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Amery, Harold Julian, 1919-1996, Baron Amery of Lustleigh

  • KCL-AF0012
  • Person
  • 1919-1996

Born in 1919; educated at Eton College and Balliol College, Oxford; war correspondent in Spanish Civil War, 1938-1939; Attaché, HM Legation, Belgrade, and on special missions in Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania and Middle East, 1939-1940; Sgt, RAF, 1940-1941; commissioned and transferred to Army, 1941; served in Egypt, Palestine and the Adriatic, 1941-1942; liaison officer to Albanian resistance movement, 1944; served on staff of Lt Gen Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart, special military representative with Gen Chiang Kai-shek, 1945; contested Preston in Conservative interest, Jul 1945; Conservative MP for Preston North, 1950-1966, and Brighton Pavilion, 1969-1992; delegate to Consultative Assembly of Council of Europe, 1950-1953 and 1956; member of Round Table Conference on Malta, 1955; Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State and Financial Secretary, War Office, 1957-1958; Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Colonial Office, 1958-1960; Secretary of State for Air, 1960-1962; Minister of Aviation, 1962-1964; Minister of Public Building and Works, 1970; Minister for Housing and Construction, Department of the Environment, 1970-1972; Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 1972-1974; died 1997. Publications: Sons of the eagle (Macmillan and Co, London, 1948); vols 4, 5 and 6 of James Louis Garvin's The life of Joseph Chamberlain (Macmillan and Co, London, 1932-1969); Approach march: a venture in autobiography (Hutchinson, London, 1973).

Amlot, Douglas Lloyd, 1910-1979, Air Commodore

  • KCL-AF0013
  • Person
  • 1910-1979

Born [1910]; acquired Civil Pilot's Licence, 1933; commissioned into the RAF, 1935; converted to RAF Service Flying at 4 Flying Training School, Abu Sueir, Egypt, [1935]; posted to 6 Sqn RAF at Ismailia, Egypt, and was engaged in operations in Palestine, where he was awarded the DFC for gallantry in the air, 1936-1938; appointed RAF Flying Instructor at RAF College Cranwell and then Chief Flying Instructor at 21 RAF Flying School at Kumalo, Rhodesia, [1939-1941]; commanded 27 RAF Elementary Flying School at Induna, Rhodesia, [1941]; commanded RAF Station, Cardington, taught at RAF Staff College, Hampshire, and was posted to Organisation Planning at the Air Ministry, [1942-1946]; commanded 1 Group, Royal Pakistan Air Force, and was responsible for supply dropping operations in Kashmir, [1947-1948]; assumed position of Chief of Staff, Royal Pakistan Air Force, during the absence of Commander in Chief AVM Richard Llewellyn Roger Atcherley in Australia, 1949; Director of Air Training, Air Ministry, [1951]; awarded CBE, 1951; died Mar 1979.

Anderson, Charles Alexander, 1857-1940, Lieutenant General

  • Person
  • 1857-1940

Born, 1857; joined Army, 1876; promoted to Captain, 1884; Major, 1893; Lieutenant Colonel, 1901; served with the Jowaki-Afridi Expedition, North West Frontier, India, 1877-1878; Afghan War, 1878-1880; Burma Expedition, 1885-1886; North West Frontier, India, 1897-1898; commanded 1 Brigade, Bazar Valley expedition, North West Frontier, India, 1908; commanded 1 Brigade Mohmand Field Force, India, 1908; General Officer Commanding South China, 1910-1913; World War One, 1914-1917; commanded Southern Army, India, 1917-1919; retired 1920; died 1940.

Anderson, Robert Carew, 1815-1885, Army surgeon, Major

  • Person
  • 1815-1885

Born 1815; qualified in medicine, c 1840; married Jane Wallis Bolton, 1853; served as Surgeon Major, 13 Light Dragoons, at the Siege of Sebastopol (Sevastopol), Crimean War, 1855; awarded honorary rank of Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals upon his retirement, 1865; died 1885.

Anderton, Geoffrey, 1902-1981, Colonel

  • KCL-AF0015
  • Person
  • 1902-1981

Born 1902; educated at Ermysted's School, Skipton-in-Craven, Yorkshire and St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London; commissioned into the Royal Army Medical Corps, 1927; Capt, 1929; service on North West Frontier, India, 1930-1931; Maj, 1936; served in World War Two in Tunisia and Italy, 1939-1945; temporary Lt Col, 1940; temporary Col, 1943; awarded OBE, 1944; Lt Col, 1945; Assistant Director of Medical Services, 1 Div, Italy, 1945; Col, 1949; Deputy Director of Medical Services, Hong Kong, 1950; served in Korean War, 1950-1953; retired 1952; Commandant, Star and Garter Home for Disabled Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen, Richmond, Surrey, 1953-1967; died 1981.

Anglo-Hellenic League, 1913-

  • KCL-AF1009
  • Organisation
  • 1913

The Anglo-Hellenic League was founded in London in 1913 by Dr Ronald Montagu Burrows, Principal of King's College London, William Pember Reeves, Director of the London School of Economics, and two prominent Anglo-Greeks, D J Cassavetti and A C Ionides. Reeves was appointed Chairman with Burrows as Vice Chairman. The main aims of the League were the defence of the 'just claims and honour of Greece', the removal of existing prejudices and the prevention of future misunderstandings between the 'British and Hellenic races' and also between the 'Hellenic and other races of South Eastern Europe'. It also sought to spread information on Hellenic matters in Great Britain and the improvement of 'the social, educational, commercial and political relations of the two countries', together with the promotion of travel between Great Britain and Greece. The offices of the League were situated in the Aldywch, London. The League quickly came to be identified with the aspirations of Eleftherios Venizelos, Prime Minister of Greece, and acted as a source of pro-Venizelos political propaganda during the period between Venizelos' forced resignation in 1915 and the formal recognition of Venizelos as Prime Minister of the whole of Greece in Jun 1917 by the Entente powers, arguing particularly for the recognition of Venizelos' provisional government established at Salonica in 1916. Members of the League, including prominent philhellene British and wealthy members of the Greek community in Great Britain, subscribed to the endowment of the Koraes Chair of Modern Greek and Byzantine History, established at King's College London in 1919. The League held an annual meeting and periodic receptions in London to which eminent British philhellenes and Anglophile Greek dignitaries were invited. A sister branch of the League existed in Athens.

Publications: The League published numerous pamphlets on Greek issues, particularly relating to politics. The following are a selection, all published in London (the League pamphlet number is given with the year of publication): Albania and Epirus by William Pember Reeves (no 7, 1914); The New Greece by Ronald Montagu Burrows (no, 14, 1914); Carnegie Endowment for International Peace - Report of the International Commission into the causes and conduct of the Balkan Wars by Burrows (no 15, 1914); The Northern Epirotes by C S Butler (no 16, 1914); The Near East and the European War. Address delivered ... on January 15th, 1915 by Andreas M Andreades (no 17, 1915); Greece and to-morrow by Z Duckett Ferriman (no 23, 1915); Speech of M E Venizelos to the people. Delivered in Athens August 27, 1916 (no 28, 1916); The abdication of King Constantine, June 12, 1917 by Burrows (no 34, 1917); England's welcome to Venizelos at the Mansion House, November 16, 1917: speeches by the Right Hon A J Balfour, Earl Curzon of Kedleston, M. Winston Churchill, Mr Venizelos, Mr J Gennadius, and Dr R M Burrows (no 35, 1917); The Anglo-Hellenic Alliance. Speeches of Mr. Winston Churchill, the Greek Minister (Mr. Gennadius) and Viscount Bryce at the Mansion House June 27, 1918, The anniversary of the entry of re-united Greece into the war, etc. (no. 36, 1918); The Retirement of M. Gennadius. Speeches of Monsieur Venizelos ... and others at a valedictory dinner ... on November 18, 1918 in honour of M. Gennadius (no 38, 1919); The Turks, Cardinal Newman, and the Council of Ten by William Francis Barry (no 40, 1920); The Settlement of the Near East by Sir Arthur Henry Crosfield, Bt (no 45, 1922); The National Claims of the Dodecanese by Michael D Bolonakes (no 46, 1922); The Treatment of the Greek Prisoners in Turkey. Report of the International Commission of Inquiry appointed at the request of the Greek Red Cross (no 51, 1923); The Janina Murders and the occupation of Corfu by George Glasgow (no 53, 1923); Correspondence of Commodore Hamilton during the Greek War of Independence by Gawen William Hamilton (no 57, 1930).

Anwyl, Reginald A, 1911-1983, Reverend, Army Chaplain

  • KCL-AF0017
  • Person
  • 1911-1983

Born in Liverpool in 1911; ordained as a Roman Catholic priest, 1935; curate at St Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham, 1935-1940; served as Army Chaplain, 1940-1945; POW, 1943; appointed to Monks Kirby, Warwickshire, 1946-1959, Hethe, Oxfordshire, 1959-1961 and Haunton, Staffordshire, 1961-1983; died in 1983.

Anwyl-Davies, Thomas, 1891-1971, physician

  • KCL-AF0742
  • Person
  • 1891-1971

Born, 1891; educated, Bonn, Marburg, Lille; trained at St Thomas's Hospital; University of London; BS 1917 (London); MD 1930; Director, London Hospital (Whitechapel) Clinic for Venereal Diseases, 1930-1936; Lecturer on Venereal Diseases to London Hospital Medical College; Consultant and Venereologist to London County Council, 1930-1936; Director and Physician in Charge of the Department of Venereal Diseases, St Thomas's Hospital, 1936-1956; Fellow, Royal College of Physicians, 1937; Fellow Royal Society of Medicine; London University Lecturer at St Thomas's Hospital Medical School; Honourable Secretary, Royal Medical Benevolent Fund, 1956-1970; Consulting Physician to St Thomas's Hospital; died, 1971. Publications include: Primary Syphilis in the Female (Oxford University Press, London, 1931); The Treatment of Veneral Disease in General Practice (John Bale, Sons & Danielsson, London, 1935); books, papers and articles on research into therapeutic and administrative problems of venereology; yearly contributions to The Medical Annual , 1937-1959.

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