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ALUMNI: Queen Elizabeth College Old Student Association

  • QOSA
  • Series
  • 1929-1973

Queen Elizabeth College Old Students' Association handbooks with a small quantity of editorial correspondence, the constitution and rules of the Association, its membership and finance.

Queen Elizabeth College Old Students' Association

CHAPEL: King's College London orders of service

  • K/OS
  • Series
  • [1879]-2014

King's College London orders of service for Commemoration Service, [1879-1983], Term Services, 1946-1991, Memorial Services, 1909-2000, other services including carol concerts, degree presentations, services of blessing and thanksgivings, 1916-2014.

King's College London, 1829-

EVENTS: Chelsea College programmes

  • C/PRG
  • Series
  • 1926-1985

South-Western Polytechnic, Chelsea Polytechnic, Chelsea College of Science and Technology, and Chelsea College Lectures programmes of events and orders of service covering advertisements for exhibitions, the opening of new buildings, the visit of royalty and open days, 1926-1983; prize-giving programmes, 1930-1976; sporting fixtures and entertainments programmes, 1936-1985 (Ref: C/PRG).

Chelsea College, 1972-1985

EVENTS: King's College London anniversary records

  • K/SES
  • Series
  • 1978-1982

King's College London Anniversary material including 150th and 175th Anniversary commemoration donors' lists, reports, leaflets, programmes, services, dinner menus for events marking College anniversaries in 1979 and 2004.

King's College London, 1829-

EVENTS: King's College London centenary records

  • K/CEN
  • Series
  • 1928-1933

King's College London material including Centenary Appeal Fund reports, leaflets, programmes, services, dinner menus for special events marking the Centenary of the College in 1929

King's College London, 1829-

EVENTS: King's College London invitations and tickets

  • K/INV
  • Series
  • 1831-2013

King's College London tickets and invitations to dinners, parties, lectures and debates, openings of exhibitions, prize-givings, services and memorials, and receptions, 1831-2013

King's College London, 1829-

EVENTS: King's College London social programmes

  • K/SOC
  • Series

King's College London Social Programmes including Commemoration Week leaflets, tickets and menu cards, 1913-1983, Chaplaincy programmes, leaflets and diaries, 1958-2001, Prize Giving events' material including invitations and booklets listing winners, 1875-1990, College dinners' menu and table plans including for the Fellows' Dinner, anniversary and Annual Dinners, 1885-2000, general functions leaflets and information for open days, schools liaison and alumni events, 1900-2001, programmes for entertainments such as Music and other Society events, talks, recitals, staff parties, 1887-1999, Sports events material, mainly notices of athletics meetings, 1912-1930, receptions including conversazione, 1879-2014 .

King's College London, 1829-

EVENTS: Queen Elizabeth College programmes

  • Q/PRG
  • Series
  • 1925-1986

Queen Elizabeth College programmes and events literature, including King's College for Women, King's College of Household and Social Science, and Queen Elizabeth College commemoration dinner menus, invitation cards and tickets, 1925-1972 (Ref: Q/PRG1-3); Queen Elizabeth College Film Society programmes and constitution, 1963-1964 (Ref: C/PRG4); Queen Elizabeth College Carol Service programmes, 1953-1965 (Ref: Q/PRG5); and programmes, papers and invitations for general College events, 1909-1986 (Ref: Q/PRG6-7).

Queen Elizabeth College, 1953-1985

HANDBOOKS: King's College London printed material

  • K/HAN
  • Series
  • 1915-2014

King's College London Handbooks including guides to College libraries, 1967-1997; King's Staff Manuals, 1987-1994; Accommodation and halls of residence guidebooks, [1915]-2001; welcome packs for new students, 1985-2000; Computing Centre guides, 1977-1996; handbooks for overseas students at King's, 1974-2000; Student services guides, 1985-1987; Departmental and School Handbooks for Life Sciences, Guy's, King's and St Thomas's School of Medicine and Dentistry and Language and Communications Centre, 1992-2001.

King's College London, 1829-

LECTURES: King's College London audio tapes

  • K/LECT
  • Series
  • 1971-2006

King's College London audio tapes of lectures including inaugural, public, special university lectures, Maurice lectures, 1971-2006

King's College London, 1829-

PLANS: King's College London estates records

  • K/PLAN
  • Series
  • 1895-1972

King's College London Plans include plans, elevations and architects' drawings of King's College buildings and hostels and proposed buildings including at Strand site and Bloomsbury, 1895-1972.

King's College London, 1829-

PRESS CUTTINGS: King's College London printed material

  • K/PC
  • Series
  • 1825-2001

King's College London press cuttings in bound volumes and loose folders describing the foundation of University College and King's, staff publications and honours, dinners and public engagements, examination results, and the work of individual researchers or departments, particularly in the scientific field, 1825-2001; cuttings by or about King's staff, including Times Higher articles on university restructuring, 1904-1998; circulated cuttings on a very wide range of King's and Higher Education news such as financial affairs, student numbers, university assessments and grants, 1991-2001; cuttings specifically relating to Higher Education including The Times' Good University Guide and league tables published by other newspapers, 1955-2001.

King's College London, 1829-

PRESS CUTTINGS: Queen Elizabeth College printed material

  • Q/PC
  • Series
  • 1908-1986

Queen Elizabeth College bound volumes of press cuttings containing often detailed notices, news stories and features concerning the Department/College from newspapers including <em>The Times</em>, <em>Morning Post</em> and <em>Spectator</em>, covering topics such as the education of women, the teaching of household science internationally, awards, new buildings and wartime disruption, 1908-1986; volumes of cuttings on cooking and recipes from newspaper columns, 1927-1932.

Queen Elizabeth College, 1953-1985

PRESS RELEASES: King's College London printed material

  • K/PR
  • Series
  • 1989-2001

King's College London press releases published by King's External or Public Relations Department for the information of the media and public, 1989-2001.

King's College London, 1829-

PUBLICATIONS: King's College London printed material

  • K/PBN
  • Series
  • 1828-2015

King's College London publications including booklets, reports and essays on the history of King's, King's property, staff and particular departments, including early prize-giving, the King's Strand site, King's hostels, Reggie the College mascot and the College Chapel, with some few essays and books by King's staff on subjects unrelated to the College, 1828-2015.

King's College London, 1829-

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