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Analysis of student data at St Thomas's Hospital, 1919-1930

‘St Thomas Hospital Medical School Quarterly Analysis of students’. Volume containing tabular information recorded quarterly on the number of students in each year at St Thomas' Hospital Medical School, 3 Dec 1919-4 Nov 1930. Some tables also include a further breakdown of the numbers of students in each course – University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University of London, Conjoint board, also the numbers qualified, unqualified, and working in the hospital. Loose typescript papers in the front of the volume, include: Analysis of new students Oct 1929, recording names divided between Cambridge, Oxford, London and Conjoint, in each year (1st-4th); Total number of graduating and diploma students joining in 1924-25, giving breakdown of men and women students at medical schools in London; Total number of graduating and diploma students joining in 1921-22 at 14 medical schools in London; Numbers of students entering for the final conjoint examination in surgery, 1925-1928, for medical schools in London; and Student fees received, 1913/14-1927/28.

Biographical files, [1960-1989], chiefly relating to former staff and students of St Thomas's Hospital Medical School

Librarian's subject files relating to staff, students and the famous visitors of St Thomas's Hospital Medical School, and including copies of obituaries, articles, letters, biographical entries and some photographs of the following: Edward L Atkinson, [1889-1988]; Sir Herbert Barker; James Barry 1795-1865; Walter Rowley Bristow [1882-1947]; John Syer Bristowe, 1827-1895; William Cheselden, 1688-1752; Henry Cline 1750-1827, H Currey; William Curtis 1746-1799; Rev Dr Frank Drewe (G Dupuytren); John Herbert Fisher 1867-1933; George Fordyce 1736-1802; Joseph Henry Green, 1791-1863; William Harvey, -1657 Thomas Hollyer; John Hunter (dentistry); Richard Kay; John Keats; William Kilner; Joseph Lister; Bryan Austin McSwiney, 1894-1947; William Somerset Maugham, 1874-; Richard Mead, 1673-1754; Robert Wallace Nevin, 1907-1980; William Miller Ord; Sir Max Page-[1883-1963]; George Allardice Riddell, 1865-1934; Nicholas Harold Lloyd Ridley; Alexander Russell, 1715-1768; Patrick Russell, 1727-1805; Sir Charles Scott Sherrington, 1857-1952; John Flint South, 1797-1882; Kanehiro Takaki, 1849-1920; Johann Ludwig Wilhelm Thudichum; Frederick Twort, 1877-1949; Christopher Widmer, 1780-1858; Frederic Wood-Jones, 1879-1954. 37 files.

Bound volume containing registers of pupils and fees paid at St Thomas's and Guy's Hospitals, 1752-1801

‘St Thomas’s Hospital Apothecary’s pupils 28 Nov 1753-23 Oct 1759; Pupils 2 Jan 1760-7 Nov 1768; Pupils of St Thomas and Mr Guy’s Hospitals 10 Nov 1768-20 Feb 1801’. Volume consisting of five notebooks bound together, including: Register of Apothecary's Pupils, 28 Nov 1753-23 Oct 1759, recording name of pupil, length of apprenticeship and under whom served, date admitted, date entered, and payment made; Cash book recording payments of pupils, 1 Dec 1759-7 Nov 1768, containing date entered, name, duration of pupilage, and amount paid; and three consecutive notebooks containing the Register of Pupils of St Thomas Hospital and Guy’s Hospital (on alternate pages), 10 Nov 1768-20 Feb 1801, recording date entered, name, and amount paid.

LMA Ref: H1/ST/MS/G4/2

CLOSED Register of applications, 1932-1942, to St Thomas's Hospital Medical School

Register of applications to St Thomas's Hospital Medical School and Clinical course, Jan 1932-Oct 1942'. Containing details of names, date of application, name, name and address or parent or guardian, schools and university, examinations passed at date of application, course, year of commencement, sport, remarks, date interviewed, date entered, date cancelled or transferred, date qualified, record, house appointments.

Examination results for Anatomy at St Thomas's Hospital Medical School, 1892-1934

‘Anatomy, practical, sessional and tests’. Volume containing lists of student names in year groups with their examination marks, 20 Dec 1892-Jul 1934. Includes Practical anatomy, test examination, senior and junior sessional examinations. Also contains printed copy of ‘Regulations for the examination and classification of the students at the Medical School’.

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