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Wright, John Piachaud, 1902-1980, Captain RN

  • KCL-AF0729
  • Person
  • 1902-1980

Born in 1902; Sub Lt, 1922; Lt Cdr, 1932; Cdr, 1936; Capt, 1940; served on HMS GUARDIAN, British Pacific Fleet, 1945-1950; died in 1980.

Wrigglesworth, John M, 1941-2005, lecturer

  • KCL-AF1354
  • Person
  • 1941-2005

John M Wrigglesworth was born 4 July 1941 in West Yorkshire; educated at Rothwell Grammar School and Birmingham University, received a first class honours degree in physics, 1959-1962, an MSc in Radiobiology, 1963 and a PhD in Medical Biochemistry, 1965. His first publications were on the enzymology and radiobiology of the ileum and after obtaining his doctorate, Wrigglesworth took his first postdoctoral post, at University of California, Berkeley, working in the laboratory of Professor Lester Packer, 1967-1970; he then returned to England and was appointed as a lecturer in Biochemistry at Chelsea College, 1970. He met Beatrix Price in 1970 and married her in 1971. Wrigglesworth joined the Biochemistry Department at Chelsea College under Harold Baum. During this time he published extensively on iron, membrane topology and the mechanism of electron and proton translocation by cytochrome c oxidase; was made an Honorary Fellow of Peter Mitchell's Glynn Research Institute, 1991; later being awarded a DSc by London University for research in molecular bioenergetics; he was head of teaching in Molecular Life Sciences, King's College London, 1997 to 2000 and retired in 2004.

During the 1980s, whilst at Chelsea College, Wrigglesworth was active with the Association of University Teachers, chairing the local AUT and was very involved in the attempt to prevent the closure of the College. Wrigglesworth became a member of the Biochemical Society, hosting the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology meeting in Birmingham, in 2000; served as Society Treasurer from 1997 to 2002 and acted as a Trustee of the Biochemical Society Staff Pension Scheme. Towards the end of his time at King's College London Wrigglesworth took a course in philosophy and qualified in medical ethics. Wrigglesworth died 24 June 2005.

Publications: Energy and life (Taylor & Francis, London, 1997) and Biochemical research techniques: a practical introduction Edited by John M. Wrigglesworth Wiley, Chichester, c1983).

Wort, George, 1912-1984, Brigadier

  • KCL-AF0727
  • Person
  • 1912-1984

Born in 1912; educated at Marlborough College, Royal Military College, Sandhurst and Staff College, Camberley; 2nd Lt, Wiltshire Regt (Duke of Edinburgh's Regt), 1932; Lt, 1935; personal assistant to Resident in Mysore, 1936-1938; seconded to Malay Regt, 1939-1945; Capt, 1940; wounded and held by Japanese as POW at Alexandra Hospital, Singapore, 1942, and Changi camp, 1942-1945; Maj, 1946; Staff College, Camberley, 1947; Military Secretary's Department, War Office, 1948-1950; Assistant Quartermaster General, HQ Western Command, 1952; Lt Col, 1953; commanded 4 Bn, Wiltshire Regt (Territorial Army), 1953-1956; Col, HQ Federation Army, Kuala Lumpur, 1956-1957; Military Adviser to Malayan High Commissioner in UK, London, 1957-1958; commanded 107 Ulster Independent Infantry Bde Group (Territorial Army), 1958-1961; retired in 1961; died in 1984.

Wormald, Patrick, 1947-2004, medieval historian

  • KCL-AF1353
  • Person
  • 1947-2004

Born 1947; educated Eton College, Balliol College Oxford (matriculated 1966); studied under the supervision of the leading medievalist, Professor Michael Wallace Hadrill; elected to All Soul's Oxford, 1969; Lecturer in Medieval History at Glasgow University, 1974-1988; Fellow of Christ Church, Oxford, 1988-2000; studied Venerable Bede and later and most significantly, King Alfred and his law codes; died 2004. Publications include: The making of English law: King Alfred to the twelfth century (Oxford, 1999); Bede and the conversion of England (Jarrow, 1984).

Wormald, Francis, 1904-1972, antiquarian and palaeographer

  • KCL-AF1352
  • Person
  • 1904-1972

Born, 1904; educated Eton School, 1918-1922, Magdalene College, Cambridge, 1922-1925; Assistant Keeper in the Department of Manuscripts, British Museum, 1927; first Professor of Palaeography at King's College London, 1949-1960; Fellow of King's College London, 1964; Director of the Institute of Historical Research, 1960-1968; Fellow of the British Academy, 1948; President of the Society of Antiquaries, 1965-1970; helped set up the Palaeography reading room at the University of London Senate House; married cousin Honoria Mary Rosamund Yeo in 1935; died 1972.

Wordsworth, John, 1843-1911, Bishop of Salisbury

  • KCL-AF1351
  • Person
  • 1843-1911

Born at Harrow, 1843; educated at Winchester, New College Oxford (MA), graduated with 1st class Moderations (Oxford), 1863 and 2nd class Literae Humaniores (Classics), 1865; Assistant Master, Wellington College, 1866; Fellow of Brasenose College Oxford, 1867; Craven Scholar, 1867; ordained, 1867; MA 1868; Prebendary of Lincoln, 1870; Select Preacher, 1876, 1888; Grinfield Lecturer, 1876-1878; Whitehall Preacher, 1879; Bampton Lecturer, 1881; Oriel Professor of Interpretation of Holy Scripture, Fellow of Oriel College, and Canon of Rochester, 1883-1885; Bishop of Salisbury, 1885-1911; died, 1911. Publications: include: Fragments and Specimens of Early Latin (Clarendon Press Series, 1866); University Sermons on Gospel Subjects (James Parker & Co, Oxford and London, 1878); The One Religion: truth, holiness and peace desired by the nations, and revealed by Jesus Christ. Eight lectures [the Bampton Lectures] (Parker & Co, Oxford, 1881); The Gospel according to St Matthew. From the St Germain MS, g, now numbered Lat. 11553 in the National Library at Paris editor (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1883); Portions of the Gospels according to St Mark and St Matthew from the Bobbio MS, k, now numbered G VII 15 in the National Library at Turin. Together with other fragments of the Gospels edited with William Sanday and Henry Julian White (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1886); Prayers for Use in College 2nd edition (1890); The Holy Communion. Four visitation addresses (Parker & Co, Oxford & London, 1891); Some recent Teachings concerning the Eucharistic Sacrifice (Elliot Stock, London, [1892]); Novum Testamentum Latine, secundum editionem S Hieronymi with Rev Henry Julian White; The Four Gospels (1898); The Episcopate of Charles Wordsworth, Bishop of St Andrews (Longmans & Co, London, 1899); Bishop Sarapion's Prayer-Book, an Egyptian Pontifical dated probably about AD 350-356 Translated from the edition of Dr G Wobbermin, with introduction, notes and indices (1899); Some Points in the teaching of the Church of England, set forth for the information of Orthodox Christians of the East, in the form of an answer to questions (Christian Knowledge Society, London, 1900); The Ministry of Grace. Studies in early Church History with reference to present problems (Longmans & Co, London, 1901); The Te Deum, its structure and meaning, and its musical setting and rendering; together with a revised Latin text, notes and translation (Christian Knowledge Society, London, 1902); Family Prayers (Brown & Co, Salisbury, 1903); The Acts (1904); The Law of the Church as to Marriage of a Man with his Deceased Wife's Sister (Christian Knowledge Society, London, 1908); The Invocation of Saints and the Twenty-second Article (Christian Knowledge Society, London, 1908); Ordination Problems (Christian Knowledge Society, London, 1909); Unity and Fellowship. Diocesan addresses delivered in the year 1909 (Christian Knowledge Society, London, Brighton, 1910).

Wooldridge, Sidney William, 1900-1963, Professor of Geography

  • KCL-AF1350
  • Person
  • 1900-1963

Born, 1900; educated Glendale County School, Wood Green; BSc in Geology King's College London, 1921; MSc, 1923; DSc, 1927; Lecturer in Geography at King's, 1927-1942; Reader, 1942-1947; Professor of Geography, Birkbeck College, 1944; Professor of Geography at King's, 1947; Founder member of the Institute of British Geographers, 1931; Fellow of King's College, 1956; Fellow of the Royal Society, 1959, died, 1963. Publications, either as author or co-author, include: The physical basis of geography. An outline of geomorphology (London, 1937); The spirit and purpose of geography (London, 1951); The Weald (London, 1953); Structure, surface and drainage in South-East England (London, 1955); The geographer as scientist. Essays on the scope and nature of geography (London, 1956); London's countryside. Geographical field work for students and teachers of geography (London, 1957).

Woods, Thomas Frederic Mackie, 1904-1982, Major General

  • KCL-AF0726
  • Person
  • 1904-1982

Born 1904; educated at St Paul's School, and Trinity College, Dublin; Bachelor of Medicine, Dublin, 1926; commissioned into the Royal Army Medical Corps, 1927; service in India, Malta and UK, 1927-1940; Doctor of Medicine, Dublin, 1932; Member of the Royal College of Physicians, Ireland, 1934; served in World War Two, 1939-1945; service in UK, Madagascar, India, Middle East, Burma and Malaya, 1940-1946; Assistant Director of Medical Services, 31 Indian Armoured Div, Middle East, 1942; Assistant Director of Medical Services, 10 Armoured Div, 1944; Assistant Director of Medical Services, 5 Indian Div, Burma and Malaya, 1944-1945; awarded OBE, 1945; seconded to Ministry of Food as Chief Health Officer, East African Groundnut Scheme, 1946-1948; service with 2 Div, the Royal Army Medical Corps Depot, Headquarters London District, Headquarters 1 (British) Corps, West Germany, and Headquarters Southern Command, 1948-1956; Brig, 1956; Maj Gen, 1957; Queen's Honorary Physician, 1959-1961; awarded CB, 1960; retired 1961; Col Commandant, Royal Army Medical Corps, 1965-1969; President of the Command Standing Medical Board, Military Hospital, Tidworth, Hampshire, 1969-1970; Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Ireland; died 1982.

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