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YULE, William (b 1940)

  • IOP/PP7
  • Collection
  • 1964-2002

Papers of William Yule, 1964-2002, including: questionnaires, test instructions, notes, progress reports, conference papers and articles, 1964-1969, relating to a longitudinal educational and medical survey of schoolchildren on the Isle of Wight (selected as a relatively static but socially and economically cross-representative population: this was the first epidemiological survey of this size to cover child health and the impact of health on educational achievement); questionnaire, articles and notes relating to 1982-1983 study on the effect of lead on children's development, and assessments of the tests used; reports and correspondence, 1987-1990, relating to survivors of the 1987 HERALD OF FREE ENTERPRISE cross-channel ferry disaster; reports, correspondence, questionnaires and articles, 1988-1996, relating to survivors of the 1988 sinking of the educational cruise ship JUPITER off the coast of Greece, including two studies, 1989-1992 and 1994-1996, of survivors and their experience of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which established the previously debated capacity of adolescents to suffer from PTSD; notes, questionnaires and articles, 1992-1993, relating to a World Health Organisation study, 'Brain development in utero', in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, concerning the prenatal development of children born shortly after the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident; reports, 1993-2002, relating to the charitably-funded School for Life, assisting children with severe learning difficulties, Kiev, Ukraine; reports, correspondence and notes, 1995-1996, concerning the joint United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and Institute of Psychiatry project to provide psychosocial support to war-affected children, Bosnia.

Yule, William, b 1940, psychologist

YUDKIN, Professor John (1910-1995)

  • K/PP36
  • Collection
  • [1954-1971]

Reference cards, [1954-1971], for all types of publications on nutrition, (giving the publication title, author, date and brief summary of content), and bibliographic reference cards for authors (giving name, publication title and date, and page references).

Yudkin, John, 1910-1995, Professor of Nutrition

WRIGGLESWORTH, John M (1941-2005)

  • C/PP5
  • Collection
  • 1963-1985

Papers of John M Wrigglesworth, 1963-1985, comprise records reflecting his role at Chelsea College, as Chair of the Association of University Teachers (AUT) and reflect his commitment to the College and biochemistry. The collection notably includes material regarding the threat of College closure (it eventually merged with King's College in 1985), including a copy of the petition by members of Chelsea College acting through the AUT, regarding six resolutions affecting the future structure and activities of the College, [1982]; the answer of the College to the petition of some of its members concerning the discontinuance of certain academic departments, [1982]; typewritten results of a College assembly regarding the proposed closure of the Liberal Education Department, 1982; correspondence between Laurie Sapper of the AUT and Norman M Waldron of the Chemistry Department of Chelsea College, regarding a petition concerning redundancy.

The collection also includes minutes of the Senate, October 1981-February 1982; Chelsea College of Science and Technology , 1963, a history of the College and its departments and a typewritten list of research degrees awarded in Biochemistry at Chelsea College, arranged by year of award. Also including two black and white photographs of groups of people, one inscribed 'Some aspects of modern biochemistry!!', the reverse of the photograph reads 'Swinburne, Stevens, Prenton, Howalt and David Peg', the second 'Stevenson, Martin, Jean, Spencer, Mrs Beard, Miss Young from Lyn Fitschen'.

Wrigglesworth, John M, 1941-2005, lecturer

WORMALD, Patrick (1947-2004)

  • K/PP148
  • Collection
  • 1968-2004

Academic papers of Patrick Wormald, including texts of published and unpublished research notes and writings, lectures, drafts of books and articles created by Patrick Wormald, 1968-2004; notably including handwritten notes from research undertaken by Wormald from study of Anglo-Saxon manuscripts or taken from public lectures attended by Wormald on lawsuits, government, post-Roman Britain and pre-Conquest England and the Celtic Church; rough draft chapters on 'continental legislation' covering the Franks and Carolingians; lectures on Bede, Beowulf, King Alfred, Gregory of Tours, Cnut, 1971-1984; copies of drafts of The Making of English Law , research notes and follow-up, 1989-1995; correspondence with publishers, 1983-2003; bibliographies, essay questions, seminar and course outlines from Glasgow and Oxford, 1977-1988; newspaper cuttings - mainly book reviews, 1977-1987.

Wormald, Patrick, 1947-2004, medieval historian

WORMALD, Francis (1904-1972)

  • K/PP167
  • Collection
  • [1930-1960]

Papers of Francis Wormald, comprising several scientific notebooks by Honoria Yeo (Wormald's wife) during her time as a pharmacy student, [1930-1939]; photographs, photocopies and postcards, used for teaching or research purposes, of the exterior and interiors of British and European churches, church furnishings, and pages from numerous illuminated manuscripts, Psalters and books of hours, many from the Bodleian Library, Oxford, and British Museum, [1949-1960]; notebooks and loose notes used for lectures including on St Oswald, brasses and Danish invasions of England; papers on topics including French palaeography until the 14th century, English miniatures in the 12th century and Flemish texts in the 13-14th centuries, [1949-1960].

Wormald, Francis, 1904-1972, antiquarian and palaeographer

WORDSWORTH, Rt Rev John (1843-1911)

  • K/PP123
  • Collection
  • 1881-1911

Papers of John Wordsworth, 1881-1911, comprising manuscript texts of 395 sermons delivered at King's College London and elsewhere, 1881-1904, each annotated with dates and places of delivery; letters to the Reverend Henry Julian White concerning Wordsworth, copies of Wordsworth's obituaries, 1911; manuscript notebook, possibly by Wordsworth, concerning doctrinal themes, largely relating to the training and work of the clergy.

Wordsworth, John, 1843-1911, Bishop of Salisbury

WOOLDRIDGE, Sidney William (1900-1963)

  • K/PP89
  • Collection
  • 1921-1985

The papers of Sidney Wooldridge comprise correspondence, lecture texts, a bibliography and photographs, 1921-1965, most notably correspondence concerned with the development of the Department and the Joint School of Geography set up between King's and the London School of Economics, including the move of Geology to Royal Holloway College, 1921-1985; typescript lecture text by Wooldridge entitled 'The Trend of Geomorphology', 1958; bibliography of Wooldridge's work, 1964; correspondence relating to the establishment of a memorial fund in honour of Wooldridge, 1963-1965; photographs of field trips, 1954; order of service for the funeral of Sidney Wooldridge.

Wooldridge, Sidney William, 1900-1963, Professor of Geography

WOMEN'S COMMON ROOMS: King's College London records

  • KWCR
  • Collection
  • 1925-1972

Records relating to the Women's Common Rooms, 1925-1972, comprising constitution of the Students' Common Room and amendments, 1931-1951 and undated, and a ballot paper concerning its dissolution, 1972; papers relating to the Women's Staff Common Room including its rules, undated, cash books, 1925-1932, 1967-1972, lists of subscriptions, 1971-1972, papers of the interim Common Room committee concerned with the amalgamation of staff common rooms, 1972, and rules for the new Senior Common Room, 1972.

King's College London Women's Common Rooms

WINNINGTON-INGRAM, Reginald Pepys, (1904-1993)

  • K/PP164
  • Collection
  • [1922-1995]

Papers of Professor Reginald Pepys Winnington-Ingram, [1922-1995] including research papers relating to Studies in Aeschylus (Cambridge University Press, 1983) comprising manuscript and typescript drafts and notes by Winnington-Ingram including on the Erines in the Oresteia , the Seven against Thebes and Prometheus Bound ; off-prints of articles; correspondence with other classicists including his students John Lavery and Michael Evans. Working notes, draft articles, off-prints and correspondence on the following themes: the works of Euripedes, notably Bacchae, Heracles, Hippolytus and Electra ; the works of Proclus, the works of Pindar and the works of Sophocles notably Oedipus Tyrannus, Ajax, The Trachiniae, Electra , and Philoctetes . General correspondence, 1939-1990. Papers relating to Plato including notes for Winnington-Ingram's inaugural lecture at King's College London 'The Unity of Plato's Phaedrus'. Draft lecture notes, including for 'Swan's Hellenic Cruises', 1973, lectures on Aristophanes and lectures on Greek drama for a lecture tour of USA and New Zealand. Teaching notes on Thucydides and the development of Greek prose. Unpublished articles on subjects including 'Revenge, justice and tragedy', 'The staging of the Peace of Aristophanes' and 'Greek stage conventions and their ancient critics.' Notebook containing notes on pupils and on Greek palaeography. Scrapbook containing press cuttings of reviews of Winnington-Ingram's publications, 1936-1949. Correspondence with Edward O. Symonds, a close personal friend of Winnington-Ingram, 1922-1949. Press cuttings of reviews by Winnington-Ingram.

Ingram, Reginald Pepys Winnington-, 1904-1993, Professor of Greek Language and Literature

WINCH, Professor Peter Guy (1926-1997)

  • K/PP171
  • Collection
  • 1936-1996

Papers of Prof Peter Guy Winch, 1936-1996, including professional correspondence; teaching notes; lecture notes and handouts; draft and proofs of articles by Winch; proof copy of The Idea of Social Science and its Relation to Philosophy, 2nd edition; papers relating to the University of Swansea including minutes of departmental meetings, 1984; papers relating to Winch's time at King's College London including papers relating to publication of Winch's Ethics and Action, 1971-1972 and Winch's inaugural lecture for the Chair of Philosophy, 1968; papers, lecture notes, correspondence, handouts and student work relating to teaching at University of Illinois, 1990-1996 and research notes on topics including social science, ethics, Ludwig Wittgenstein, logic, Baruch Spinoza, epistemology and political philosophy.

Winch, Professor Peter Guy, 1926-1997, philosopher

WILSON, Professor Ernest (1863-1932)

  • K/PP9
  • Collection
  • 1914-1931

Offprints of articles by Wilson, 1914-1931, on subjects relating to electrical engineering, from the Proceedings of the Royal Society , 1914-1924, Experimental wireless and the wireless engineer , 1929-1930, The wireless world , 1921, The proceedings of the Physical Society , 1922-1931, The electrician , 1913-1915, and the Journal of the Institution of Electrical Engineers , 1917-1931, including an article on 'The contribution of King's College to the advancement of engineering during the century, 1829-1929' printed as a supplement to The King's Engineer , Jun 1931. A list of 'Original papers issued from the Sir William Siemens Laboratory of Electrical Engineering, 1891-1928'. Photograph of a string galvanometer, 1924.

Wilson, Ernest, 1863-1932, Professor of Electrical Engineering

WILLIAMSON, Frederick (fl 1882-1884)

  • K/PP30
  • Collection
  • 1884

Notebook of Williamson, 1884, created whilst a student at King's College, London, and containing notes on Divinity, Greek, Mathematics, Physics, History, Latin, Greek Testament and English Literature.

Williamson, Frederick, fl 1882-1884

WILLIAMS, William Samuel (fl 1895-1938)

  • K/PP105
  • Collection
  • 1934

Papers of William Samuel Williams, 1934, comprising a copy of his book The Case for the Lay Ministry of the Church of England: readers, evangelists and parish clerks, etc (Parrett & Neves, Chatham, 1934); papers originally enclosed in the book, 1934, comprising reviews from the Church Times , copy memoranda from Williams and others relating to the office of Reader, papers and correspondence relating to the Church Assembly Lay Readers Group.

Williams, William Samuel, fl 1895-1938, author

WILLIAMS, Charles Walter Stansby (1886-1945)

  • K/PP101
  • Collection
  • 1937-1946

Papers of and relating to Charles Walter Stansby Williams, 1937-1946 and undated, including corrected proof of The Region of Summer Stars ; typescripts including 'Terror of Light', 'The Working of Porphyry', 'Taliessin in the Rose Garden', and 'Prologue' to a production of The Way of the Cross by Henry Gheon; memorabilia relating to Williams, including three photographs, and obituaries.

Williams, Charles Walter Stansby, 1886-1945, author and poet

WILKINSON, Professor George Randall (1927-1989)

  • K/PP33
  • Collection
  • [1949]-1988

Papers, [1949]-1988, mainly relating to the teaching of physics at King's College, London, notably teaching notes, handouts and offprints of articles for use in lectures and tutorials, on subjects including Raman Spectroscopy, Microwave and Physics Frequency Spectroscopy, Solid State Physics, Hydrograph Bonding, and Modern Physics, [1950-1986]; two copies of the King's College London Physics Department Second Year Laboratory Manual; correspondence relating to references provided by Wilkinson [for his students], 1979-1988; notes, correspondence and papers relating to physics and chemistry syllabi, [1964-1971], including proposals for physics teaching; papers, [1949]-1969, on examination of students of chemistry and physics, including King's College and University of London exam papers, [1949-1966], and examples of physics exam questions at other London colleges, 1964; agenda, minutes and reports of King's College and Queen Elizabeth College Physics Department Staff Meetings, [1981-1987]; reports of the Development Planning Committee, 1969-1971; Annual Reports of the Physics Department Spectroscopy Group, 1959-1960 and 1962-1966. Papers relating to research funding, notably reports by Wilkinson on research proposals submitted to the Science Research Council, [1973], [1978], and [1981-1986]; files of correspondence and papers relating to Wilkinson's PhD students, notably David Meade and K J Dean, 1978-1985; papers relating to Science Research Council grants made to Wilkinson, [1950-1989]. Named files, containing correspondence, drawings, photographs and papers on various scientific subjects, especially relating to Raman Spectroscopy, largely containing offprints of articles by Wilkinson and others, [1960-1980]. Files of correspondence and papers relating to academic papers and articles written by Wilkinson, including a speech to the Indian Raman Conference; an article with W F Sherman and J S Budenheimer on 'High pressure studies on Hexamethyl Benzene'; the 'Chinese University Development Project Panel and Commission Report on solid state spectroscopy in physics at Sichuan University, Chengdu, China', May 1985; correspondence and proofs relating to a chapter by Wilkinson and W F Sherman on Raman Spectroscopy; correspondence with the Reverend Stanley H Williams concerning a proposed biography of W E Williams; correspondence with Pergamon Press relating to a new edition of the Encyclopedia of Physics . Papers, notes and drawings relating to scientific equipment, including a Dovesbury Synchrocyclotron, 1980-1981, a Spex Laser, 1978, a Carey 81 Laser, and an Ionised Argon Laser, 1954 and 1967. Personal files include information regarding Professor Sir John Randall, Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry at King's College, [1984], correspondence and papers relating to the Perkin Elmer Prize, 1987, copies of book reviews by Wilkinson, and a list of his papers published before 1978. The collection also contains 4 boxes of glass slides showing sample spectra.

Wilkinson, George Randall, 1927-1989, Professor of Physics

WILKINS, Maurice Hugh Frederick (1916-2004)

  • K/PP178
  • Collection
  • 1854-2004

Papers of Maurice Hugh Frederick Wilkins, 1854-2004, including: laboratory notebooks, graphs, data sets, notes, x-ray diffraction photographs and published articles relating to his scientific research, 1948-1976, chiefly his work on the structure of DNA, 1947-1966; correspondence, 1948-2004, with and about scientific colleagues, including Struther Arnott, Allen Blaurock, Francis Crick, Boris Ephrussi, Harriet Ephrussi-Taylor, Bruce Fraser, Meyer Friedman, Raymond Gosling, Leonard Hamilton, John Kendrew, Robert Langridge, Don Marvin, Linus Pauling, Max Perutz, John Randall, Alec Stokes, James Watson and Herbert Wilson.  Correspondence, notes and articles, 1950-2003, relating to research on the history of the discovery of the structure of DNA, including: copies of Rosalind Franklin’s laboratory notebooks and articles, 1951-1953, relating to her DNA research; correspondence, 1967-2003, with writers on DNA history, including Aaron Klug, Robert Olby, Meyer Friedman, Horace Judson and Watson Fuller; unpublished articles and talks on DNA history by Wilkins, 1975-1987.  Drafts, notes, correspondence and collected background research relating to Wilkins’ autobiography, The third man of the double helix (Oxford University Press, 2003).  Papers relating to Wilkins’ education and early career, 1928-1942, including: teenage essays and fiction on the role of science, 1928-1934; notes, articles and photographs, 1937-1938, relating to his student activities, including physics experiments, and photographs relating to his incendiary bomb testing for Cambridge Scientists Anti-War Group, 1938.  Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports and notes, 1962-1982, relating to the administration of the Medical Research Council (MRC) Biophysics Unit, King’s College London (from 1964, the Department of Biophysics), on topics including funding, staffing, equipment provision and teaching.  Correspondence, course handouts, student essays (CLOSED) and background material, 1971-1996, relating to the undergraduate course, ‘The social impact of the biosciences’, created and run by Wilkins, 1972-1982.  Correspondence, newsletters and conference papers relating to Wilkins’ involvement in political pressure groups, 1968-2003, notably the British Society for Social Responsibility in Science (of which Wilkins was founding President, 1969-1991), Food and Disarmament International (Wilkins’ was founding President, 1984-2004), the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), and the Pugwash Conferences on World Affairs.  Audio recordings, 1972-1996, including lectures by Wilkins on: social responsibility in science; his Eddington Memorial Lectures,Cambridge, 1977-1978, on the history and philosophy of science; nuclear disarmament, 1981; his retirement speech, 1982; the history of DNA.

Wilkins, Maurice Hugh Frederick, 1916-2004, molecular biologist

WILCOX, Rev John Bower

  • K/PP153
  • Collection
  • c 1974

Notes from sermons of Revd John Bower Wilcox, taken by Elsie Harding at Moorsholm Church, Redcar and Cleveland, North Yorkshire, [1974], including 'The Church Year' and 'Saints and subjects'.

Wilcox, John Bower, b 1928, Reverend, Anglican clergyman

WHITE, Margaret Mary (1914-1979)

  • K/PP155
  • Collection
  • 1929-c.1930

Papers of Margaret Mary White, 1929-1930, reflecting her training as a Civil Service telegraphist. Notably comprises documents relating to her time at St George's College including White's handwritten essays, 1929; report for Margaret White, 1930; application form for writing assistants examination, 1930; Journals, 1929-1930; St George's College Old Students' Association Application Form, 1930; college prospectus, 1930; St George's College Civil Service Series Writing Exercises, [1930]; handwritten notes on assignments for evening classes for open clerical class, writing assistants, limited clerical class and typists, 1930; English examination papers, [1930] and Civil Service Commission Examination papers for English, Geography, Handwriting, and Spelling, [1930]; Civil Service Commission offer of employment as female telegraphist, 1930; This collection also includes a photocopy of a photograph of White.

White, Margaret Mary, 1914-1979, student at St George's College

WHITE, Errol Ivor (1901-1985)

  • K/PP19
  • Collection
  • 1985

Volume entitled Errol Ivor White, 1901-1985, elected FRS 1956, by Sir James Stubblefield, FRS, (Reprinted from biographical memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, volume 31, November 1985).

White, Errol Ivor, 1901-1985, Geologist

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