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Certificates of attendance, 1830, for Robert Wells

Papers of Robert Wells including Guy's Hospital certificate of attendance at the practice of surgery as a pupil in this hospital and St Thomas's, 29 Sep 1830, attendance at courses in anatomy and operations, 20 Jan 1830, attended dissections and made preparations as a dissection pupil, 30 Jan 1830. (certificate pasted to linen backing, torn).

Printed illustrations, [1814-1830], of buildings with medical connections

Prints depicting other medical related buildings including The College of Surgeons, Dublin, W H Bartlett and W Woolnoth, [1830]; New College of Physicians, Pall Mall East, drawn by Thos H Shepherd, engraved by Thomas Barber, published, 26 Apr 1828; The Royal College of Surgeons, Lincolns Inn Fields, drawn by Thos H Shepherd, engraved by William Deeble, published, 9 Feb 1828; The Surgeons' New Theatre, Lincolns Inn Fields, drawn by Wichello, engraved by Busby, published 1814.

Minutes and related papers, 1830-1831, of the Pupil's Physical Society of Guy's Hospital

Minutes of the Pupil's Physical Society of Guy's Hospital, Oct1830- Feb 1831, recording the establishment of the society, and proceedings of the meetings. Also contains copies of papers presented to meetings, including 'Cases of hernia', H M Hughes; 'Cases of wounded lung', Westall; 'Effects of lead in the system', C Gaselee; 'Erysipelas', George Morley; 'Puerperal fever', H Burnard; 'Cases of delerium tremens', Henry Collett; 'Delerium tremens', Alexander Tweedie; 'Dropsy', Thomas King; 'Gonorrhoea', John Bopy; 'Enteritis', PW Swain; 'Tetanus', T I Sells; 'Case of supposed biliary calculi', W Hardy; 'Aneurism', E Bedford; 'Hernia', Thomas Nunnely; 'Jaundice', F T Fagg; 'Colic', P H Dicker; 'Peritonitis resulting from ulceration of intestine and effusion into the peritoneal cavity', George A F Wilks; 'Delerium tremens', E W Richard; and 'Cholera', Blair.Also includes its list of members and society regulations, and index to meetings of each session, 1830-1831, 1831-1832. 1 volume

Register of entry, 1823-1832, for pupils at Guy's Hospital

Guy's Hospital general entry of pupils 1823-1832': manuscript volume containing lists of name of pupils, where educated, date of entry and number, amount paid for course taken. Also contains summary accounts of cash received by the steward from [Richard] Stocker, 1823; Dr Blundell, 1827; Sir Astley Cooper, 1823; Dr [James] Blundell, 1823-1827; and J H Green, 1824; a list of dressers, names of surgeons and amount paid for 1831; a list of attendees at Mr Coleman's lectures, 1826; list of attendees of Mr Bransby Cooper's class for demonstrations, [1823-1832]; Professor Coleman's lectures, [1823-1832], and list of courses and length of study required by the Surgeon's College and the Apothecary's Hall.

Papers, 1824-1833, of Andrew Wright Maitland, student at Guy's Hospital

Manuscript notebook of Andrew Wright Maitland, student at Guy's Hospital, 1824, containing notes on medical cases, as well as notes made on voyage from London to Mauritius and Ceylon, aboard the _Hector._Also includes Maitland's admission cards for the Pupil's Physical Society, 1832-1833; lectures in theory and practice of medicine by Richard Bright, Oct 1827; Surgical operations and practice at Guy's and St Thomas, Apr 1929; and section of book cover inscribed 'Andrew Wright Maitland entered Guy's Hospital Mar 5th and was articled to Mr Stocker the following day Mar 6, 1824.'

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