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SECRETARY'S OFFICE: King's College London academic department administrative records

  • KAS/AC2
  • Collection
  • 1830-1983

Correspondence, reports, minutes, accounts and papers relating to Academic Schools, Faculties and Departments concerning appointments, buildings, bequests, mergers, equipment, finance, scholarships and endowments, courses and examinations, research grants, staff appointments, fees, admissions, students and grants, 1830-1841, 1851-1983, comprising Faculty of Education, 1965-1982; Faculty of Engineering, 1882-1982; Faculty of Medicine, 1923-1930, 1946-1955, 1972-1981; Faculty of Natural Science, 1940-1955, 1969-1975; School of Slavonic Studies, 1915-1937; Faculty of Theology, 1977-1983; Departments of Anatomy, 1900-1913, 1932, 1936-1948, 1966-1981; Arabic, 1894-1904; Architecture, 1890-1914; Arts, 1856-1860, 1897-1917, 1939-1956, 1971-1981; Biochemistry, 1936, 1965-1981; Biological Sciences, 1967-1976, 1983; Biophysics, 1948, 1952, 1962-1982; Botany, 1916-1918, 1923-1936, 1962-1977; Plant Sciences, 1977-1981; Chemical Engineering, 1965; Chemistry, 1897-1918, 1940-1945, 1960-1983; Civil Service Classes, 1892-1918; Classics, 1909-1917, 1970-1982; Commerce, 1872, 1918; Day Training College, 1890-1947; Department for the Training of Teachers, 1914-1939/40; Education Department 1939/40-1952/53; Engineering, 1882-1883, 1890-1980; Civil Engineering, 1977-1983; Mechanical Engineering, 1977-1981; Electrical Engineering, 1978-1981; English, 1840, 1893-1918, 1926, 1931-1934, 1959-1980; Evening Classes, 1896-1916, 1921-1929; French, 1946-1982; Geography, 1951-1953, 1961-1982; Geology, 1896-1918, 1965-1981; German, 1902-1958, 1977-1982; Modern Greek, 1917-1919, 1927, 1945-1946, 1961; Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, 1961-1977; Histology, 1918; History, 1877-1878, 1909-1918, 1938-1948, 1968-1977, 1981; Human Environmental Studies, 1973-1983; Icelandic, 1914; Italian, 1903, 1915-1918; Journalism 1923-1931, 1936-1939, 1944-1946; University of London Board of Laws, 1900-1952, 1971-1983; Mathematics, 1872, 1906, 1969-1982; Medicine, 1834-1837; 1851-1984; Metallurgy 1919; Music, 1962-1981; Natural Science, 1890-1917; School of Oriental Studies, 1895-1917; School of Chinese, 1899-1916; Palaeography 1972-1976; Pharmacology, 1925, 1966-1982; Philosophy, 1965-1966, 1971-1975, 1981; Physics, 1896, 1904-1918, 1926-1982; Physiology, 1891-1919, 1926, 1935-1939, 1949-1981; Economic Science and Statistics, 1851, 1904-1916, 1931; Portuguese, 1913-1924, 1948-1960, 1958-1982; Psychology, 1902-1904, 1914-1917, 1939-1947; Public Health, 1894-1917; Bacteriology, 1898-1902, 1910-1917, 1923-1925; Spanish, 1913-1922, 1937-1952, 1966-1970, 1977-1982; Theology, 1830-1841, 1862, 1864, 1888-1983; War Office Classes, 1916-1925; War Studies, 1959-1981; Zoology, 1905-1914, 1918, 1925, 1965-1970, 1977-1981.

King's College London College Secretary, 1828-

SECRETARY'S OFFICE: Chelsea College administrative records

  • CAS
  • Collection
  • 1889-1998

Chelsea College Secretary's files, 1889-1998. These records reflect all aspects of the academic and administrative work of the College, ranging from strategic planning, building maintenance and finance through to University of London business where applicable to Chelsea College, notably including South-Western Polytechnic and subsequent College schemes and correspondence on the relationship of the College with the University of London, 1889-1985; governance, namely Chelsea College Senate membership, agendas, committees and other business, 1972-1985; Council minutes, agendas and membership, 1972-1987; King's, Queen's and Chelsea (KQC) Management Committee and Joint Policy Committee correspondence and papers, 1983-1985; University of London Senate agendas and minutes, 1983-1985 (Ref: 1985/CAS, 1987/CAS, 1991 CAS); papers relating to major committees such as academic planning group correspondence, 1983-1984; Finance and General Purposes Committee, Planning and Staffing Committee papers, 1983-1985, planning and resources committee papers, 1989-1991 (Ref: 1997/CAS, CAS/GC2); the general running of the College, including patents, 1972-1987; copyright, 1970-1989; College safety, 1977-1985; Data Protection Act, 1985-1987; Students' Union and student welfare, 1966-1985; a proposed merger with Westfield College, University of London, 1982-1987; the Swinnerton-Dyer Committee report documents, 1980-1982; St George's Hospital Medical School papers reflecting administrative concerns, 1976-1986; agreements and contracts with publishing companies and scientific equipment suppliers, 1968-1985; papers relating to the arsenic poisoning of porters at Chelsea College including cuttings and police investigations, 1966-1971, 1998, (Ref: CAS/AD1, 1987/CAS, 1991 CAS); personnel and staff related files including on contracts, salaries, leave entitlements, performance targets, trade unions, principally NUPE and NALGO, staff appointments and lists, 1967-1987; Academic Staff Committee minutes, papers and correspondence, 1969-1985; Technical and Manual Staff Committees, 1971-1985; demonstrators and visiting lecturers, 1975-1981 (Ref: CAS/AD8); papers relating to College property, [1970-1988] (Ref: 1987/CAS, CAS 1989); academic related papers concerning various departments at King's spanning the merger of Chelsea and King's in 1985, including Biophysics, Chemistry, English, Physiology, Spanish, Theology and War Studies, 1977-1989, Chelsea Departmental papers including the Nuffield programme, Library and Computing Department, 1966-1988 (Ref: 1987/CAS, 1991 CAS, 1992 CAS).

Chelsea College Secretary, 1972-1985

THEOLOGY: King's College London History and Philosophy of Religion departmental student records

  • Collection
  • 1975-1981

King's College London History and Philosophy of Religion postgraduate student files, 1975-1981 (Ref: KDPR/FPPG). These generally relate to MTh courses and information typically contained includes applications for admission as a postgraduate student, results, title of thesis/dissertation, references and general correspondence.

King's College London Department of Theology & Religious Studies

SYLLABUSES & PROSPECTUSES: King's College London printed material

  • K/SYL
  • Collection
  • 1828-2012

King's College London Prospectuses and Syllabuses include: an incomplete run of general undergraduate prospectuses, 1854-1897, and complete, 1964-2000; incomplete general postgraduate prospectuses, 1971-1975, and complete, 1977-2000; bound volumes of detailed prospectuses for specific departments and faculties, 1964-1973, 1975-1978; loose detailed prospectuses for specific departments and faculties including Evening Classes, 1863-1918, Arts/Humanities, 1913-2011, Classics, Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies, 1918-1995, History, 1913-1999, War Studies, 1985-2010, Architecture, 1908-1909, Modern Language Departments, 1917-2007, Philosophy, 1980-1982, Engineering, Electronic/Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, 1843-1844, 1917-1919, 1960-2006, Journalism, 1937-1940, Theology, 1897-2009, Education, 1969-2012, Laws, 1917-1918, 1978-2012, Life Sciences in general and specific departments, 1968-2008, Medical Sciences, 1900-2010, Music, 1965-2000, Natural Sciences in general and specific departments, 1840-2009, Physical Sciences in general and specific departments, 1985-2012 (Ref: K/SYL, K/EC/SYL, KFA/SYL, KDJ/SYL, KDMA/SYL, KDW/SYL, KFE/SYL, KFED/SYL, KFL/SYL, KFLS/SYL, KFM/SYL, KFMS/SYL, KFN/SYL, KFPS/SYL, KFT/SYL).

King's College London, 1829-

SERIALS & PERIODICALS: King's College London printed material

  • K/SER
  • Collection
  • 1836-2014

King's College London Publications: Serials and Periodicals, 1836-2014. This class of ephemera contains 150 distinct titles of annual/termly periodical comprising newsletters and magazines about the College, its students and staff, illustrating its academic work and social life from the earliest years to the present day. Most series are incomplete and sometimes contain only single editions of predominantly recent titles. The main series of publications comprise long running College magazines such as King's College Review/Lucifer (1899-1966), of which there exist bound and duplicate sets, King's College London News (1981-1984), The King's College London Report (1993-2000), Comment (1984-2001) and the staff bulletin, Viewpoint (1973-1979) and Library staff magazine, Ex Libris (later retitled No Comment ) (1996-2001). They also include departmental and faculty periodicals and newsletters such as The Kingsman (1958-1978), which was one of several journals associated with the Theology Faculty, the War Studies Review (1994-1998), War Studies Journal (1995-1999) and Department of War Studies Diary (1993-1997), The Siphon , magazine of the Faculty of Science (1946-1968), the Nurses' League Journal (1926-2000), King's College School Magazine (1890-1903), King's College London Association newsletter, later retitled In Touch (1972-1999), Computer Unit newsletters (1967-1996) and the Ladies' Department Magazine (1896-1914). They also include support services and Trades Union magazines and newsletters including of the Library and NALGO, Development Office, Chaplaincy and Staff Development and Training, Students' Union and Rag magazines, most prominently, Magus (1974-1985). The collection contains a few examples of periodicals external to King's College, mainly concerned with the Higher Education sector, such as the Newsletter of the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals (1995-1998) and relating to various aspects of the work of the University of London. Content is very broad and diverse, including events listings, College and departmental news, obituaries, sporting fixtures, society business and original articles, particularly in The King's Engineer (1922-1968) and Lucifer (1951-1966), whose distinctive ironical and experimental character was reflected in critical commentary on South Africa and Vietnam, pornography and censorship, examples of cutting edge poetry, alongside theatre reviews and original articles, drawings and caricatures including by Derek Jarman and the writer and broadcaster, Michael Bukht.

King's College London, 1829-

PETT, Douglas Ellory (1924-2005)

  • K/PP170
  • Collection
  • 1942-2005

Papers of Douglas Ellory Pett, 1942-2005, including essay by Pett entitled 'The Christian as Citizen' (Winner of the Warden's Essay Prize), [1947]; essay by Pett entitled 'The Cavalier Poets - Carew, Suckling and Lovelace' (Winner of the Plumptre Prize for English Literature), [1947]; black and white photographs including of staff and students of King's College London English School, 1942-1943; staff and students of King's College London Faculty of Theology, 1946-1947 and 1947-1948; staff and students of King's College London Faculty of Theology at St. Boniface College, Warminster in Michaelmas term, 1948; staff and students of King's College London Faculty of Theology at St Boniface College, Warminster, 1949; King's College London discus medals, awarded to Pett, 1946, 1947 and programme from the Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Douglas Ellory Pett, including biography of Pett and tributes from Sir Ian Gainsford and Dr Rob Senior.

Pett, Douglas Ellory, 1924-2005, chaplain

EXAMINATIONS: King's College London question papers

  • K/EX
  • Collection
  • 1933-1999 (ongoing)

Examination question papers of King's College London, 1933-1998, mainly comprising papers for undergraduates sitting finals, postgraduates sitting Masters' degree examinations, as well as a number of undergraduate yearly and mid-sessional examinations and copies of examination papers set by the University of London. The papers comprise a series of individual files containing assorted examination papers from all or most faculties for the period 1933-1961. Thereafter papers are held for individual departments of the Faculty of Arts, including English, 1975-1994; Geography, 1980-1992; German, 1975-1997; History, 1975-1992; Italian, 1975-1995; Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, 1975-1997; Spanish, 1975-1996; French, 1985-1997; Linguistics and Humanities Applied Computing, 1989-1994; Classics, 1965-1998; Modern Greek, 1988-1998; Philosophy, 1985-1998; Japanese, 1992-1995; Russian, 1994-1995; War Studies, 1989-1992; Faculty of Laws, 1964-1974; Faculty of Medical Science, 1963-1993; Faculty of Education, 1977-1990; Faculty of Physical Sciences, including Chemistry, 1948-1993; Computing, 1982-1993; Mathematics, 1963-1993; Management Studies, 1986-1992; Physics, 1947-1993); Faculty of Engineering, 1927-1992, including Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Westfield College, 1983. Faculty of Natural Science, including Botany and Zoology, 1962-1985; Chemistry, 1952-1984; Geography, 1978-1984; Geology, 1978-1984; Human Environmental Science, 1978-1985; Pharmacology, 1978-1984; Biochemistry, 1978-1985; Physiology, 1978-1986; Anatomy, 1980-1983; Faculty of Life Sciences, including Anatomy and Human Biology; Biochemistry, Biophysics, Pharmacology, Physiology, Gerontology, Food Science, Nursing Studies, Nutrition and Dietetics, and Pharmacy, 1985-1994; Faculty of Music, 1968-1997; Faculty of Theology, 1933-1999, including examinations for Associates of King's College, 1969-1995, and with Masters' dissertations and extended essays of students, 1994; Nightingale Institute and Department of Nursing Studies, 1986-1996.

Between the foundation of King's College London in 1829 and the incorporation of all faculties of the College (with the exception of Theology) into the University of London in 1908, students were assessed under examinations set by the College, as well as the examinations of professional and learned societies, and were also able to attend classes for matriculation from the University of London. Thereafter students of the College took examinations set by departments of the College and in the case of final undergraduate and postgraduate examinations, papers approved by the University.

King's College London, 1829-

THEOLOGY: KIng's College London departmental student records

  • KFT/FP
  • Collection
  • [1852]-1998

Theology student records, [1852]-1998, specifically undergraduate and postgraduate male student files, 1886, 1908, 1910-1974 (Ref: KFT/FPM), undergraduate and postgraduate male withdrawals, [1914-1951] (Ref: KFT/FPMW), miscellaneous correspondence relating to students whose date of entry is not known, [1939-1969] (Ref: KFT/FPMM), undergraduate and postgraduate female student files, 1929-1974 (Ref: KFT/FPF), undergraduate and postgraduate female withdrawals, 1948-1968 (Ref: KFT/FPFW), miscellaneous correspondence relating to female students whose date of entry is not known [1932-1968] (Ref: KFT/FPFM), occasional students, 1980-1991 (Ref: KFT/FP/OCC), postgraduate occasional students, 1980-1992 (Ref: KFT/FPPG/OCC), undergraduate student files, 1975-1998 (Ref: KFT/FP), postgraduate student files, 1980-1994 (Ref: KFT/FPPG), examination results, [1978-1987] (Ref: KFT/ER), address register of former students, [1871] (KFT administrative series), 2 slip books of male students who took the Theological Associate of King's College examination, [1852]-1921 (Ref: KFT/RC1), 13 slip books of male, and in later years, female students who took the Theological AKC, [1920-1980] (Ref: KFT/RC2), 1 slip book of women theological students, including AKCs, 1946-1982, 1 slip book of male and female BA Religious Studies, Biblical Studies and postgraduate students, 1976-1985, 1 slip book of BD and combined studies students, 1983-1985. The KFT/FPM file series incorporates all students, including withdrawals, AKC, BD and a small number of postgraduates. Information contained typically includes letters of reference, tutors' terminal reports, general correspondence and application for admission, the name of the Bishop by whom the student was confirmed and the name and address of the clergyman from whom a confidential report was received, from 1931 most files have a photograph attached. Prior to 1919 generally only the admission form survives. The KFT/FPMW series is not comprehensive. Information typically includes application for admission, letters of reference and correspondence. Information typically contained in the KFT/FPF file series includes UCCA forms, statement of eligibility, terminal reports, admission form, letters of reference and correspondence, from 1935 files occasionally contain a photograph. The KFT/FPFW series includes those who withdrew their application or who rejected the offer of a place, but again is not comprehensive. From 1996 onwards the main subjects included in the KFT/FP series include BA Religious Studies, BA Theology and BA Biblical Studies. Information contained in the KFT/FP and KFT/FPPG series varies but generally includes statement of eligibility, declaration, application for admission, UCCA form, statement by referee, terminal report and correspondence. The examination results series includes pass lists for the AKC, MTh, MPhil, PhD, BA and BD degrees. Information typically contained in the KFT/RC1 slip books include the date the AKC was passed, any prizes or other qualifications gained at King's or elsewhere, the church at which the student went on to serve, and address. The end of this series also contains a small number of forms relating to deceased former students. The KFT/RC2 slip books have an attached AKC detail sheet giving courses and marks. Other information typically contained in the Theological slip books include name, address, date of birth, date of entry, course, examinations, previous education, and whether ordained.

King's College London Department of Theology & Religious Studies

THEOLOGY: King's College London departmental and faculty records

  • KFT
  • Collection
  • [1871]-1989

The papers of the Theology Department of King's College London comprise correspondence, minutes, lectures, press cuttings and photographs, [1871]-1989; notably including correspondence and papers relating to scholarships, examination results, visiting academics, admissions policy, Faculty structure and strategic development, 1926-1975 (1983 KFT, KFT/1984/3, 6-7); Theological Board and Faculty minute books, 1875-1989 (Ref: KFT/M, KFT/1984/5); Theological Professorial Board minute books, 1919-1980 (Ref: KA/TB/M); Theological committee minutes covering scholarships, finance, accommodation and the relationship with the University of London, 1910-1976 (Ref: KA/T/M); Theological Society minute books, 1876-1912 (Ref: KST); Women's Theological Society minute books, 1900-1969 (Ref: KSTS/M); Theological Students' Faculty minute books, 1909-1970 (Ref: KFTS/M1-4); Evening Theological Faculty minutes, 1913-1916 (Ref: KFTS/M5); Faculty of Arts staff meetings and agendas, 1978-1980 (Ref: KFT/1984/1); King's College Hostel Common Room minute books, 1911-1981 (Ref: KFT/VSH/M1-9); King's College Hostel House Committee minute books, 1910-1970 (Ref: KFT/VSH/M10-12); other papers relating to the King's College Hostel including staff roll, Hostel constitution, scrapbooks and photographs, 1952-1978 (Ref: KFT/REG, KFT/F1, KFT/PH, KFT/ART, 1985/KFT1-2); correspondence and minute books relating to the King's College London mission to hop pickers, 1956-1963 (Ref: 1994/KFT, 1995/KFT); correspondence concerning a fund-raising appeal to support the establishment of the F D Maurice Chair of Moral and Social Theology, 1972-1973 (Ref: 1985/KFT3); Theological Society reunion programmes and AKC newsletters, 1955-1986 (Ref: 1999 KFT); photographs of students, staff, Faculty sports' teams, chapel and Hostel, [1872-1980] (Ref: K/PHOTO); references for students of Professor William David James Cargill-Thompson, 1977 (Ref: KFT/1984/2); a register of addresses of former students, [1871]; texts of some public theology lectures, King's College, 1965-1967 (Ref: 1983/KFT).

King's College London Department of Theology & Religious Studies