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3BM Television

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  • Organisation

The documentary was produced by 3BM for Channel 4, Oregon Public Broadcasting, RTL and ITEL. 3BM is an independent television production company founded in October 1995 by Jeremy Bennett, Simon Berthon, Marion Milne and Malcolm Brinkworth. It has offices in London and Bath and specialises in production of documentaries in the historical, current affairs and popular science and human interest fields. The Berlin Airlift was produced by Jeremy Bennett and directed by Marion Milne. Other members of the production team included Professor Avi Shlaim, Historical Consultant; Tamzin Fry, Production Manager; Rosalind Bentley, Film Research; Helen Seaman, Research; and David Spiers, Editor.

Abbott, Eric Symes, 1906-1983, Very Reverend, Anglican clergyman, Dean of Westminster

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  • 1906-1983

Born 1906; educated Nottingham High School and Jesus College, Cambridge University; Curate, St John's Church, Smith Square, Westminster, 1930-1932; Chaplain, King's College London, 1932-1936; Chaplain to Lincoln's Inn, London, 1935-1936; Warden of the Scholae Cancellarii, Lincoln (Lincoln Theological College), 1936-1945; Canon and Reverend Prebendary of Lincoln Cathedral, 1940-1960; Dean of King's College London, 1945-1955; Head of Department and Faculty of Theology, King's College London, 1945-1955; Warden of a hostel for King's College theological students, Vincent Square, London, 1945-1955; founded a postgraduate college at Warminster, Wiltshire, for the immediate pre-ordination spiritual and pastoral training of King's ordinands; Warden of Keble College, Oxford University, 1956-1960; Chaplain to King George VI, 1948-1952, and to Queen Elizabeth II, 1952-1959; Dean of Westminster, 1959-1974; KCVO, 1966; Extra Chaplain to Queen Elizabeth II, 1974; Fellow of King's College London, 1946; Chaplain and Sub-Prelate, Order of St John of Jerusalem, 1969; Freeman, City of Westminster, 1973; Honorary Fellow of Keble College, 1960, and Jesus College, 1966; retired, 1974; died 1983.

Publications: Education in the spiritual life (Doncaster, 1961); Catholicity: a study in the conflict of Christian traditions in the West (Dacre Press, Westminster, 1947); Escape or freedom? (Heffer and Sons, Cambridge, 1939); Foothold of faith (Dacre Press, Westminster, 1943); The compassion of God and the Passion of Christ (Geoffrey Bles, London, 1963).

Abraham, Sir William Ernest Victor, 1897-1980, Knight, Major General

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  • 1897-1980

Born 1897; educated at Methodist College, Belfast and Royal College of Science, Dublin; worked as a geologist for Burmah Oil Company Limited in Burma and India, 1920-1937; joined Burma Auxiliary Force and served as Trooper, 1920-1921; 2nd Lt, 1927; Lt, 1930; Capt, 1932; Maj, 1933; Lt Col, 1933; commanded Upper Burma Bn, Burma Auxiliary Force, 1933-1938; honorary Col, 1937; resigned, 1938; enrolled in Army Officer's Emergency Reserve and affiliated to 1 Bn, The Rangers, The King's Royal Rifle Corps, 1938; rejoined Army as 2nd Lt, Corps of Royal Engineers, 1940; attended Staff College, Senior Wing, Minley Manor, 1940; posted to War Office as Staff Capt, 1940; served in World War Two in Greece, Middle East, Burma, Tunisia and Sicily, 1939-1945; served on Staff of Gen Sir Archibald Percival Wavell, Commander-in-Chief, Middle East, 1941; awarded CBE, 1942; served in India and Burma, 1943-1945; Controller General of Military Economy, India, 1945; re-employed by Burmah Oil Company Limited, 1945; retired as Managing Director of Burma Oil Company Limited, 1955; Lay Member of Restrictive Practices Court, 1961-1970; National Chairman, Burma Star Association, 1962-1977; member of British Transport Consultative Committee; knighted, 1977; elected life Vice President of the Burma Star Association, 1977; died 1980.

Publications:Time off for war: the recollections of a wartime Staff Officer [1982].

Acland, Sir Henry Wentworth Dyke, 1815-1900, Baronet, physician

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  • 1815-1900

Henry Wentworth Dyke Acland was born 23 August 1815; 4th son of Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, 10th Bt of Killerton, Exeter; Educated at Harrow School; Christ Church, Oxford (Hon. Student). Fellow of All Souls, 1840. He was Regius Professor of Medicine, Oxford, 1857-1894; Member of Medical Council, 1854-1874, and President, 1874-1887; Member of Sanitary Commission, 1870-1872, and also served as Radcliffe Librarian, Oxford, from 1851; Hon. Physician to Prince of Wales. Awarded 1st Bt, 1890; KCB 1884 (CB 1883); MD, DCL, LLD; FRS 1847. In 1846 he married, Sarah Cotton (died 1878). Died 16 October 1900. Publications Memoir on the Cholera at Oxford in the year 1854, with considerations suggested by the epidemic , John Churchill and J. H. & J. Parker: London, 1856.

Acland, Sir John Hugh Bevil, 1928-2006, Knight, Major General

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  • 1928-2006

Born 1928; educated Eton; enlisted Scots Guards, 1946; 2 Lieutenant, 1948; Lieutenant, 1950; Captain, 1954; Equerry to HRH the Duke of Gloucester, 1957-59; Staff College, 1959; Major, 1961; Brigade Major, 4 Guards Armoured Brigade, 1964-1966; Lieutenant Colonel, 1967; Commanding Officer 2 Battalion Scots Guards, 1968-71; Chief of General Staff, Armament Supply Department, Ministry of Defence, 1972-1974; Brigadier, 1975; Brigadier General Staff, Ministry of Defence, 1975; Commander Land Forces and Deputy Commander British Forces, Cyprus, 1976-1978; General Officer Commanding South West District, 1978-1981; Commander, Commonwealth Monitoring Force and Military Adviser to the Governor, Southern Rhodesia [Zimbabwe], 1979-1980; retired 1981; died 2006.

Acland, Theodore Dyke, 1851-1931, physician

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  • 1851-1931

Theodore Dyke Acland was born on 14 November 1851, the son of Sir Henry Acland, 1st Bart. of Oxford. He was educated at Winchester; Christ Church, Oxford (MA, MD); Leipzig University; Berlin University and St Thomas's Hospital. In 1883, he was sent by Foreign Office to deal with a cholera outbreak in Egypt. He was then selected for service with the Egyptian Army, of which he became Principal Medical Officer, and was awarded the Order of the Medjidie for his services. He was Consulting Physician and Governor of St Thomas's Hospital, and of Brompton Hospital for Diseases of Chest and to the Commercial Union Assurance Company, as well as numerous other boards, councils and advisory positions. In 1888 he married Caroline Cameron (died 1929), daughter of Sir William W. Gull. Publications Many contributions to the study of current medical questions and school hygiene, including tuberculosis, and the future of the tuberculous soldier. Publications Memoir on the Cholera at Oxford in the year 1854, with considerations suggested by the epidemic , John Churchill and J. H. & J. Parker: London, 1856.

Adam International Review, 1929-1988, magazine

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  • Organisation
  • 1929-1988

Adam International Review was a literary magazine published in English and French, its title an acronym for Arts, Drama, Architecture and Music. The original periodical Adam , founded in 1929 in Bucharest, was by 1938 edited by Miron Grindea (born in Romania, 1909, d 1995). Educated at Bucharest University and the Sorbonne, he worked in Romania and Paris as a music and literary critic during the 1930s, and he and his wife Carola, a pianist, were members of Romania's artistic avant-garde. They settled in London in 1939, and in 1941 the first London issue (no 152), known as Adam International Review, appeared, including contributions from H G Wells, G B Shaw, Thomas Mann and Cecil Day-Lewis. However, wartime paper rationing caused the cessation of publication. The review reappeared in 1946. It provided a vehicle for expression for writers exiled from Nazi Europe. It covered literature, art and music, publishing English and French writers and translations of work by other European authors. Some issues dealt with a single subject and usually contained new material. Many contributions were secured without payment to the authors. Adam was subsidised at different times by various bodies, including the Arts Council. Numbers 455-467 (1985) were published in collaboration with King's College London. From 1985 an annual Adam lecture was held at King's College to mark its acquisition of the Adam archive. The magazine celebrated 500 issues in 1989. Grindea was awarded Prix de l'Academie Francaise, 1955, Lundquist Literary Prize, Sweden, 1965, Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur, 1974, the MBE in 1977, the OBE in 1986, and an Honorary DLitt degree from Kent, 1983, and was Commander, Order of Arts and Letters, France, 1985. In 1990 BBC2's Bookmark devoted a special programme to him. Grindea's own publications include Malta Calling (1943); Henry Wood , a symposium (1944); Jerusalem, a literary chronicle of 3000 years (1968), 2nd edition Jerusalem, the Holy City in literature , preface by Graham Greene (1982); Natalie Clifford Barney (1963); The London Library , a symposium (1978); and contributions to many periodicals and newspapers.

Adam, Sir Ronald Forbes, 1885-1982, 2nd Baronet, General

  • KCL-AF0003
  • Person
  • 1885-1982

Born in 1885; educated at Eton College and Royal Military Academy, Woolwich; served in France, Flanders and Italy, World War One, 1914-1918; General Staff Officer Grade 1, Staff College, Camberley, 1932-1935; General Staff Officer Grade 1, War Office, 1935-1936; Deputy Director of Military Operations, War Office, 1936; Commander, Royal Artillery, 1 Div, 1936-1937; Commandant of Staff College, Camberley, 1937; Deputy Chief of Imperial General Staff, 1938-1939; Commanding 3 Army Corps, 1939- 1940; General Officer Commander-in-Chief, Northern Command, 1940-1941; Col Commandant of Royal Artillery and Army Educational Corps, 1940-1950; Adjutant General to the Forces, 1941-1946; Gen, 1942; Col Commandant, Royal Army Dental Corps, 1945-1951; retired, 1946; President of Marylebone Cricket Club, 1946- 1947, Library Association, 1949, National Institute of Adult Education, 1949-1964; National Institute of Industrial Psychology, 1947-1952; member of Council, Institute of Education, London University, 1948-1967; member of Miners Welfare Commission, 1946-1952; Chairman and Director General, British Council, 1946-1954; Executive Board, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, 1950-1954 and Chairman, 1952-1954; Principal of Working Men's College, 1956-1961; died in 1982.

Addison, Mary Winifred, fl 1928-1940, nurse

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  • Person
  • 1928-1940

Mary Winifred Addison trained at King's College Hospital, London, 1928-1931, (gaining General Nursing Council registration 1932) and subsequently served as a Sister there. On the outbreak of war, she became Sister Tutor to the Nurses Training Centre in Oxford, and during this time taught first aid to Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent (1906-1968).

Adler, Hans Gunther, 1910-1988, poet and novelist

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  • Person
  • 1910-1988

Born, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1910; studied musicology, literature and philosophy, Charles University, Prague; awarded PhD, 1935; sent to forced labour camp, Bohemia, 1941; deported to Theresienstadt concentration camp, Czechoslovakia, 1941; transferred to Auschwitz concentration camp, Poland, 1944; returned to Prague, 1945; involved in the creation of the Jewish Museum, Prague, 1945-1947; emigrated to London, 1947. Wrote (in German) poetry, novels, plays and essays, notably relating to the history of the Holocaust, also on sociology, religion and philosophy. Published a history of Theresienstadt concentration camp, Theresienstadt, 1941-1945: das Antlitz einer Zwangsgemeinschaft, 1955; died, 1988.

Adler, Jeremy David, b 1947, poet and Professor of German

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  • Person
  • 1947-

Born, 1947; PhD, Westfield College, University of London, 1977; lecturer in German, Westfield College, University of London, 1970-1989; Reader, Queen Mary and Westfield College, 1989-1991; Professor of German, Queen Mary and Westfield College, 1991-1994; Professor of German, King's College London 1994-2003; Emeritus Professor of German, 2003. Publications: Eine fast magische Anziehungskraft (1987) Text als Figur with Ulrich Ernst (1987) Also published several books of poetry and edited several publicatons on German poets and the work of his father, H G Adler.

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