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Babington, William, 1756-1833, physician and mineralogist

  • KCL-AF0745
  • Person
  • 1756-1833

William Babington was born at Portglenone, near Coleraine, Antrim, Ireland. Apprenticed to a practitioner at Londonderry, and afterwards completed his medical education at Guy's Hospital, London, but without at that time taking a medical degree. In 1777 he was made assistant surgeon to Haslar (Naval) Hospital, and held this appointment four years. He then obtained the position of apothecary to Guy's Hospital, and also lectured on chemistry in the medical school. He resigned the post of apothecary, and, having obtained the necessary degree of MD from the University of Aberdeen in 1795, was elected physician to Guy's Hospital. In 1796 he became a licentiate of the College of Physicians, and remained so till 1827, when he received the unusual honour of being elected fellow by special grace. In 1831 he was made honorary MD by the University of Dublin. He ceased to be physician to Guy's in 1811. He died on 29 April 1833. His son, Benjamin Guy Babington was also also physician to Guy's Hospital, and one of his daughters married the eminent physician, Dr. Richard Bright. Publications: Syllabus of the Course of Chemical Lectures at Guy's Hospital , 1789; A Systematic Arrangement of Minerals, founded on the joint consideration of their chemical, physical, and external characters, etc , London, 1795; A New System of Mineralogy, in the Form of Catalogue, after the manner of Baron Born's systematic catalogue of the collection of fossils of Mlle. Eleonore de Raab , London, 1799; A Catalogue, systematically arranged and described ... of the genuine and valuable collection of minerals, of a gentleman deceased ... comprising upwards of three thousand specimens ... now offered to the public for sale, etc . [Compiled by W. Babington and others.] Henry Fry: London, 1805; Outlines of a course of lectures on the practice of medicine,. as delivered in the medical school of Guy's Hospital , William Babington and James Curry, London,1802-1806; A syllabus of a course of chemical lectures read at Guy's Hospital William Babington, Alexander Marcet, and William Allen, ... 1816; Two Cases of Rabies Canina, in which opium was given, without success ... the one by William Babington ... the other by William Wavell ... Communicated by Dr. Babington; 'A Case of Exposure to the Vapour of Burning Charcoal' ( Med.-Chirurgical Transactions , vol. i. 1806).

Baikie, Sir Hugh Archie Dundas Simpson-, 1871-1924, Knight, Brigadier General

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  • 1871-1924

Born 1871; educated at Stubbington House, Fareham, Hampshire, and Royal Military Academy, Woolwich; commissioned into the Royal Artillery, and posted to 64 Field Battery, Royal Field Artillery, Ireland, 1889; Lt, 1892; service with A Battery (The Chestnut Troop), Royal Horse Artillery, India, 1893-1899; Capt, 1899; served with Egyptian Army, 1899-1900; reconquest of the Sudan, 1899; served in Second Boer War, South Africa, 1900-1902; Special Service, South Africa, 1900; Brevet Maj, 1902; service with O Battery, Royal Horse Artillery, India, 1903-1905; Maj, 1904; qualified as Army Interpreter in Modern Foreign Languages, 1905; graduated from Staff College, Camberley, Surrey, 1906; Assistant Military Secretary to Gen Sir Ian Standish Monteith Hamilton, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Command, 1907-1908; General Staff Officer 2, War Office, 1909-1910; General Staff Officer 2, Mediterranean Command and to Inspector General Overseas Forces, 1910-1911; posted to 5 Battery, Royal Field Artillery, Hilsea, Cosham, Hampshire, 1911; commanded A Battery (The Chestnut Troop), Royal Horse Artillery, South Africa, India and France, 1911-1915; served in World War One, 1914-1918; Lt Col, 1914; service on Western Front, 1914-1915; General Staff Officer 2, Headquarters, 2 Army, British Expeditionary Force, 1915; General Staff Officer 1, 48 South Midland Div, British Expeditionary Force, 1915; Brig Gen Royal Artillery, 29 Div, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, 1915; Brig Gen Royal Artillery, 8 Corps, Gallipoli, 1915; awarded CB, 1915; Brig Gen General Staff, East Africa Force, 1915-1916; Commander Royal Artillery, 60 London Div, Western Front, 1916; temporary Brig Gen, 1916; Brevet Col, 1917; Commander Royal Artillery, 60 London Div, Salonika, 1916-1917; General Officer Commanding Royal Artillery, 21 Corps, Egypt and Palestine, 1917-1919; served at Third Battle of Gaza and as General Officer Commanding Royal Artillery, Battle of Megiddo, Palestine, 1918; General Officer Commanding Royal Artillery, 20 Corps, Cairo, Egypt, 1919; created KCMG, 1919; retired 1920; Hon Brig Gen, 1920; died 1924.

Bainbridge, John E M, 1906-1941, Wing Commander

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  • Person
  • 1906-1941

Served in the RAF in the UK, Middle East and Singapore, 1928-1936; Flight Lt, 1933; joined 230 (Flying Boat) Sqn, 1935; Sqn Leader, 1937; student at Staff College, Andover, 1938; died 1941.

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