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KING'S COLLEGE HOSPITAL: Thrombosis Research Unit

  • KH/TRU
  • Collection
  • [1972-1996]

General correspondence concerning the Thrombosis Research Unit of King's College Hospital, 1977-1988; progress and research reports, [1974-1990]; annual reports, 1983-1995; proposals for the Institute of Thrombosis Research, [1982-1988]; applications for funding, [1977-1987]; British Heart Foundation annual research reports, 1978-1985; British Heart Foundation applications for grants, [1972-1989]; individual staff files, [1976-1985], mostly containing correspondence; clinical trials and studies, [1984-1996]; letters, receipts, invoices and delivery notes of equipment ordered for the Unit, [1977-1988]; research papers written by the Unit, [1975-1986]; other research papers written outside of the Unit, [1978-1989]; bound report in sections, 1989, 'Laboratoires Biosedra: Divitine (LU 47311), Clivaparine Sous-Cutanée, April 1989', investigating the use of Heparin in the prevention of thrombosis.

King's College Hospital Thrombosis Research Unit, 1965-


  • KH
  • Collection
  • 1562-2001

Records of King's College Hospital, 1562-1999, comprising the governing and management bodies' and sub-committees' minutes and papers, 1839-1976; files of senior administrative staff including the Hospital Secretary, House Governor and District Administrator, 1853-1990; title deeds and other legal documents, 1562-[1970]; registers, indexes and inventories, 1879-1980; Medical School papers, 1833-1997, including the Medical Society/Listerian Society, the Clubs and Societies Union, and the Medical School Library; private papers of several professors, 1834-1988, including Albert Carless, Arthur Edmunds, Sir (Harold Arthur) Thomas Fairbank, and Herbert Willoughby Lyle; case notes, 1820-1959; ephemera, 1742-1998, including programmes for ceremonies and events, Hospital serials and publications, appeals and publicity, photographs and press cuttings; minutes and annual reports of the Friends of King's College Hospital, 1955-1988; Hospital accounts, 1961-1981; records of the Thrombosis Research Unit, [1972-1996]; records of the Nightingale Institute, 1813-1999.

King's College Hospital, London, 1840-

TITLE DEEDS: King's College London legal records

  • KA/T
  • Series
  • 1678-1969

This series contains title deeds relating to College property, mainly the original building in the Strand and extensions in Strand Lane and Surrey Street, Drury Lane, King's College School in Wimbledon, and other College property including the Hospital, laboratories in Hampstead and sports grounds, comprising assignments of lease, schedules of deeds and conveyances, 1678-1969.

King's College London, 1829-

PUBLICITY: King's College London printed material

  • K/PUB
  • Series
  • 1910-2014

King's College London general information booklets on the College, scholarships and prizes, College services such as catering, campus guides, Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives Guides, Directories of Experts at King's available for interview by the media, style guidelines for College publications, merger celebrations and Millennium festival programmes, 1913-2001.

King's College London, 1829-

REPORTS: King's College London printed material

  • K/RPT
  • Series
  • 1829-2014

King's College London Reports include incomplete Annual Reports from the College Council, 1836-1895 (a full set of early Reports for the 1840s are printed in the College Calendars), and Delegacy, 1914-1980, Annual Reports of Theological Department, 1917-1979, Statistical Bulletins, 1985-1993, Annual Accounts, 1976-1994, Departmental Annual Reports for Gerontology, 1987-1998, Medicine and Dentistry, 1984-1998, Medical Law and Ethics, 1987-1997, Life Sciences, 1991-1992, Psychiatry, 1997-1998, University of London Annual Reports and Reviews, 1970-1998, Student Services Annual Reports, 1987-2000, Library Services Annual Report, 1985-1997, and other merger, strategic development, research, subject area reviews and financial surveys, 1829-2014 

King's College London, 1829-

PUBLICATIONS: Queen Elizabeth College printed material

  • Q/PBN
  • Series
  • 1919-1986

Queen Elizabeth College publications include a variety of booklets and brochures advertising appeals, careers information for students, descriptions of the work of departments for prospective students, health and safety issues and the facilities of the College Library, and describing the history of the College, 1919-1986 (Ref: Q/PBN)

Queen Elizabeth College, 1953-1985

TAYLOR, Col George Francis (1903-1979)

  • Collection
  • 1942-1945

Papers relating to Taylor’s service as an SOE senior director, 1942-1945, including: correspondence, telegrams, reports and memoranda relating to Taylor’s tour of the Middle East and visit to South Africa as Director of Overseas Groups and Missions, Aug 1942 – Mar 1943; correspondence, notes and memoranda relating to a tour of India, Apr-Aug 1943; briefing notes on SOE operations in Yugoslavia, Greece and Albania, Oct-Dec 1943; two annotated maps of SOE missions in Greece and Yugoslavia, Oct 1943; correspondence, memoranda and other papers relating to SOE operations chiefly in East Asia and South East Asia, Sep 1943 – Dec 1944; correspondence, notes and memoranda relating to Taylor’s tour of India and South East Asia, Dec 1944 – Feb 1945; correspondence, memoranda and reports relating to SOE activities in East Asia and South East Asia, Feb-Oct 1945; telegrams relating to Taylor’s tour of the South West Pacific Area (SWPA), May – Jul 1945; biographical information about Taylor, including a privately printed account of his World War Two career by his son, Jeremy Taylor, 2014; a diagram of the staffing structure of the SOE directorates, 1943; copy papers relating to SOE operations, 1941-1944, in Yugoslavia and Bulgaria.

Taylor, George Francis, 1903-1979, Colonel, SOE senior director and banker

YUDKIN, Professor John (1910-1995)

  • K/PP36
  • Collection
  • [1954-1971]

Reference cards, [1954-1971], for all types of publications on nutrition, (giving the publication title, author, date and brief summary of content), and bibliographic reference cards for authors (giving name, publication title and date, and page references).

Yudkin, John, 1910-1995, Professor of Nutrition

YULE, William (b 1940)

  • IOP/PP7
  • Collection
  • 1964-2002

Papers of William Yule, 1964-2002, including: questionnaires, test instructions, notes, progress reports, conference papers and articles, 1964-1969, relating to a longitudinal educational and medical survey of schoolchildren on the Isle of Wight (selected as a relatively static but socially and economically cross-representative population: this was the first epidemiological survey of this size to cover child health and the impact of health on educational achievement); questionnaire, articles and notes relating to 1982-1983 study on the effect of lead on children's development, and assessments of the tests used; reports and correspondence, 1987-1990, relating to survivors of the 1987 HERALD OF FREE ENTERPRISE cross-channel ferry disaster; reports, correspondence, questionnaires and articles, 1988-1996, relating to survivors of the 1988 sinking of the educational cruise ship JUPITER off the coast of Greece, including two studies, 1989-1992 and 1994-1996, of survivors and their experience of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which established the previously debated capacity of adolescents to suffer from PTSD; notes, questionnaires and articles, 1992-1993, relating to a World Health Organisation study, 'Brain development in utero', in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, concerning the prenatal development of children born shortly after the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident; reports, 1993-2002, relating to the charitably-funded School for Life, assisting children with severe learning difficulties, Kiev, Ukraine; reports, correspondence and notes, 1995-1996, concerning the joint United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and Institute of Psychiatry project to provide psychosocial support to war-affected children, Bosnia.

Yule, William, b 1940, psychologist

LAMMERT, Capt Frank Edward Weatherstone (1903-1999)

  • Collection
  • 1943-1989

Papers of Captain Frank Edward Weatherstone Lammert on service in Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNVR) in Far East and Mediterranean, 1943-1964, including photocopies from The National Archives (formerly Public Record Office) (Ref PRO ADM 199) of Lammert's reports on his command of Netherlands East Indies motor patrol vessel P-10 and the events of his escape from Singapore to Australia, Feb-Mar 1942; magazine, The Sun Life War Front , 20 Mar 1943, including Lammert's account of his escape (see also PRO copy); certificates of mentions in dispatches, Jan 1944 and Feb 1945; three copies of The Navolteer , magazine of the Singapore Division, Malayan Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Vol. 1 Numbers 2-4, Dec 1956, June 1957 and Dec 1959; Vietnamese and Singaporean press cuttings relating to goodwill visit by HMS PANGLIMA, under Lammert's command, to the Vietnamese Navy at Saigon, Apr 1957; order of ceremony for unveiling of war memorial to Malayan RNVR, Singapore, Jul 1957; letters of congratulation, 1957-1958, on relinquishing post as Officer Commanding Singapore Division, Malayan RNVR, and on award of CBE; programme for ceremonial transfer of Malayan RNVR to the Federation of Malay, Sep 1963; correspondence re Lammert's transfer to RNR retired list, 1964, and 1994-1995; exchange of letters, 7 and 14 Feb 1989, concerning Lammert's war service , 1939-1945, and other Malayan RNVR personnel; copy correspondence, Nov 1994, re the placing of an annual in memoriam notice in the _Times and Telegraph _, for members of the Malayan RNVR who died serving in HMS LABURNUM; correspondence with Audrey Holmes McCormick, 1994 and 1996, re her research for proposed book on volunteer forces in the Far East, 1930s - 1940s including detailed 15pp letter from Lammert relating to his naval service and to his early life in Hong Kong and China (including a meeting, aged 4, with the Chinese Emperor); photocopy map of Malaysia and Sumatra, [1964]; photographs (uncaptioned), chiefly of Malayan RNVR official events. Also letter and notes to Lammert from his brother, Robert T Oswald Lammert (1902-1981), Jun 1979, describing his experiences as a Prisoner of War, in Changi POW Camp, Singapore, 1942-1945, with photocopies of drawings by Ronald Searle, done in Changi camp, and a Union Flag picked up by Robert Lammert on the march from central Singapore to Changi camp, 1942, which he occasionally surreptitiously hoisted in camp.

Lammert, Frank Edward Weatherstone, 1903-1999, RNVR Captain

LAW: King's College London faculty records

  • KFL
  • Collection
  • 1964-1993

The collection of the King's College London School of Law comprises correspondence, minutes and papers, 1964-1993; notably including correspondence relating to Defence Legal Studies at King's, 1966 (ref: KFL/FS1); correspondence relating to prizes, sponsorships and scholarships, 1966-1992 (ref: 1995/KFL); correspondence, minutes and papers relating to regulations, course content and schedules and the staff-student liaison committee, 1968-1985 (ref: KFL/FS1-5); general correspondence and accounts of The Human Rights Trust, 1968-1985 (ref: 1992/KFL); papers concerning the teaching of human rights in schools and especially Council of Europe recommendations on the subject, 1970-1986 (ref: 1992/KFL); correspondence concerning the Chair and Centre for European Law, 1972-1976 (ref: KFL/FS2); papers, proceedings and seminar materials on the rights of prisoners and the protection of religious liberty, 1975-1987 (ref: 1992/KFL); correspondence relating to European Economic Community grants directed towards the teaching of human rights, 1977-1981 (ref: 1992/KFL); academic staff files, 1964-1993 (ref: 1995/KFL/FPA).

King's College London School of Law

KORMIS, Fred I, (1897-1986)

  • K/PP26
  • Collection
  • 1975-1983

Papers and photographs, 1975-1983, concerning the placing of a memorial sculpture of victims of war on their way to work camps/concentration camps, called 'Marchers', by Fred I Kormis, at King's College London, in 1975, comprising brochure, 1975, of Fieldborne Galleries, London, containing 'Sculpture, Fred Kormis'; photograph of 'Marchers', [1975]; press cutting, 1975, detailing 'Marchers' acquisition and presentation to the Department of Philosophy, King's College London; correspondence, 1975, between Kormis and Professor Peter Winch, Department of Philosophy, King's College London, and other departments of King's College London, about the unveiling ceremony of the 'Marchers' plaque; correspondence between Professor Winch and Bernard Sternfield of Fieldborne Galleries, London, 1975, concerning photographs taken of 'Marchers'; list of invitees to the ceremony, 1975; article by Professor Winch about 'Marchers', for the College magazine 'Viewpoint', 1975; correspondence, 1979-1983, between Professor Winch and the Decorations and Amenities Committee, King's College London, about the conditions under which 'Marchers' was displayed and its possible relocation.

Kormis, Fred I, 1897-1986, sculptor

LAMBERT, Col Charles George (1928-2000)

  • Collection
  • 1970

Photographs relating to the handover of the British Medical Hospital, Tripoli, Libya, c 1970; photographs of an official visit by Ian Gilmour, Permanent Under Secretary of State for Defence, to the British Medical Hospital, Hannover, Germany, 1970; slides relating to Northern Ireland, 1977.

Lambert, Charles George, 1928-2000, Colonel

LIFE SCIENCES: King's College London faculty student records

  • Collection
  • 1962-1994

King's College London Life Sciences undergraduate files, 1980, 1990-1993 (Ref: K/SLS/FP), undergraduate withdrawals, 1987, 1989-1994 (Ref: K/SLS/FP(W)), postgraduate files (Ref: K/SLS/FPPG), examination results, 1990-1994 (Ref: K/SLS/ER), student record cards, 1962-1968 (Ref: K/SLS/FPC). Information contained in undergraduate files typically includes a photograph, enrolment form, UCCA form and notification of examination results. Withdrawals include the date of leaving or a form signifying permanent withdrawal from the College. Postgraduate files cover mainly MSc and PhD students and include an enrolment form, postgraduate reply form, application for admission, change of course forms, letter regarding award, title of thesis and examiner's reports in the case of PhD students, degree registration form, correspondence and Registry memoranda. Examination results include mid-sessional, replacement and summer examination results. Record cards include details of previous examinations, a photograph, date of entry, and some course and results information.

King's College London Faculty of Life Sciences

MACKINLAY, Lt Col John C G (b 1944)

  • Collection
  • 1968-2001

Papers relating to international peacekeeping and relief work, 1979-2000, chiefly by the United Nations, including: papers relating to Commonwealth ceasefire monitoring, Rhodesia [now Zimbabwe], 1979-1980; United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Handbook for Emergencies (Geneva, Switzerland, 1982); United Nations Standing Operating Procedures (SOPS), for United Nations missions in Cyprus, 1984, Iraq-Kuwait border, 1991, Cambodia, 1992, and Liberia, 1993; account of Joint Task Force PROVIDE COMFORT for humanitarian relief in Turkey to Kurdish refugees from Iraq, 1991; reports and information bulletins on peacekeeping and relief operations, former Yugoslavia, 1993-1994. United Nations Department of Peacekeeping publications, 1995-1997, including guidelines and handbooks for peacekeeping and policing procedures, and printed maps of disaster relief and peacekeeping operations areas, including Beirut, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. Also NATO peacekeeping guidelines, and United States Army and British Army Field Manuals relating to peacekeeping and general tactical doctrine 1977, 1985, 1993-1995.

Mackinlay, John, b 1944, Lieutenant Colonel

LUND, Lt Gen Sir Otto Marling (1891-1956)

  • LUND
  • Collection
  • 1914-1920

Bound ts diary of his service chiefly on the Western Front with the Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Field Artillery, 4 Aug 1914 – 25 Apr 1919.

Bound volume of items relating to his service as ADC to Gen Lord Rawlinson, Commander-in-Chief, British Military Mission to North Russia, Aug-Oct 1919, including: ts diary, 30 Jul – 14 Oct 1919; pasted-in samples of Russian banknotes and stamps; captioned photographs including Rawlinson, Col (William) Edmund Ironside and other British officers, Russian troops, Bolshevik prisoners, refugees, and views of the railway at Archangel and of the River Dvina (Severnaya Dvina).

Also loose items, including: US War Office printed briefing notes on North Russia, 1918; a War Office printed report, ‘Appreciation of the internal situation in Russia, April 1919’; a propaganda leaflet in English signed V Bourtzeff (Vladimir Burtsev), imploring Allied troops to aid Russia, Sep 1919; a nominal roll of officers in the British Mission to North Russia; ts notes, ‘Operations of the naval flotilla on the Dvina river, 1919’; ts text of a despatch by Rawlinson on Allied operations in North Russia, Aug-Oct 1919; sketch maps of Archangel; printed maps of Russia, some detailing Allied and Bolshevik positions, 1919; a printed report, ‘The evacuation of North Russia, 1919’ (HMSO, 1920).

Notes and papers relating to his military career, 1939-1940, written in [1939-1940], principally comprising: 'A record of visits to France and Belgium in May and June 1940 as DDMO', dated [1940]; written accounts of his work as Deputy Director of Military Operations, 1939, and his role in the British Military Mission to Turkey, May- Jun 1939, dated [1939-1940]; drafts of these three texts, heavily annotated by Daisy Allenby, wife of 2nd Viscount Allenby of Megiddo and of Felixstowe (then Mrs Daisy Neame), 1939-1940. Also: notes of anecdotes concerning Adolf Hitler, written by Lady Allenby in [1939-1940]; correspondence and papers concerning Sir Winston Churchill's 80th Birthday Presentation Fund, 1954, notably an account [by Lady Allenby] of a meeting with Churchill and his family on 29 Nov 1954, dated 1954.

Lund, Sir Otto Marling, 1891-1956, Knight, Lieutenant General

MCCREERY, Gen Sir Richard Loudon (1898-1967)

  • Collection
  • 1928-1960

Papers of Gen Sir Richard McCreery, 1928-1960; including notes relating to Staff College, 1928-1929; edition of The Cologne Post and Wiesbaden Times, 3 Nov 1929, relating to the final evacuation of British Forces from the Rhine; map of Aisne battlefield, 1914; notes relating to 12 Royal Lancers training exercises, chiefly on Salisbury Plain, 1937-1938; detailed narrative of 2 Armoured Brigade operations, France, May-Jun 1940, with brief diary of events, and official photograph with original caption, 'A conference at HQ during operations on the Somme Front'; map for 5 Corps training exercise, Salisbury Plain, Dec 1940; official correspondence as Commander, 8 Armoured Div, Home Forces, Dec 1940-Oct 1941, discussing topics including unit inspections, accommodation, recruitment and appointments; report on 'The supply of mobile forces by air', c 1942, regarding supply in the Western Desert; letter from Maj Gen Gerald Templer, Cdr 56 Div, Italy, 18 Mar 1944, commenting on recent operations; messages to all ranks as Commander, 8 Army, Italy, 12 October 1944-26 April 1945; pamphlet, Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, 1945, relating to the development of the Corps, 1940-1945; notes on the Tunisian campaign and notebook containing brief notes on operations in Italy and Austria, 1944-1946, possibly compiled retrospectively as lecture notes; detailed itinerary for British Troops in Austria battlefield tour of Italy, 5-11 May 1946; letter from V Adm Louis Mountbatten, South East Asia Command HQ, 8 Aug 1946, asking for any available polo ponies to be sold to the Malta Polo Club; booklet sent as Christmas card, 1946, with illustrations of Russian Army personnel; publications British Army of the Rhine battlefield tour: first day. 8 Corps operations east of Caen, 18-21 July 1944 (Operation GOODWOOD) (BAOR, Jun 1947) and British Army of the Rhine battlefield tour: fourth day. 43 (W) Division assault crossing of the River Seine, 25-28 August 1944 (BAOR, Jun 1947); brief notes relating to British Army of the Rhine organisation and administration, [1947]; letter from Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury, 16 Dec 1947, relating a recent conversation with Emmanuel Shinwell, Minister of Defence, concerning the role of Christian teaching in Army education, particularly with regard to National Servicemen in Germany; routine official correspondence as Colonel Commandant, Royal Armoured Corps, 1947-1957; memorandum from FM Sir Bernard Law Montgomery as Chief of Imperial General Staff, 29 May 1948, relating to deployment of tanks by Royal Armoured Corps; notes on 'The Reserve Army, 1946-1949', by Brooke Claxton, Minister of National Defence, 1949; letter from Lynch Maydon, the Conservative MP for Wells, 7 Nov 1956, responding to the latter's criticism of the invasion of the Suez Canal Zone; correspondence, May-June 1957, relating to proposed mergers of army regiments; papers, chiefly training notes, relating to the Royal Armoured Corps, 1960.

McCreery, Sir Richard Loudon, 1898-1967, General

MCNEILL, Maj Gen John Malcolm (1909-1996)

  • Collection
  • 1942-1946

Papers relating to McNeill's career, 1942-1946, notably on Army-Air collaboration, 1942-1945, including typescript 'Eighth Army training memorandum No 1' by Lt Gen Bernard Law Montgomery, General Officer Commanding 8 Army, Middle East Forces [1942]; typescript memorandum by McNeill 'Recommendations for reorganisation of AASC (Army-Air Support Control)',1942; printed 'Middle East training pamphlet No 3B (Army and RAF). Direct air support', issued by General Headquarters, Middle East Forces and Headquarters, RAF, Middle East, 1943; typescript war diary of Detachment A, Air Support Control, 5 Corps, Italy, Mar-Jun 1944; typescript report produced by Headquarters 21 Army Group, British Liberation Army, North West Europe, entitled 'Notes on airsupport, June-October 1944', Nov 1944; typescript notes by McNeill entitled 'Offensive air support in the Burma campaign, 1944-1945'; two typescript draft chapters for a projected book entitled 'Air support in North Africa, Pantellaria, and Sicily, 1942-1943' and 'Air support in the Italian campaign, 1943-1945' [1946]; typescript account by Roy Smith entitled 'Air support in the desert: an account of the use of air forces in support of the Army from the Gazala battles in 1942 to the end in Tunisia', 1988.

McNeill, John Malcolm, 1909-1996, Major General

MATHEMATICS: King's College London departmental records

  • KDM
  • Collection
  • 1969-1990

The records of the Department of Mathematics at King's College London include minutes, correspondence and papers, 1969-1990; notably minutes of departmental meetings, 1972-1984 (ref: 1996/KDM/F2); correspondence relating to the strategic planning of the department, arrangement of teaching, examinations and finance, 1985-1989 (ref: 1995/KDM); correspondence, mainly between Brian Davies, Professor of Mathematics, King's College London, and staff of other university departments of mathematics in the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe, concerning publications and copyright, symposia and conferences, with some material concerning personnel including sabbaticals and lecture invitations and a small quantity of material describing mathematical problems, 1969-1990 (ref: 1997/KDM); papers relating to the Chair of Mathematics, 1983-1989 (ref: 1996/KDM/F1); typescript draft of part of an edition of the works of Alan Turing, fellow of King's College Cambridge and cryptographer, 1990 (ref: 1995/KDM).

King's College London Department of Mathematics

LOVE, Col Stephen (1931-1999)

  • LOVE, S
  • Collection
  • 1979-1983

Papers of Col Stephen Love on his military service, 1979-1983; principally comprising papers (3 files) on his service as Defence Attaché, British Embassy, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1979-1982; including details of organisation and deployment of Argentine army and air force; lists of senior army and air force officers; copies of Love's official correspondence on the threat of invasion of the Falkland Islands, Mar-Apr 1982; copy of Love's evidence to the Falklands Islands Review Committee, chaired by Oliver Shewell Franks, Baron Franks, Oct 1982; copies of English and Spanish language newspapers on the Falkland War, Mar-Apr 1982; file of correspondence and album of album of photographs on his work as Project Director of the 'Falklands Pilgrimage' by relatives of British casualties, 1983.

Love, Stephen, 1931-1999, Colonel

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