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Ash, Walter William Hector, 1906-1998, Rear Admiral

  • KCL-AF0021
  • Person
  • 1906-1998

Born 1906; educated at City and Guilds College, London and the Royal Naval College, Greenwich; Assistant Electrical Engineer (Civil Officer), Electrical Engineering Department, Admiralty (Submarine design), 1932-1937; Visiting Lecturer in electrical machinery design, Royal Naval College, Greenwich, 1934-1937; Electrical Engineer (Civil Officer), Electrical Engineering Department, Admiralty (Battleship design), 1937-1939; served in World War Two, 1939-1945; Fleet Electrical Engineer, Staff of Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean, 1939-1940; Superintending Electrical Engineer, Admiralty (Supply and Production), 1940-1945; Superintending Electrical Engineer, HM Dockyard, Hong Kong, 1945-1948; Superintending Electrical Engineer, Admiralty Engineering Laboratory, West Drayton, Middlesex, 1948-1949; Cdr, HMS MONTCLARE, 1950-1951; Capt (Electrical), RN, 1951; Admiralty (Weapon Control Design), 1951-1953; served in Electrical Engineering Department, Admiralty, 1953-1954; Electrical Engineering Manager, HM Dockyard, Devonport, 1954-1958; Chairman, South Western Sub-Centre, Institute of Electrical Engineers, 1957-1958; Aide de Camp to HM Queen Elizabeth II, 1958-1960; Ship Design Department, Admiralty, 1959-1960; R Adm, 1960; Deputy Director of Electrical Engineering Division, Ship Department, Admiralty, 1960-1963; awarded CB, 1962; retired 1963; Fellow, Institution of Electrical Engineers; died 1998.

Ashton, William Proctor Bell, 1897-1981, Brigadier

  • KCL-AF0022
  • Person
  • 1897-1981

Born in 1897; 2nd Lt, 1918; served in France and Belgium, Aug-Oct 1918; entered Royal Army Ordnance Corps, 1923; Capt, 1929; Maj, 1935; Deputy Assistant Director of Ordnance Services, 1938-1940; Lt Col, 1940; Deputy Director of Ordnance Services (Engineering), Malaya Command, 1941-1942; Col, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, 1943; Assistant Director of Mechanical Engineering in the War Office, 1946-1947; Brig, 1948; died in 1981.

Aston, Stanley Collin, 1915-1992, Colonel, Professor of Modern Languages

  • KCL-AF0023
  • Person
  • 1915-1992

Born 1915; educated at City School, Lincoln, St Catherine's College, Cambridge University, and the University of Clermont, France; Bye-Fellow, Magdalene College, Cambridge, 1938-1943; served in World War Two, 1939-1945; service with The Suffolk Regt, Royal Marines Div and the Intelligence Corps, 1939-1946; served as General Staff Officer 3 (Intelligence), Royal Marines Div, [1941]-Mar 1942; service as General Staff Officer 2 (Intelligence), 121 Force, Operation IRONCLAD, the British capture, from the Vichy French, of Diego Suarez, Madagascar, May 1942; Fellow of St Catherine's College, Cambridge, 1943; Secretary, Modern Humanities Research Association, 1945-1950; Dean, St Catherine's College, Cambridge, 1946-1957; service with the Cambridgeshire Regt and the Royal Anglian Regt, Territorial Army, 1946-1980; University lecturer, Cambridge, 1946-1982; Chairman, Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force, 1947-1977; Territorial Army and Auxiliary Forces, Cambridgeshire Regt, and Cambridge University Officer Training Corps, from 1948; Chairman, Modern Humanities Research Association, 1950-1968; Member, International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Sciences, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), 1952-1975; Secretary General, International Federation for Modern Languages and Literatures, 1954-1978; Visiting Professor, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA, 1955-1956 and 1961-1962; Tutor, St Catherine's College, Cambridge, 1957-1959; Deputy Lieutenant, Cambridgeshire, 1960; Bursar, St Catherine's College, Cambridge, 1961-1979; Chairman, Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Territorial Army, 1967-1977; President, Modern Humanities Research Association, 1970; Deputy Honorary Col (Territorial Army), Royal Anglian Regt, 1972-1980; awarded OBE, 1973; Vice President, International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Sciences, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), 1975-1979; President, International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Sciences, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), from 1979; President, St Catherine's College, Cambridge, 1980; died 1992. Publications: Peirol, troubadour of Auvergne (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1953).

Aston, Sir George Grey, 1861-1938, Knight, Major General

  • KCL-AF0024
  • Person
  • 1861-1938

Born in 1861; educated at Westminster School and Royal Naval College, Greenwich; joined Royal Marine Artillery, 1879; served in Sudan, 1884; member of the Foreign Intelligence Committee, Admiralty, 1886; service in the Naval Intelligence Department, Admiralty, 1887-1890; Staff College, 1891; Intelligence Officer, Mediterranean Fleet, 1892-1895; Professor of Fortification, Royal Naval College, Greenwich, 1896-1899; served in Boer War, South Africa, 1899-1900; Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, Royal Marines, 1901; Secretary to Naval Reserves Committee, 1902; Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, Staff College, 1904-1907; Brig Gen, General Staff, South Africa, 1908-1912; publication of Defence of United South Africa as a part of the British Empire (Cape Times, Cape Town, 1910); publication of Letters on Amphibious Wars (John Murray, London, 1911, 1920); ADC to the King, 1911-1917; attached to Headquarters Staff, South African Forces, 1912; Special Service, Admiralty War Staff, 1913-1914; publication of Staff Duties and other Subjects (Hugh Rees, London, 1913); Chairman of the Committee on Defence of Admiralty Oil Reserves, 1914; commanded expeditions to Ostend and Dunkirk, 1914; publication of Sea, Land and Air Strategy (John Murray, London, 1914); Commandant, 1914-1917; Maj Gen and retired, 1917; publication of The Triangle of Terror in Belgium (John Murray, London, 1918); employed in secretariat of the War Cabinet, 1918-1919; publication of War Lessons New and Old (John Murray, London, 1919); Memories of a Marine: an amphibiography (John Murray, London, 1919); Mostly about Trout (G Allen and Unwin, London, 1921); The Problem of Defence (P Allan and Co, London, 1925); Letters to young flyfishers (P Allan and Co, London, 1926); The Navy Today (Methuen and Co, London, 1927); The Study of War for Statesmen and Citizens (Longmans and Co, London, 1927, 1973); The Life of Nelson (London, 1928); The Biography of the late Marshal Foch (Hutchinson and Co, London, 1929); His Royal Highness the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn (G G Harrap and Co, London, 1929); The Great War of 1914-1918 (Thornton Butterworth, London, 1930); Secret Service (Faber and Faber, London, 1930); editor of Hamley's Operations of War and of the Study of War (1927).

Michael Bilton, Yorkshire Television

  • KCL-AF0025
  • Organisation

Yorkshire Television is an independent television company based in Leeds, Yorkshire. It was established in 1968 and is presently one of the largest independent television companies. In 1997 it became a franchise of the Granada Media Group, later Granada Compass.

Bainbridge, John E M, 1906-1941, Wing Commander

  • KCL-AF0026
  • Person
  • 1906-1941

Served in the RAF in the UK, Middle East and Singapore, 1928-1936; Flight Lt, 1933; joined 230 (Flying Boat) Sqn, 1935; Sqn Leader, 1937; student at Staff College, Andover, 1938; died 1941.

Baker, Ian Helstrip, 1927-2005, Major General

  • KCL-AF0027
  • Person
  • 1927-2005

Born, 1927; Royal Military College, Sandhurst; 10 Field Regt Royal Artillery, 1949-1951; 2 Regt Royal Horse Artillery, 1951-1953; Royal Armoured Corps Centre, 1953-1955; 4 Royal Tank Regiment, 1955-1957; HQ 10 Infantry Bde, 1957-1958; Staff College, Camberley, 1959; Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, HQ 17 Gurkha Div, Overseas Commonwealth Land Forces, Malaya and Singapore, 1960-1962; Officer Commanding Parachute Sqdn, Royal Armoured Corps, 1962-1965; Instructor, Staff College, Camberley, 1965; General Staff Officer 1 and Assistant Secretary, Chiefs of Staff Committee, Ministry of Defence, 1966-1967; Commanding Officer 1 Royal Tank Regiment, UK and British Army of the Rhine, 1967-1969; Royal Tank Regiment, 1970-1971; Commander 7 Armoured Bde, British Army of the Rhine, 1972-1974; Royal College of Defence Studies, 1974; Staff, HQ UK Land Forces, 1975-1977; Assistant Chief of General Staff, 1978-1980; Colonel Commandant, Royal Tank Regiment, 1981-1986; died, 2005.

Baker, Thomas Herbert, 1913-2006, Wing Commander

  • KCL-AF0028
  • Person
  • 1913-2006

Born 1913, Deolali, Bombay; educated at Portsmouth and Lancaster Grammar Schools; joined Royal Air Force 1921, serving in England, Egypt and Palestine; joined 90 Squadron, 1939; joined 107 Squadron, Jul 1940; joined 114 Squadron, Apr 1941; crashed and severely injured during raid against Schipol aerodrome, Amsterdam, 17 Apr 1942, hospitalised, Apr-Dec 1942; sent to Stalag Luft III, Sagan, Germany (now Zagan, Poland), Dec 1942; transferred to Stalag Luft XIIID, Nuremberg, Germany, Feb 1945, and Stalag VIIB, Moosburg, Mar 1945; liberated 29 Apr 1945; joined 210 Squadron; worked at Bomber Command and Royal Air Force Staff College; group navigation officer, Air Headquarters, Malta; administrator, Leeming airfield; retired, Jan 1958; died, Mar 2006.

Balfour, George Ian Mackintosh, 1912-1999, Rear Admiral

  • KCL-AF0030
  • Person
  • 1912-1999

Born in 1912; educated at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, joined Royal Navy in 1925; served in China, 1930-1932 and South Africa, 1935-1937; commanded destroyers during World War Two on various stations; served in the Mediterranean, 1948; Far East, 1949-1950 and USA, 1951-1953; Capt (D), 2 Destroyer Flotilla, 1956-1958, Director of Officer Appointments, 1958-1959 and Senior Naval Member, Imperial Defence College, 1960-1963; retired in 1963; died 1999.

Ballard, Colin Robert, 1868-1941, Brigadier General

  • KCL-AF0031
  • Person
  • 1868-1941

Born in 1868; 2nd Lt, Norfolk Regt, 1888; Lt, 1890; served in Burma, 1891-1892; Chitral, 1895; Tirah, 1897-1898; Capt, 1898; Station Commandant, South Africa, 1899-1900; Staff Officer, Mounted Infantry Corps Mobile Column, South Africa, 1900-1902; Transport Officer, Somaliland Field Force, 1903-1904; Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General, Ceylon, 1905; Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General, Ceylon, 1905-1908; Maj, 1908; General Staff Officer Grade 2, 2 London Div, 1909-1910; General Staff Officer, Staff College, 1911-1913; Lt Col, 1913; Commander, 1 Norfolk Regt and later 7, 95 and 14 Infantry Bdes, BEF, France and Belgium, 1914-1916; Commander, 57 Infantry Bde, British Armies in France, 1916-1917; Military Attaché, Romania, 1917-1918; Officer Commanding No 2 District, Scottish Command, 1919-1920; publication of Russia in rule and misrule (John Murray, London, 1920); President, Allied Police Commission, Constantinople, 1920-1923; retired, 1923; publication of Napoleon, an outline (Duckworth and Co, London, 1924), Military genius of Abraham Lincoln (Oxford University Press, London, 1926), The great Earl of Peterborough (Skeffington and Son, London, 1926); Kitchener (Faber and Faber, London, 1930), Smith-Dorrien (Constable and Co, London, 1931); died in 1941.

Balston, Thomas, 1883-1967, Major, author and publisher

  • KCL-AF0032
  • Person
  • 1883-1967

Born in 1883; educated at Eton College and New College, Oxford; tutor to Counts Gianbattista and Cesare Spaletti, Italy, 1906-1907; called to the Bar, Inner Temple, 1909; secretary to T Fisher Unwin, publisher, 1912-1914; served in France and Belgium with 12 Gloucestershire Regt, 1914-1919; Staff Capt, 96 Infantry Bde, 1915-1917; Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, 3 Div, 1917-1918, and 3 Corps, 1918-1919; worked for Duckworth and Co, publishers, 1921-1934; started to paint, 1934; one-man exhibition, Redfern Gallery, 1938; recalled to Southern Command as Staff Capt, Dec 1939, but invalided out after three months by pneumonia; organised and catalogued Exhibition of Wood-Engraving in Modern English Books, National Book League, 1949, Mark Gertler Memorial Exhibition, Whitechapel Art Gallery, 1949, and John Martin Exhibition, Whitechapel Art Gallery, 1953; died in 1967.

Barber, Norman Alexander, 1906-1994, Lieutenant Colonel

  • KCL-AF0033
  • Person
  • 1906-1994

Born 1906; served with the Royal Army Service Corps, Territorial Army, [1930]-1939; Capt, 1933; service with 42 (East Lancashire) Div, Royal Army Service Corps, Territorial Army, 1939; Maj, 1939; served in World War Two, 1939-1945; service with British Expeditionary Force, France, 1939-1940; posted to 18 Div, Singapore, 1941; POW, Changi Camp, Singapore, 1942-1945; died 1994.

Barker, John Lindsay, 1910-2004, Air Vice Marshal

  • KCL-AF0034
  • Person
  • 1910-2004

Born in 1910; educated at Trent College and Brasenose College, Oxford; called to the Bar, Middle Temple, 1947; joined Reserve of Air Force Officers, 1930, and RAF, 1933; served in France, 1939-1940, and North Africa, 1942-1944, and at Bomber Command, 1944-1945; commanded Shield Force, Far East, 1945; served in Far East, 1945-1948; served in Egypt, 1950-1953; Air Attaché, Rome, 1955-1958; Commander, Royal Ceylon Air Force, 1958-1963; AVM, 1959; retired, 1963, died 2004.

Barnardiston, Nathaniel Walter, 1858-1919, Major General

  • KCL-AF0035
  • Person
  • 1858-1919

Born in 1858; joined 77 (Duke of Cambridge's Own) Regt of Foot, 1878; Adjutant 2 Bn Middlesex Regt, 1882-1886; Capt, 1885; graduated Staff College, 1888; Aide de Camp to Governor of Bermuda, 1889-1892; Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, Eastern District, 1894-1897; Maj, 1896; Staff Captain Intelligence Div, War Office, 1898-1899; Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, Intelligence Div, War Office, 1899-1901; served with 2 Bn Middlesex Regt in the Second Boer War, South Africa, 1901-1902; temporary Military Attache to Brussels and The Hague, 1902-1904; Lt Col, 1904; Military Attache to Brussels, The Hague, and the Scandinavian Courts, 1904-1906; Military Attache to Brussels and The Hague, 1906; Assistant Commandant at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, and General Staff Officer Grade 2, 1906-1910; Brevet Col, 1907; Assistant Director of Military Training and General Staff Officer Grade 1, 1910-1914; Col, 1910; served World War One, 1914-1918; commanded British troops at the capture of Tsingtao, North China, 1914; Maj Gen, 1914; Commander 39 Div, 1915-1916; Chief of British Military Mission to Portugal, 1916-1919; died 1919.

Publications: Handbook of the Belgian Army, (War Office Intelligence Department, Stationary Office, London, 1899); Handbook of the French Army, (War Office Intelligence Department, Stationary Office, London, 1901).

Barnetson, James Craw, 1907-1984, Major General

  • KCL-AF0036
  • Person
  • 1907-1984

Born in 1907; Lt, Royal Army Medical Corps, 1931; Capt, 1934; Adjt, Territorial Army, 1938; Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services, Territorial Army, 1938-1940; Maj, 1941; Staff College, Camberley, 1942; Assistant Director of Medical Services, Air Force Headquarters, 1942-1943; Assistant Director of Medical Services, 6 Armoured Div 1943-1946; Assistant Director of Medical Services, Scottish Command 1946-1947; Lt Col, 1947; Assistant Director General of Army Medical Services, War Office 1947-1950; Joint Staff College, Latimer 1950; Assistant Director of Medical Services, 11 Armoured Div, 1951; Assistant Director of Medical Services, SHAPE, 1951-1953; Officer Commanding, Commonwealth Military Hospital, Japan, 1953-1954; Assistant Director of Medical Services, General HQ, East Africa,1954-1957; Col, 1955; Assistant Director of Medical Services, 6 Armoured Div, 1958-1959; Commandant, Field Training Centre, Royal Army Medical Corps, and Headquarters, Army Emergency Reserve, Royal Army Medical Corps, Mytchett, 1959-1960; Deputy Director of Medical Services, Northern Command, 1960-1961; Maj Gen, 1961; Director General of Army Medical Services, War Office, 1961-1964; Director of Medical Services, HQ, British Army on the Rhine, 1964-1966; Honorary Physician to the Queen, 1961-1966; retired, 1966; Col Commandant, Royal Army Medical Corps, 1968-1972; died in 1984.

Barnett, Dame Mary Henrietta, 1905-1985, Air Commandant

  • KCL-AF0037
  • Person
  • 1905-1985

Born in 1905; joined WAAF, 1939; served with WAAF in World War Two; in charge of WRAF personnel at RAF Mediterranean Command, Caserta, Italy, [1945]; Inspector, WAAF, 1948; Deputy Director, WAAF, 1949-1952; Officer Commanding RAF Hawkinge, 1952-1956; Director, WRAF, 1956-1960; died in 1985.

Barnett, Benjamin George, 1912-1998, Major

  • KCL-AF0038
  • Person
  • 1912-1998

Born in 1912; 2nd Lt, 100 Army Field Bde, Territorial Army, 1936; Lt, 1939; Capt, 1939; Officer Commanding, 249 Battery, 63 Anti-Tank Regt, Oxfordshire Yeomanry, 1944-1946; Maj, 1946; died 1998

Bartholomew, Sir William Henry, 1877-1962, Knight, General

  • KCL-AF0039
  • Person
  • 1877-1962

Born in 1877; educated at Newton College, south Devon and Royal Military Academy,Woolwich; joined Royal Artillery, 1897; graduated Staff College, Quetta, India, 1909-1910;served in World War One, 1914-1918; General Staff Officer, Grade 1, 4 Div, and Brig Gen,General Staff, 20 Corps, 1917-1918; Brig Gen, General Staff, Egyptian Expeditionary Force,1918; commanded 6 Infantry Bde, 1923-1926; Aide de Camp to the King and Maj Gen, 1926;Director of Recruiting and Organisation, War Office, 1927-1928; Commandant, ImperialDefence College, 1929-1931; Director of Military Operations and Intelligence, War Office,1931-1934; Col Commandant, Royal Artillery, 1934-1937; Lt Gen, 1933; Chief of GeneralStaff, India, 1934-1937; Gen, 1937; General Officer Commanding in Chief, Northern Command,1937-1940; Aide de Camp General to the King, 1938-1940; retired, 1940; North EasternRegional Commissioner for Civil Defence, 1940-1945; died 1962.

Batten, John Forbes, 1893-1979, Lieutenant Colonel

  • KCL-AF0040
  • Person
  • 1893-1979

Born in 1893; 2nd Lt, 1912; served in France and Belgium, 1914-1915, 1917; Lt, 1915; Capt, 1916; Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, India, 1919-1920; Captain Instructor in Gunnery (Artillery), School of Artillery, 1922-1926; Staff Officer, Royal Artillery, Northern Command, 1926-1928; Staff Captain, School of Artillery, 1928; commanded 11 Field Battery, Royal Artillery, India, 1933-1934; died 1979.

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