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STEVENI, Colonel Leo (1893-1972)

  • Collection
  • 1963

Unpublished typescript memoirs, 1893-1969, including: accounts of life in the British colony in St Petersburg before World War One; work in the British Military Mission at the Russian War Office; events witnessed during the Russian Revolution and conditions for the Russian Army during the Revolution, 1917-1918; evacuation of British personnel from Russia, February 1918; negotiating with Finnish Red and White commanders while travelling through Finland during the Civil War; liaising with Admiral Aleksandr Vasiliyevich Kolchak and the White armies in Harbin, China, 1918; liaising with General Mikhail Konstantinovich Dieterichs, Czechoslovak Legions, and a special mission to Ataman Grigory Mikhaylovich Semyonov (or Semenov) in Chita, Transbaikalia, November 1918; activities as General Sir Harry Knox's liaison officer at the White Army Headquarters in Omsk, November 1918 - November 1919; the retreat from Omsk to Vladivostock following the success of the Bolshevik army, November 1919 - March 1920; stationing in Gibraltar and Egypt, 1921-1922; life and work in Simla, Waziristan and Kamptee, India, 1922-1928; work as an intelligence officer, Meshed, Persia (Iran), 1928-1931; life and work in Bombay, Ajmer, Jhansi, Alwar and Delhi, India, 1932-1935, including description of rioting under the Maharajah of Alwar; experiences working in India, China and Egypt during World War Two, including visit to Palestine; account of working in the post-war timber trade and as a consultant in the Russian Section of the London Chamber of Commerce. Also article 'Anglo-Russian Timber Trade: Personal Reminiscences and Reflections of Col L Steveni', The Timber Trades Journal , 11 March 1961, and article by Richard J Aldrich, University of Nottingham, from Modern Asian Studies 32, 1 (1998), pp. 179-217, entitled "Britain's Secret Intelligence Service in Asia during the Second World War" including analysis of Steveni's role as Director of British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) in Asia.

Steveni, Leo, 1893-1972, Colonel

STEVENS, Brig Gen George Archibald (1875-1951)

  • Collection
  • 1914-1918

Comprising a single volume of typescript letters by George Archibald Stevens to his parents from the Western Front, Nov 1914 - Nov 1918; notably including accounts of Second Battle of Ypres, Apr-May 1915, and Battle of the Somme, Jul-Nov 1916; photographs of Stevens, a group photograph of fellow officers, family, billet, bombed countryside and one unidentified aerial photograph; mostly uncaptioned.

Stephens, George Archibald, 1875-1951, Brigadier General

STEVENSON, Col Robert Colin Russell (1896-1983)

  • Collection
  • 1913-1958

Papers and photographs, 1913-1958, including fourteen panoramic photographs produced by Survey Company, Royal Engineers, Salonika Force, labelled to show topographical details, Feb 1917; 'Salonika fire', 18-19 Aug 1917, a series of 24 official photographs of the city, taken by Survey Company, Royal Engineers and Royal Flying Corps; two photographs, one of a uniformed group including Stevenson, [1946], and the other of an unidentified painting showing construction work on an airfield [1940]. Papers relating to the evacuation of Royal Engineers establishments in Beit-Nabala and Haifa, Palestine, 1948. Editions of Notes on building materials and their uses (School of Military Engineering, Chatham, 1913); 'RMA (Royal Military Academy) Magazine', Vol XV, No 58, Nov 1914.

Stevenson, Robert Colin Russell, 1896-1983, Colonel

STEVENSON-HAMILTON, Lt Col Vivian Edgar Olmar (1907-1986)

  • Collection
  • [1941]

Papers relating to his service in the Indian Army, dated [1941], 1942, [1944], 1947, 1962-1964, 1970, 1973, 1984, principally comprising photographs of convoys at Sarwekai on the route between Mangai and Wana, South Wazaristan, India, [1941]; operation instructions for 50 Parachute Bde exercise in Tughlakabad area, India, Mar 1942; 'Some notes on Gurkhas', typescript text by Stevenson-Hamilton, 1943; typescript account of the service of 4 Prince of Wales's Own Gurkha Rifles, India, 1943-1944, written by Stevenson-Hamilton in [1944]; typescript account of the service of 2 Bn, 4 Prince of Wales' Own Gurkha Rifles, Italy, 1944, written by [Stevenson-Hamilton] in [1944]; unsigned official notes on a tour of Arakan by 98 Indian Infantry Bde, Burma, 1944; 71 Indian Infantry Bde instructions for operations in Maungdaw, Burma, Apr 1944; typescript text on Gurkha operations in Wazaristan and the Punjab, India, 1947, and on the proposed transfer of Gurkha regiments to the British Army, 1947; notebook containing notes on misdemeanours and crimes committed by soldiers at Garlochhead Training Camp, Helensburgh, 1962-1964.

Hamilton, Vivian Edgar Olmar Stevenson-, 1907-1986, Lieutenant Colonel

STOCKWELL, Gen Sir Hugh Charles (1903-1986)

  • Collection
  • 1923-1987

Papers relating to early career including memoirs covering 1903-1935 and Army Record of Service, 1923-1952; campaign in Norway, World War Two, including War Diary, May 1940, operational orders and diary covering preparation of 2 Independent Company for service in Norway; papers including lecture notes and schedules for courses at Special Training Centre, Inverailort Castle, Loch Ailort, 1940-1941; Madagascar, 1942-1943, including photograph album on service with 2 Company Royal Welch Fusiliers and order of battle for Battle of Majunga, Sep 1942; Burma, 1943-1945, including memoir and photograph album, 29 Brigade, 36 Division, official reports and printed histories including the Arakan campaign; Palestine, 1947-1948 including Operation BROADSIDE, 1946, reports and correspondence; transfer of 6 Airborne Division to British Army of the Rhine, 1947-1948; Malaya, including operational papers, photographs and texts of speeches; Suez Crisis, 1956, including reports, maps, photographs and correspondence; Deputy Supreme Allied Commander, 1960-1964 including photographs; and miscellaneous papers relating to postwar career, including memorial address, 1987.

Stockwell, Sir Hugh Charles, 1903-1986, Knight, General

STONE, Brig John Southam Wycherley (1895-1983)

  • Collection
  • 1939-1983

Copies of papers relating to Stone's career, 1939-1982, including typescript account entitled 'Duck shooting in the upper Jordan valley, 1938-1939', a shoot organised by Maj Gen Bernard Law Montgomery, General Officer Commanding 8 Div, northern Palestine, 1939; typescript extracts from letters by Stone to his wife whilst serving in Palestine, 1938, and extracts from letters to his wife whilst serving as Chief Engineer, Berlin, Germany, 1945-1946; letter from Lt Col Desmond Harrison, Royal Engineers, dated 26 Jun 1940, relating to the campaign in France and the evacuation of the BEF (British Expeditionary Force) from Dunkirk, 26 May-Jun 1940; typescript 'Chief Engineer's diary', 16 Apr 1942-5 Nov 1945, with an account by an unknown English woman who spent the war in Germany, entitled 'Notes on Berlin in April 1945'; typescript account by Stone of the Normandy invasion and advance of 2 Army to the Netherlands, Jul-Oct 1944; typescript extracts from letters by Stone to his wife, Greece, Feb-Oct 1946, and letters from Mount Zion College, Jerusalem, Palestine, Jul 1946; typescript autobiography, 1895-1950; typescript notes on Atomic Research Centre, Aldermaston, Berkshire, 1950-1958; printed booklet in French and English entitled Keep in mind. La Batisse aux Anglais (1977) by Philippe Bauduin, with related correspondence, 1976; typescript draft obituary, 1983.

Stone, John Southam Wycherley, 1895-1983, Brigadier

STRANG, Gunner Peter (1888-1953)

  • Collection
  • 1916-1918

Photographs collected by Gunner Peter Strang during tour of India, 1916-1918. Images include portrait photograph of soldier in uniform, possibly Strang; views of the Club, Military Accounts Office and Soldiers Home in Rawalpindi; views of camps, forts and bridges including Camp Subhan Khwar, North West Frontier Province, Peshawar Fort, Gamrood (Jamrud) Fort, Shab Khadar Fort and Attock Bridge; views of Murree town and the Murree Hills including Bagnotar village and camp; views of the Baljee Hills and a group photograph of a unit at Baljee; view of a village destroyed for harbouring snipers; four photographs showing a mill on the Kabul River shelled where a band of Afridi raiders had taken cover, including photograph of one of the men killed; photograph labelled 'at the larder' showing the heads of ten deer lined up outside a building; scenes of village life including ploughing, a barber at work, shoeing cattle, making pots, buffalo loaded with cotton, construction workers sawing beams and making bricks, an ox turning a water wheel, elephants pulling heavy equipment, and a baggage camel convoy; Tibetan methods for disposal of the dead including feeding to dogs and birds, skinning and exposing in remote areas; equipment including a 2.75 inch mountain gun; and Mountain Battery Royal Garrison Artillery mules pictured with their loads, including pioneer mule, wheel and axle mule, ammunition mule, trail mule, carriage mule, cradle mule, breech mule, chase mule, 1 ammunition mule and 2 ammunition mule. Also cutting of pictures from article entitled 'Our "Far-Flung Battle Line": Breaking up Indian Frontier Raids' showing convoys of troops moving through the Shahur Tangi Valley.

Strang, Peter, 1888-1953, Gunner

STREET, Maj Gen Vivian Wakefield (1912-1970)

  • Collection
  • 1932-1960

Typescript transcripts of letters home from Street, 1932, May-Sep 1938 and 1941-1944, including accounts of Allied evacuation from Greece, 1941, and Street's escape from an Italian submarine as a POW, 1943. Two narrative diaries relating to service in Palestine, Aug-Oct 1939, and Kenya, Jun-Dec 1940. Volume entitled 'Long ago and far away', typescript memoir by Annette Street, widow of Maj Gen Vivian Wakefield Street, foreword by Sir Fitzroy Hew Maclean, 1st Bt, with seven photographs, 1938-1945. Sixty one photographs relating to Street's career, 1938-1960, including rebellion in Palestine, 1938-1939, and Middle East, 1940-1943. Edition of Blackwood's Magazine, Mar 1947, with article by Street entitled 'Some men have nine lives', an account of the escape from the Italian submarine, 1943. Printed programme of official visit to Aden by Julian Amery MP, Under Secretary of State for War, and Gen Sir Geoffrey Kemp Bourne, Commander-in-Chief, Middle East Land Forces, Sep-Oct 1957, with typescript itineraries of visit and four photographs. Comments on named individuals, Jordan, 1961 [CLOSED]. Newspaper cuttings and related papers on the award of the MC to Street, Palestine, 1938, the evacuation from Greece, 1941, and the escape from the Italian submarine, 1943.

Street, Vivian Wakefield, 1912-1970, Major General

STUART, Maj Gen Sir Andrew Mitchell (1861-1936)

  • Collection
  • [1885]-1887

Papers relating to his life and career, 1884-1919, dated [1885]-1887, [1902]-1903, 1914-1919, 1932-1935, principally comprising letters to his family describing his service with No 4 Section Telegraph Bn, Royal Engineers, Sudan, 1885-1887; diary, May-Jun [1885], including details of inspections of telegraph line between Halfa and Aswan; note on maintenance and operation of telegraph lines, Sudan and Egypt, 1884-1887, dated [1934-1935]; 'Reminiscences of the Nile Expedition, 1884-1885 and after', typescript text by Col A H Bagnold, 1935; appointment diaries and notebooks kept by Stuart as Director of Works, British Armies in France, 1914-1919; 'Some private recollections of a base wallah, 1914-1919', bound carbon copy of typescript by Col C[harles] L[ouis] Spencer, 1933, describing his service in Lines of Communication bases in Northern France, 1914-1919.

Stuart, Sir Andrew Mitchell, 1861-1936, Major General


  • Collection
  • 1956

Transcripts of interviews relating to political, diplomatic and military aspects of the Suez Crisis of 1956, with Rt Hon Julian Amery, Baron Amery of Lustleigh; Sir Harold Beeley; Sir Frederick Arthur Bishop; Rt Hon Sir Frank Cooper; Sir Patrick Henry Dean; Sir (Arthur) Douglas Dodds-Parker; Sir William Goodenough Hayter; Rt Hon Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home, Baron Home of the Hirsel; Brig Kenneth Hunt; Rt Hon Douglas Patrick Thomas Jay, Baron Jay of Battersea; Gen Sir Frank Douglas King; Sir Donald Arthur Logan; Roger Mellor Makins, 1st Baron Sherfield; Sir Guy Elwin Millard; Sir David Bruce Pitblado; Sir Richard Royle Powell; (George Frank) Norman Reddaway; Sir (D'Arcy) Patrick Reilly; Sir Archibald David Manisty Ross; Sir (Charles Arthur) Evelyn Shuckburgh; Sir Denis Arthur Hepworth Wright. Copies of the Protocol of Sèvres, 24 Oct 1956, recording the agreements reached between the governments of Great Britain, France and Israel during discussions held in France, 22-24 Oct 1956, on a joint politico-military response to Egypt's nationalisation of the Suez Canal.

Institute of Contemporary British History


  • Collection
  • 1957

Audio recording of the Suez Seminar, held at King's College London, 5 Nov 1996, including three personal accounts of aspects of the Suez campaign, by Maj Gen Denis Arthur Beckett, 2nd in Command, 3 Bn, Parachute Regt in airborne landings, 5 Nov 1956, Maj Gen Nicholas Francis Vaux, 2nd Lt, 45 Commando Royal Marines, 3 Commando Bde, in helicopter-borne amphibious assault, 6 Nov 1956, and Dr Henry Cowper, lecturer in history, Napier University, Edinburgh, who served as a Corporal (on National Service), 1 Bn, The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment), 19 Infantry Bde in Port Said, Egypt, 14 Nov-22 Dec 1956, with subsequent questions from the audience. Also photocopies of articles relating to Suez, 1956, including detailed account relating to 1 Bn, The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment), Port Said, Egypt, 1956, from The Thistle, May 1957; 'Anglo-French operations against Port Said, 1956 (Operation MUSKETEER)' by Brig Cyril Nelson Barclay, from the Army Quarterly, 1957; 'Operation MUSKETEER' by Capt Cyril Bentham Falls, from Brassey's Annual, 1957; printed 'Chronology of the Suez crisis, 1956', source unknown [1957].

SULLIVAN, Lt Col Arthur Joseph (1899-1981)

  • Collection
  • [1962-1970]

Typescript text on 'The birth of the Intelligence Corps', BEF, 1939-1940, written in [1962-1970].

Sullivan, Arthur Joseph, 1899-1981, Lieutenant Colonel

SUTTON, Wg Cdr John Frank (1913-1995)

  • Collection
  • 1943-1944

Photographs relating to bomb-aiming, 1943-1944, taken by Sutton during raids on North West Europe.

Sutton, John Frank, 1913-1995, Wing Commander

SWINTON, Maj Gen Sir Ernest (1868-1951)

  • Collection
  • 1916-1941

Papers and correspondence relating to Swinton's libel action brought against Herbert George (H G) Wells on the origin of the tank, 1941, including letters to Swinton from R Adm Sir Murray Fraser Sueter, H G Wells, B A Levinson and Sir Richard (Roy) Maconachie, 1940-1941. Typescript letter from Col Sir Maurice Paschal Alers Hankey, Secretary of the Committee of Imperial Defence, dated 5 May 1932, on the manuscript of Swinton's book Eyewitness. Being personal reminiscences of certain phases of the Great War, including the genesis of the tank (Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1932). Two scrapbooks containing cuttings, photographs and memorabilia, 1915-1970, mostly relating to Swinton's military career. Edition of The supply of munitions. Part III. Tanks [1920], Royal Commission on awards to inventors. First Report (HMSO, London, 1921), The defence of Duffer's Drift by Swinton, (George Ronald, Oxford, 1949), and War commentary. Broadcasts delivered between October, 1939 and March, 1940 (Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1940).

Swinton, Sir Ernest Dunlop, 1868-1951, Major General

SYM, Col John Munro (1907-1980)

  • SYM
  • Collection
  • [1944]

Typescript and manuscript versions of memoir covering his service with 2 Seaforth Highlanders in North Africa, 1942-1943, including the second Battle of El Alamein, 23 Oct-4 Nov 1942, and Sicily and Italy, 1943-1944, notably action around Francofonte, Sicily, Jul 1943, written in [1944]. Copy of 'The prisoners of the Vatican: the war-time life of the Diplomatic Corps', anonymous article from Catholic journal The Tablet, Apr 8 1944.

Sym, John Munro, 1907-1980, Colonel


  • Collection
  • 1986-1988

Two volumes entitled A battle to be remembered. Oral history extracts of war-time Singapore, edited by Tan Beng Luan, Project Co-ordinator, Oral History Department (Oral History Department, Singapore, 1988), and Syonan: Singapore under the Japanese. A catalogue of oral history interviews (Oral History Department, Singapore, 1986). Two audio cassette tapes entitled The fall of Singapore 1942-45, and Mopping up operation, Singapore 1942-45, produced by the Oral History Department, Singapore, 1986, including extracts from interviews with Singaporean civilians Dr Yeoh Seang Aun, Heng Chiang Ki, Lee Kip Lin, Dr Tan Ban Cheng, Tan Cheng Hwee, Soh Guan Bee, and Chan Cheng Yan, former Ordnance Artificer Reginald Horace Jefferies, RN, HMS REPULSE, Dec 1941, former Bombardier Stanley Warren, Royal Artillery, attached to 2 Bn, 2 King Edward VII's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles), 1942, and Cleaver Rowell Eber, who served with D Company, 1 Bn, Straits Settlements Volunteer Forces, 1942.

Oral History Department, Government of the Republic of Singapore.

TALBOT, Maj Gen Dennis Edmund Blaquière (1908-1994)

  • Collection
  • 1929-1992

Papers, maps, publications, photographs and newspaper cuttings relating to Maj Gen Dennis Edmund Blaquière Talbot's life and career, 1929-1992, Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regt, India, 1929-1930. Papers relating to Talbot's service as Bde Maj, 30 Infantry Bde, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), France, Apr-Jun 1940, the defence and fall of Calais, and Talbot's escape from German captivity and return to the UK, 1940, including five printed maps of France and Belgium, 1937-1942; photograph of HMS VESPER, the destroyer that picked up the escape party, 17 Jun 1940; typescript report for MI9, War Office, by Talbot, Capt Edgar Alexander Wilmot Williams, 2 Bn, 60 Rifles, and Lt W Millett, Royal Corps of Signals and Bde signal Officer, 30 Infantry Bde, entitled 'Report compiled by three officers of the 30th Infantry Brigade who were captured at Calais on the evening of the 26th May 1940, escaped on the 30th May and finally arrived in England on the night of 17th June 1940', dated 22 Jun 1940 manuscript text of lecture by Talbot on the defence of Calais, 1940, with two large wall charts, sketch maps of the campaign in France, 1940, and of the defence of Calais, May-Jun 1940; correspondence, dated 1940-1941, with relatives of men captured or killed at Calais, 1940, including typescript list of killed, wounded, missing and captured, 1 Bn, The Rifle Brigade, 1940; three editions of The defence of Calais by Eric Robert Russell Linklater (HMSO, London, 1941); typescript letter, dated 13 Jul 1971, to Talbot from Airey Middleton Sheffield Neave MP requesting information and recollections on the defence of Calais in 1940 to be used in a book later published as The flames of Calais: a soldier's battle (Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1972).

Papers relating to Talbot's service in the North West Europe campaign, 1944-1945, including typescript copies of monthly War Diary, 7 Bn, Hampshire Regt, Jun 1944-May 1945, with typescript citations for gallantry awards, 1944-1945; typescript account '7th Bn The Hampshire Regiment in the North West European campaign during the period 13th July 1944 to 17th June 1945', with list of honours and awards and order of battle, 43 (Wessex) Div, 1945; five photographs, 1944-1945, notably officers of 7 Bn, Hampshire Regt, 1944, and victory parade, Bremerhaven, Germany, 1945; edition of The story of the 5th Battalion The Dorsetshire Regiment in North West Europe, 23rd June, 1944 to 5th May, 1945 by Maj G R Hartwell, Maj G R Pack and Maj M A Edwards (Henry Ling, Dorchester, Dorset, [1946]); correspondence relating to the North West Europe campaign, 1944-1945, mostly with veterans of 7 Bn, Hampshire Regt, 1951-1959 and 1983-1991.

Talbot's course notes, RN Staff College, Greenwich, 1946; copies of Talbot's confidential annual reports, 1946-1955. Typescript text of radio broadcast by FM Sir William Joseph Slim entitled 'Our Army', 2 Nov 1952. Papers relating to the Malayan Emergency, 1949-1955, including printed leaflet entitled 'Security hints', Malaya, 1952; typescript 'Appreciation of the situation in Malaya' by Lt Gen Sir Hugh Charles Stockwell, General Officer Commanding Malaya, 15 Oct 1953; Flying Log Book, Malaya, Oct 1953-Oct 1955, with group photograph of 1911 Light Liaison Flight RAF, Royal Naval Air Station Sembawang, Singapore, Aug 1955; twenty seven uncaptioned photographs relating to Talbot's service in Malaya, 1953-1955; eight printed maps of Malaya, 1953-1955; typescript copy of memorandum by Lt Col John Hamilton Allford, 2 Bn, 7 Duke of Edinburgh's Own Gurkha Rifles, entitled 'The location and attack on CT (Communist Terrorist) camps and cultivations in jungle', Jan 1954; typescript report entitled 'Malaya Command. Demonstration of field defences in atomic warfare', Dec 1954; typescript Operational Instructions, Malaya, 1954-1955, including Operation MOHICAN, Nov 1953-Mar 1954, and Operation LATIMER NORTH, South Pahang, Malaya, Sep 1954-Apr 1955; typescript copy of translated statement by Ng Heng, Representative of the Supreme Command Headquarters of the Malayan Racial Liberation Army, on negotiating a settlement to the Malayan Emergency, 1 May 1955; typescript memorandum by Talbot, commanding 99 Gurkha Infantry Bde, entitled 'Psychological warfare', May 1955; typescript 'Handing over notes' from Talbot to Brig Edward Philip Townsend on relinquishing command of 99 Gurkha Infantry Bde, Jun 1955, with related correspondence, May-Sep 1955; typescript situation reports from Maj John Eric Heelis, Headquarters, 99 Gurkha Infantry Bde, Malaya, Oct 1955-Oct 1956;.

Also, printed leaflet 'Edward VIII. His Coronation route', 1936; printed leaflet 'Code of battle signals' [1940]; three printed pamphlets entitled Notes from France,, Nos 1-3 (War Office, London, Jan 1940); printed pamphlet entitled Summary of events. Flanders campaign, 10th May-3rd June 1940 (War Office, London, Jul 1940); edition of The Regimental Officer's Handbook of the German Army (War Office, London, Aug 1943); edition of The history of the Hampshire Regiment (37th and 67th Foot) (Gale and Polden, Aldershot, Hampshire, 1944).

Talbot, Dennis Edmund Blaquière, 1908-1994, Major General

TAYLOR, Col George Francis (1903-1979)

  • Collection
  • 1942-1945

Papers relating to Taylor’s service as an SOE senior director, 1942-1945, including: correspondence, telegrams, reports and memoranda relating to Taylor’s tour of the Middle East and visit to South Africa as Director of Overseas Groups and Missions, Aug 1942 – Mar 1943; correspondence, notes and memoranda relating to a tour of India, Apr-Aug 1943; briefing notes on SOE operations in Yugoslavia, Greece and Albania, Oct-Dec 1943; two annotated maps of SOE missions in Greece and Yugoslavia, Oct 1943; correspondence, memoranda and other papers relating to SOE operations chiefly in East Asia and South East Asia, Sep 1943 – Dec 1944; correspondence, notes and memoranda relating to Taylor’s tour of India and South East Asia, Dec 1944 – Feb 1945; correspondence, memoranda and reports relating to SOE activities in East Asia and South East Asia, Feb-Oct 1945; telegrams relating to Taylor’s tour of the South West Pacific Area (SWPA), May – Jul 1945; biographical information about Taylor, including a privately printed account of his World War Two career by his son, Jeremy Taylor, 2014; a diagram of the staffing structure of the SOE directorates, 1943; copy papers relating to SOE operations, 1941-1944, in Yugoslavia and Bulgaria.

Taylor, George Francis, 1903-1979, Colonel, SOE senior director and banker

TAYLOR, Lt Garth Smithies (1896-1916)

  • Collection
  • 1914-1917

Garth Smithies Taylor, 1896-1916', written by his sister Dorothea Taylor in 1971, and principally comprising copies of original documents, 1914-1917 and 1959, mainly letters to his family, 1914-1916, and extracts from his diary, 1914-1916, relating particularly to his service near Ypres, 1916, and in the Battle of the Somme, 1916.

Taylor, Garth Smithies, 1896-1916, Army Lieutenant

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