bay Co, 1948-1959; Chancellor, Queen's University, Belfast, 1949-1963; Constable of Tower of London, 1950-1955; Lord Lieutenant, County of London, 1950-1957; President, Zoological Society of London, 1951-1954; Director, Triplex Glass Co Ltd, 1954-1956 and Lowland Tanker Co Ltd, 1954; President, Corps of Commissionaires, 1960; Commander of Coronation Parade and Lord High Constable of England in Coronation Abbey Ceremonies, 1953; died in 1963.

Alderson, Basil Roxby, 1909-1980, Surgeon Captain

  • KCL-AF0005
  • Person
  • 1909-1980

Born 1909; commissioned into the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNVR) as Surgeon Sub Lt, 1931; served with Tyne Division, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNVR), HMS CALLIOPE, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, 1931-1935; commissioned into the Royal Navy as Surgeon Lt, 1935; HMS GLORIOUS, Mediterranean Fleet, 1935-1937; HMS SHARPSHOOTER and HMS HEBE, 1 Minesweeping Flotilla, Devonport, 1937-1938; Assistant Medical Officer, HMS DOLPHIN, Fort Blockhouse, Gosport, Hampshire, 1938-1939; medically examined two of the four survivors from HM Submarine THETIS, lost with ninety nine crew members, Liverpool Bay, Jun 1939; served in World War Two, 1939-1945; Medical Officer, HMS KELLY, 5 Destroyer Flotilla, Home Fleet, 1939-1940; Royal Naval Hospital, Haslar, Portsmouth, 1940-[1941]; Surgeon Lt Cdr, 1941; served in the Royal Naval Hospital, Malta, 1945-1947; acting Surgeon Cdr, 1947; Instructor, HMS ROYAL ARTHUR, Training Establishment, Corsham, Wiltshire, 1947-1949; Surgeon Cdr, 1949; Royal Naval Sick Quarters, HMS TERROR, Singapore, 1950-1952; HMS VICTORY, Royal Naval Barracks, Portsmouth, 1952-1955; HMS DAEDALUS, Royal Naval Barracks, Royal Naval Air Station, Lee on Solent, Hampshire, 1955-1958; Surgeon Capt, 1958; Royal Naval Hospital, Haslar, Portsmouth, 1958-1961; HMS GANGES, Royal Naval Junior Training Establishment, Shotley Gate, Ipswich, Suffolk, 1961-1965; retired 1965, died 1980.Publications: The parish register of Bowes, 1670-1837. Bishop's transcripts, 1615-1700, transcribed by the Reverend William Oliver and edited by Alderson (Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Parish Register Section, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, 1964); The parish register of Rokeby, Yorkshire, Vols I-VII, 1598-1837, transcribed by the Reverend William Oliver and edited by Alderson (Yorkshire Archaeological Society, Parish Register Section, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, 1965).

Alexander, Henry Templer, 1911-1977, Major General

  • KCL-AF0006
  • Person
  • 1911-1977

Born 1911; educated at Sedbergh School, Yorkshire and the Royal Military College, Sandhurst; commissioned into the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 1931; service with 1 Bn, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 1931-1938; Lt, 1934; Capt, 1939; Instructor, Royal Military College, Sandhurst, 1939-1940; served in World War Two, 1939-1945; service in North Africa, Italy, India, Burma and North West Europe, 1939-1945; temporary Maj, 1940-1941; Bde Maj, 1941-1942; General Staff Officer 2, Combined Operations Headquarters, 1942; General Staff Officer 2 (Staff Duties), Allied Forces Headquarters, 1942-1943; War Substantive Maj, 1943; awarded MBE, 1943; temporary Lt Col, 1943-1944; Commanding Officer, 2 Bn, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), Italy, 1944; War Substantive Lt Col, 1944; Col, Operations Staff of Maj Gen Orde Charles Wingate for second Chindit expedition, Operation THURSDAY, Burma, 1944; acting Brig, 1944; awarded OBE, 1945; General Staff Officer 1, 1945-1946; Maj, 1946; Chief Instructor, School of Combined Operations, 1946-1947; General Staff Officer 1 (Operations), Hong Kong, 1948-1950; General Staff Officer 1 (Directing Staff), Staff College, Camberley, Surrey, 1950-1952; Brevet Lt Col, 1951; Lt Col, 1953; Col, 1954; Commanding Officer, 1 Bn, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 1954-1955; commanded 26 Gurkha Infantry Bde, 1955-1957; temporary Brig, 1955-1958; awarded DSO, 1957; Senior Instructor, Staff College, Camberley, Surrey, 1958; Brig, 1959; Brig General Staff, Department of the Chief of the Imperial General Staff, War Office, 1959; Imperial Defence College, 1959; awarded CBE, 1960; Chief of Defence Staff, Ghana, 1960-1961; commanded Ghanian contingent, UN Forces, Belgian Congo, 1960-1961; awarded CB, 1961; Chief of Staff, Northern Command Headquarters, York, 1962-1965; retired, 1965; British Observer, International Observer Team on Genocide, Nigeria, 1968; Col, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 1969-1974; died 1977. Publications: African tightrope. My two years as Nkrumah's Chief of Staff (Pall Mall Press, London, 1965).

Alford, Jonathan R, 1933-1986, Colonel

  • KCL-AF0007
  • Person
  • 1933-1986

Born in 1933; educated at Rugby School and Royal Military College, Sandhurst; commissioned into Royal Engineers, 1953; Lt, 1955; assisted in preparation of nuclear tests on Christmas Island [1957-1958]; Capt, 1959; Maj, 1964; Military Assistant to the Chief of General Staff, 1965-1966; Lt Col, 1970; Col, 1974; served on General Staff of UK Land Forces 1974-1976; Deputy Director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies 1977-1986; died in 1986.

Alison, Sir Archibald, 1826-1907, 2nd Baronet, General

  • KCL-AF0008
  • Person
  • 1826-1907

Born, Edinburgh, 1826; educated at Glasgow University; commissioned into 72 Foot, 1846; Lieutenant, 72 Foot Headquarters, Barbados, 1849; Nova Scotia, Canada, 1851; Captain, 1853; Crimea, Russia, May 1855; service with Highland brigade, Sevastopol (Sebastopol), Russia, Jun 1855; Major, 1856; Military Secretary to Lt Gen Sir Colin Campbell (later General Sir Colin Campbell, 1st Baron Clyde), Commander in Chief, Indian Mutiny expedition, 1857; wounded, losing his left arm at second relief of Lucknow Garrison, India, 1857; Lieutenant Colonel, 1861; Assistant Adjutant General in office of Inspector General of Infantry, 1862-1864; Assistant Adjutant General, South Western District, 1864-1867; Colonel, 1867; succeeded father as Baronet, 1867; Assistant Adjutant General, Aldershot, 1870; Commander, British troops, second Anglo-Asante War, Ghana, 1873-1874; battle of Amoaful (Amoafo), capture of Bequah (Bekwai) and capture of Kumasi, Ghana, 1873-1874; Deputy Adjutant General, Ireland, 1874; Major General, 1877; Commandant, Staff College Camberley and Deputy Quartermaster General, Intelligence, 1882; Commander, British troops, Suez Canal, Egypt, 1882; Lieutenant General, 1882; Commander, British Force in Egypt, 1882-1883; Commander, Aldershot Division, 1883-1888; General, 1889; retired, 1893; died, London, 1907.

Allenby, Edmund Henry Hynman, 1861-1936, 1st Viscount Allenby of Megiddo and of Felixstowe, Field Marshal

  • KCL-AF0009
  • Person
  • 1861-1936

Born in 1861; educated at Haileybury College and Royal Military College, Sandhurst; commissioned into 6 Inniskilling Dragoons, 1882; served in Bechuanaland Expedition, 1884-1885, and in Zululand, 1888; Adjutant, Inniskilling Dragoons, 1889-1893; served in UK, 1890-1896; Staff College, Camberley, 1896-1897; Maj, 1897; Bde Maj, 3 Cavalry Bde, Ireland, 1898; served in South Africa, 1899-1902; commanded 5 Royal Irish Lancers, 1902-1905, and 4 Cavalry Brigade, Eastern Command, 1905-1910; Inspector of Cavalry, 1910-1914; served on Western Front, 1914-1917; Commander, Cavalry Div (later Cavalry Corps), BEF, 1914; Commander, 5 Army Corps, 1915; Commander, 3 Army, 1915-1917; Commander-in-Chief, Egyptian Expeditionary Force, Palestine and Egypt, 1917-1919; FM, 1919; High Commissioner for Egypt and the Sudan, 1919-1925; died in 1936. Placed

Allfrey, Sir Charles Walter, 1895-1964, Lieutenant General

  • KCL-AF0010
  • Person
  • 1895-1964

Born in 1895; educated at Royal Naval College, Dartmouth; joined Royal Artillery, Aug 1914; served in World War One, 1914-1918; Capt, 1917; Brevet Maj, 1931; served in Northern Kurdistan, 1932; Maj, 1933; Brevet Lt Col, 1935; Col, 1939; commander of 43 Div, North Africa, 1941-1942; acting Lt Gen, 1942; commanded 5 Corps, North Africa and Italy, 1942-1944; Maj Gen and temporary Lt Gen, 1943; General Officer Commanding British Troops in Egypt, 1944-1948; Lt Gen, 1946; Col Commandant, Royal Artillery, 1947-1957; retired in 1948; Col Commandant, Royal Horse Artillery, 1948-1957; died in 1964.

Allwood, D Peter, 1918-1998, Squadron Leader

  • KCL-AF0011
  • Person
  • 1918-1998

Born 1918; joined RAF as Apprentice Clerk, Ruislip, Middlesex, 1935; served in World War Two, 1939-1945; trained as Pilot, Florida, USA, 1941; commissioned as Pilot Officer, 1942; Flying Instructor, Florida, USA, 1942; service with Bomber Command and piloted Avro Lancasters on bombing raids over Germany, 1943-1944; awarded DFC [1943]; service in RAF Tebrau, Malaya, 1945; Flight Lt, 1946; served in Australia and Singapore; retired as Sqn Ldr, 1952; died 1998.

Amery, Harold Julian, 1919-1996, Baron Amery of Lustleigh

  • KCL-AF0012
  • Person
  • 1919-1996

Born in 1919; educated at Eton College and Balliol College, Oxford; war correspondent in Spanish Civil War, 1938-1939; Attaché, HM Legation, Belgrade, and on special missions in Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania and Middle East, 1939-1940; Sgt, RAF, 1940-1941; commissioned and transferred to Army, 1941; served in Egypt, Palestine and the Adriatic, 1941-1942; liaison officer to Albanian resistance movement, 1944; served on staff of Lt Gen Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart, special military representative with Gen Chiang Kai-shek, 1945; contested Preston in Conservative interest, Jul 1945; Conservative MP for Preston North, 1950-1966, and Brighton Pavilion, 1969-1992; delegate to Consultative Assembly of Council of Europe, 1950-1953 and 1956; member of Round Table Conference on Malta, 1955; Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State and Financial Secretary, War Office, 1957-1958; Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Colonial Office, 1958-1960; Secretary of State for Air, 1960-1962; Minister of Aviation, 1962-1964; Minister of Public Building and Works, 1970; Minister for Housing and Construction, Department of the Environment, 1970-1972; Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 1972-1974; died 1997. Publications: Sons of the eagle (Macmillan and Co, London, 1948); vols 4, 5 and 6 of James Louis Garvin's The life of Joseph Chamberlain (Macmillan and Co, London, 1932-1969); Approach march: a venture in autobiography (Hutchinson, London, 1973).

Amlot, Douglas Lloyd, 1910-1979, Air Commodore

  • KCL-AF0013
  • Person
  • 1910-1979

Born [1910]; acquired Civil Pilot's Licence, 1933; commissioned into the RAF, 1935; converted to RAF Service Flying at 4 Flying Training School, Abu Sueir, Egypt, [1935]; posted to 6 Sqn RAF at Ismailia, Egypt, and was engaged in operations in Palestine, where he was awarded the DFC for gallantry in the air, 1936-1938; appointed RAF Flying Instructor at RAF College Cranwell and then Chief Flying Instructor at 21 RAF Flying School at Kumalo, Rhodesia, [1939-1941]; commanded 27 RAF Elementary Flying School at Induna, Rhodesia, [1941]; commanded RAF Station, Cardington, taught at RAF Staff College, Hampshire, and was posted to Organisation Planning at the Air Ministry, [1942-1946]; commanded 1 Group, Royal Pakistan Air Force, and was responsible for supply dropping operations in Kashmir, [1947-1948]; assumed position of Chief of Staff, Royal Pakistan Air Force, during the absence of Commander in Chief AVM Richard Llewellyn Roger Atcherley in Australia, 1949; Director of Air Training, Air Ministry, [1951]; awarded CBE, 1951; died Mar 1979.

Anderton, Geoffrey, 1902-1981, Colonel

  • KCL-AF0015
  • Person
  • 1902-1981

Born 1902; educated at Ermysted's School, Skipton-in-Craven, Yorkshire and St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London; commissioned into the Royal Army Medical Corps, 1927; Capt, 1929; service on North West Frontier, India, 1930-1931; Maj, 1936; served in World War Two in Tunisia and Italy, 1939-1945; temporary Lt Col, 1940; temporary Col, 1943; awarded OBE, 1944; Lt Col, 1945; Assistant Director of Medical Services, 1 Div, Italy, 1945; Col, 1949; Deputy Director of Medical Services, Hong Kong, 1950; served in Korean War, 1950-1953; retired 1952; Commandant, Star and Garter Home for Disabled Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen, Richmond, Surrey, 1953-1967; died 1981.

Calthorpe, Sir Richard Hamilton Anstruther-Gough-, 1908-1985, 2nd Baronet, Brigadier

  • KCL-AF0016
  • Person
  • 1908-1985

Born in 1908; educated at Harrow School and Magdalene College, Cambridge; 2nd Lt, Royal Scots Greys, 1929; Lt, 1932; Adjutant, 1936-1939; served in Palestine 1936-1939; Capt, 1938; Staff Capt, 49 West Riding Div, York, 1939; served in Norway, 1940, and the Middle East, 1941-1942; Officer Commanding, Military Operations Section No 5, War Office, 1943-1944; Deputy Director of Military Operations, War Office, 1944-1947; Maj, 1946; honorary Brig, 1947; retired, 1947; died in 1985.

Anwyl, Reginald A, 1911-1983, Reverend, Army Chaplain

  • KCL-AF0017
  • Person
  • 1911-1983

Born in Liverpool in 1911; ordained as a Roman Catholic priest, 1935; curate at St Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham, 1935-1940; served as Army Chaplain, 1940-1945; POW, 1943; appointed to Monks Kirby, Warwickshire, 1946-1959, Hethe, Oxfordshire, 1959-1961 and Haunton, Staffordshire, 1961-1983; died in 1983.

Archer, John, 1871-1954, Captain

  • KCL-AF0018
  • Person
  • 1871-1954

John Archer, often known as Jack, was born 1871; enlisted with Rifle Brigade, 1889; joined 2 Battalion, Rifle Brigade; stationed in Ireland, 1890-1895; Sergeant, 1894; appointed Armourer Sergeant, Mounted Infantry, 1896; posted to Mashonaland, 1896-97; returned to 2 Battalion, Rifle Brigade and posted to Malta, Egypt, the Sudan and Crete, 1897-1899; fought in the Battle of Omdurman, 1898; Colour Sergeant, 1899; fought in the Second Boer War, South Africa, 1899-1902, including Siege of Ladysmith; posted to Egypt, the Sudan and India, 1902-1908; appointed Regimental Sergeant Major, 1 Battalion, King's African Rifles, 1908; posted to Nyasaland (Malawi) and Somaliland, 1908-1914; Sergeant Major, A Company, 1 Battalion Rifle Brigade, British Expeditionary Force, 1914; wounded and captured at Battle of Cambrai, Aug 1914; POW, Merseburg Camp, Germany and Scheveningen Camp, Holland, 1914-1918; retired from Army, 1919; worked for the prison service, Nyasaland (Malawi), 1919-1939; commissioned as 2 Lieutenant, East African Army Service Corps, 1939; worked in training and recruitment; retired with rank of Honorary Captain, 1947; died 1954.

Arnott, Lewis, 1898-1971, soldier

  • KCL-AF0020
  • Person
  • 1898-1971

Enlisted, Apr 1917; served with Royal Garrison Artillery, North West Frontier, India, 1917-1919; awarded Indian General Service Medal with clasp, ‘Afghan 1919’.

Ash, Walter William Hector, 1906-1998, Rear Admiral

  • KCL-AF0021
  • Person
  • 1906-1998

Born 1906; educated at City and Guilds College, London and the Royal Naval College, Greenwich; Assistant Electrical Engineer (Civil Officer), Electrical Engineering Department, Admiralty (Submarine design), 1932-1937; Visiting Lecturer in electrical machinery design, Royal Naval College, Greenwich, 1934-1937; Electrical Engineer (Civil Officer), Electrical Engineering Department, Admiralty (Battleship design), 1937-1939; served in World War Two, 1939-1945; Fleet Electrical Engineer, Staff of Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean, 1939-1940; Superintending Electrical Engineer, Admiralty (Supply and Production), 1940-1945; Superintending Electrical Engineer, HM Dockyard, Hong Kong, 1945-1948; Superintending Electrical Engineer, Admiralty Engineering Laboratory, West Drayton, Middlesex, 1948-1949; Cdr, HMS MONTCLARE, 1950-1951; Capt (Electrical), RN, 1951; Admiralty (Weapon Control Design), 1951-1953; served in Electrical Engineering Department, Admiralty, 1953-1954; Electrical Engineering Manager, HM Dockyard, Devonport, 1954-1958; Chairman, South Western Sub-Centre, Institute of Electrical Engineers, 1957-1958; Aide de Camp to HM Queen Elizabeth II, 1958-1960; Ship Design Department, Admiralty, 1959-1960; R Adm, 1960; Deputy Director of Electrical Engineering Division, Ship Department, Admiralty, 1960-1963; awarded CB, 1962; retired 1963; Fellow, Institution of Electrical Engineers; died 1998.

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