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Young, Bernard Keith, 1892-1969, Major General

  • KCL-AF0734
  • Person
  • 1892-1969

Born 1892; educated at Wellington College and the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich; commissioned into the Corps of Royal Engineers, 1912; Lt, 1914; served in World War One, 1914-1918; service on Western Front, Salonika, Greece and Palestine, 1914-1918; acting Capt, Royal Engineers, Territorial Force, 1916-1917; served in Salonika, 60 (London) Div, 1916-1917; Adjutant, Territorial Force, 1916-1918; Capt, 1917; awarded MC, 1917; Egyptian Expeditionary Force, Palestine, 1917-1918; served with Egyptian Army, Sudan, 1918-1919; Maj, 1928; Deputy Assistant Director of Works, War Office, 1931-1933; Chief Instructor, General Staff Officer 2, Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, 1933-1936; Brevet Lt Col, 1934; Lt Col, 1936; Col, 1937; served in World War Two, 1939-1945; Assistant Adjutant General, War Office, 1939-1940; temporary Brig, 1940; commanded Infantry Bde, 1940-1941; acting Maj Gen, 1941; Chief Engineer, Allied Forces, 1941-1945; served in Middle East, 1942; temporary Maj Gen, 1943; British North Africa Force and Allied Forces Headquarters, 1943; awarded CBE, 1943; retired 1945; Hon Col, 120 Construction Regt, Royal Engineers, Territorial Army, 1948-1950; Director General, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, 1950-1959; Hon Col, 121 Army Engineer Regt, Royal Engineers, Territorial Army, 1952-1959; died 1969.

Young, Evelyn Lindsay-, 1893-1986, Lieutenant Colonel

  • KCL-AF0421
  • Person
  • 1893-1986

Born 1893; educated at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland; service with Dublin University OfficerTraining Corps, 1912-1913; commissioned into Regular Army, 1913; served in World War One, 1914-1918; temporary Lt, 8 Bn, Gordon Highlanders, 1914-1915; Lt, 1915; service with 1 Bn and 2 Bn, 19 Punjabi Regt, Indian Army, 1915-1920; Mahsud Rising, North West Frontier, India, May-Jul 1917; Capt, 1917; acting Maj, 1917-1918; Marris Rising, North West Frontier, India, Mar 1918; service in Palestine, Egyptian Expeditionary Force, 1918; served in Third Afghan War, North West Frontier,India, 1919; Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, 1919-1920; acting Lt Col, 1919-1920; transferred to Connaught Rangers, Jul 1920; service in Ireland during Anglo-Irish War, 1920-1922; transferred to Leicestershire Regt on disbandment of the Connaught Rangers, 1922; service in India, 1922-1923; served with 2 Bn, Leicestershire Regt in the Sudan during mutiny of Egyptian troops, 1924; Staff Capt, Aldershot Command, 1928-1932; 1 Bn, Leicestershire Regt, Ambala, Multan, Jubbulporeand Razmak, India, 1932-1941; Maj, 1935; service in Waziristan, North West Frontier, India, 1939; Lt Col, 1939; Commanding Officer, 1 Bn, Leicestershire Regt, 1939-[1942]; served in World War Two, 1939-1945; served in Pahang, Malaya, 1941; service with Headquarters, 4 Line of Communication Sub Area, British Liberation Army, North West Europe, 1944-1945; attended TERMINAL, the Potsdam Conference, Germany, Jul-Aug 1945; Control Commission for Germany (British Element),Berlin and Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, 1945-1948; retired from Army, 1947; died 1986.

Young, Geoffrey Douglas Pulford, 1920-1997, Lieutenant Colonel

  • KCL-AF0733
  • Person
  • 1920-1997

Born, 1920; commissioned into Royal Artillery as 2 Lieutenant, 1939; Lieutenant, 1941; held in Oflag V11B POW camp, Germany, 1943-1945; Captain, 1946; Major, 1952; joined Royal Army Pay Corps as Paymaster, 1957; took a Long Finance and Accountancy Course, Royal Army Pay Corps training centre; Lieutenant Colonel, 1967; Staff Paymaster, 1 Grade, Army Department, MOD, 1970-1972; retired, 1972; died, 1997.

Young, Peter George Francis, 1912-1976, Major General

  • KCL-AF0735
  • Person
  • 1912-1976

Born 1912; educated at Winchester and Royal Military College, Sandhurst; commissioned into the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, 1932; Lt, 1935; service with Royal West African Frontier Force, 1935-1939; served in World War Two in UK, Italy and India with Airborne Forces, 1939-1945; Capt, 1940; temporary Maj, 1940-1942; Bde Maj, 1941-1942; served with Airborne Forces, 1941-1948; General Staff Officer 2 (Air), 1944-1945; Maj, 1946; Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General, Div Headquarters, 1947-1948; temporary Lt Col, 1947-1951; Instructor, Staff College, Camberley, Surrey, 1948-1950; awarded OBE, 1949; General Staff Officer 1 (Operations and Training), Allied Land Forces Central Europe, 1951-1952; Lt Col, 1952; Commanding Officer, 1 Bn, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, 1952-1955; Col, 1955; temporary Brig, 1955-1958; commanded 44 Independent Parachute Bde (Territorial Army), 1955-1958; awarded CBE, 1958; commanded 1 Bde, Royal Nigeria Regt, Northern District, Nigeria, 1958-1961; Brig Q (Equipment), War Office, 1961-1962; Maj Gen, 1962; General Officer Commanding, Cyprus District, 1962-1964; awarded CB, 1965; Director of Infantry, Ministry of Defence, 1965-1967; retired 1968; died 1976.

Young, Sir Hubert Winthrop, 1885-1950, Knight, Major

  • KCL-AF0736
  • Person
  • 1885-1950

Born 1885; educated at Eton and the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich; commissioned into the Royal Garrison Artillery, 1904; Lt, 1907; qualified as interpreter in French, 1907; transferred to 116 Mahratta Light Infantry, Indian Army, 1908; qualified as interpreter in Arabic, 1908; Capt, 1913; Adjutant, 1913-1914; served in World War One, 1914-1918; service on North West Frontier, India, 1915; Assistant Political Officer, Mesopotamia, 1915-1917; Deputy Director Local Resources, 1917-1918; General Staff Officer 2, Hejaz operations, Arabia, Egyptian Expeditionary Force, 1918; President, Local Resources Board, Damascus, Syria, 1918; awarded DSO, 1919, for gallantry during an attack by Arab forces on Turkish positions at Mezerib, Syria, Sep 1918; Foreign Office, 1919-1921; Assistant Secretary, Middle East Department, Colonial Office, 1921-1927; awarded CMG, 1923; Colonial Secretary, Gibraltar, 1927-1929; Counsellor to High Commissioner for Iraq, 1929-1932; Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary, Baghdad, Iraq, Oct-Nov 1932; Knighted, 1932; Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Nyasaland, 1932-1934; created KCMG, 1934; Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Northern Rhodesia, 1934-1938; Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Trinidad and Tobago, 1938-1942; served in World War Two, 1939-1945; Assistant Secretary, Relief Department, 1943-1944; European Regional Office, UN Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, 1944-1945; Liberal Party Parliamentary Candidate for Harrow West, 1945, and Edge Hill, 1947; died 1950. 

Publications: The independent Arab (John Murray, London, 1933); Some factors in Colonial Policy (Privately published, London, 1943); Far East relief requirements. Report of Working Party under the chairmanship of Sir Hubert Young (HMSO, London, 1945).

Yudkin, John, 1910-1995, Professor of Nutrition

  • KCL-AF1355
  • Person
  • 1910-1995

Born 1910; educated Hackney Downs School, London, Chelsea Polytechnic, Christ's College, Cambridge, and London Hospital; Researcher in Biochemical Laboratory, Cambridge, 1931-1936; Benn Levy research student, 1933-1935; Grocers' Company research scholar, 1938-1939; Researcher in Nutritional Laboratory, Cambridge, 1938-1943; Sir Halley Stewart Research Fellow, 1940-1943; Director of Medical Studies, Christ's College, Cambridge, 1940-1943; Professor of Physiology, Queen Elizabeth College, London, 1945-1954; responsible for the introduction of first comprehensive university courses leading to Bachelor and Master degrees in Nutrition, 1953; Professor of Nutrition, Queen Elizabeth College, London, 1954-1971; William Julius Mickle fellow for Medical Research, London University, 1961-1962; retired 1971; Emeritus Professor, 1971, and Fellow, Queen Elizabeth College, London, 1976; Leverhulme Emeritus Research Fellow, 1982-1983; Chairman, Food Group, Society of Chemical Industry; Member of Board of Governors, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, (Honorary Fellow, 1993); died 1995.

Publications: This slimming business (MacGibbon and Kee, London, 1958); editor of Our changing fare: two hundred years of British food habits (MacGibbon and Kee, London, 1966); Pure, white and deadly: the problem of sugar (Davis-Poynter, London, 1972); The complete slimmer (MacGibbon and Kee, London, 1964); The slimmer's cookbook (MacGibbon and Kee, London, 1961); editor of Changing food habits (MacGibbon and Kee, London, 1964); This nutrition business (Teach Yourself Books, Sevenoaks, 1977); Eat well, slim well (Collins and Davis-Poynter, London, 1982); editor of Diet of man: needs and wants (Applied Science Publishers, London, [1978]); Eating for a healthy heart: explaining the 'French paradox' with Sara Stanner (BBC, London, 1996); The sensible person's guide to weight control (Smith-Gordon, 1990); The Penguin encyclopedia of nutrition (Viking, Harmondsworth, 1985); A-Z of slimming (Davis-Poynter, London, 1977).

Yule, William, b 1940, psychologist

  • KCL-AF1356
  • Person
  • 1940-

Born, Scotland, 1940; BSc, Psychology, University of Aberdeen, 1962; diploma in clinical psychology, Institute of Psychiatry, 1963; Scientific Officer Medical Research Council, 1963-1964; Research Officer, Department of Child Development, University of London Institute of Education working on educational and medical survey of schoolchildren, Isle of Wight, under Professor Jack Tizard, 1965-1968; Lecturer in Child Development, Institute of Education, 1968-1969; Lecturer in Psychology, Institute of Psychiatry, University of London, 1968-1969; appointed Honorary Principal Psychologist, Bethlem Royal and Maudsley Hospital, 1973; Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Institute of Psychiatry, 1973-1980; also Senior Lecturer in Child Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry, 1974-1980; appointed Honorary Top Grade Psychologist, Bethlem Royal and Maudsley Hospital, 1979; Reader in Applied Child Psychology, 1980-1987; Professor of Applied Child Psychology, 1987-2005; Co-Director, School for Life project, Kiev, Ukraine, 1993-2002; Lead Clinician, National and Specialist division, Children's Directorate of South London and Maudsley NHS Trust; 1999-2003; Honorary Consultant in Clinical Psychology to the Army, 2000; Lecturer in Clinical Psychology, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2008-.

Zadic, Michael, 1887-1967, lawyer

  • KCL-AF0737
  • Person
  • 1887-1967

Born 1887, Ostrowo (now Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland), into Jewish family; went to school in Berlin, 1897; joined university, 1906, including a year of military service; qualified as a junior lawyer, 1909; fully qualified as solicitor, 1913; called up, 1914, was NCO throughout war (due in part to anti semitism); sent to unit in Rostock, Baltic coast; sent to Western Front, 1914 Dec; joined unit on Eastern Front, 1915 Oct, served in Russia and along Hungarian-Rumanian border; discharged from army, 1918 Sep 9; promoted to Lieutenant 2 days later; practised as solicitor, 1918-1941; held for 24 hours in concentration camp after events of Kristallnacht, 1938; emigrated to USA, via France, Spain, Portugal, and Guatemala, 1941; settled in San Francisco, became an advocate for emigrants seeking restitution from the German government; died 1967.

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