Ordering material

Storage and retrieval

Please note that some of our collections are held offsite and require a minimum of 7 days to retrieve. If a collection or part of a collection is held off-campus this is indicated down the page, under Related Material > Existence and location of original, with:

Off-campus item

Placing an order for a visit

Please email us at archives@kcl.ac.uk with the date you would like to visit along with the references of the material you would like to see, for example, K/PP107/2/3 or ALANBROOKE 3/5. Alternatively, you can use the clipboard to collate a list of items to order.

Using the clipboard

As you are searching or browsing the catalogue you may find it helpful to create a list of those records you are interested in so that you can easily find them again.

  • Adding records to the clipboard:

To add records to your clipboard simply click on the paperclip next to a record when browsing within the catalogue. The icon will change colour to indicate that an item has been added to your clipboard. You can add archival descriptions at collection or item level to your clipboard.

  • Removing records from the clipboard:

To remove an item from the clipboard simply click on the paperclip icon again. You can also do this from the clipboard itself. You may also remove all items by clicking on the clipboard icon (top of the screen to the right of the search and browse buttons) and selecting ‘Clear all selections’.

  • Retrieving records from the clipboard:

The paperclip icon at the top of the screen displays the number of items you have on your clipboard. In order to access these records click on this icon and select ‘Go to clipboard’. The clipboard page will show you the archival descriptions you have added. If you would like to view the People and Organisations that you have added, select ‘People/Organisations’ from the 'Entity type' drop down list.

From this page you can access any of the records you have added by clicking on them. The records you have added to your clipboard will only stay there for the duration of your session unless you save the clipboard. You will be given a number which you need to keep a note of in order to retrieve you clipboard at a later date. However, please note that your saved clipboard will expire after two weeks. If you want to keep a note of these records for future use you can copy and paste them into another document or click on ‘Print Preview’ in your Clipboard and then print the page. Other export options exist and are recommended only for those users who are comfortable working with XML or complex CSV formats.

Using the clipboard to order material

Please email us at archives@kcl.ac.uk to order material. If you include a clipboard ID number we will be able to retrieve the clipboard containing your list of material which we will be able to produce for your visit.