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Illustrations relating to Guy's Hospital, Guy's Hospital Medical and Dental Schools, St Thomas's Hospital, and other hospitals and medical subjects [1647]-1996

Prints and illustrations of Guy's Hospital Medical School, [1647-1970], comprising prints and engraved views of Guy's Hospital Medical and Dental Schools, including prints of Guy's Hospital, c1725, c1734; prints of hospital exterior views by Hanslip Fletcher, 1947-1949; prints of buildings close to the site of Guy's Hospital, [1647-1787]; prints of St Bartholomew's Hospital, [1813], and buildings of medical colleges and buildings in London and Dublin, [1814-1830]; engravings, prints and press cuttings of portraits of staff of Guy's Hospital and Medical School and associated people, [1819-1918]; press cuttings of pictures of Guy's Hospital events, [1899-1916], including prize distributions, sports teams; sketches and caricatures of individuals, 1896-1958; maps and plans of Guy's Hospital and Borough area, [1746]-1962.


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  • 1724-2000

Records of Guy's Hospital Medical School, 1755-1992, comprising records of Committees, 1852-1985, notably minutes of the School Governors, later Council of Governors, 1925-1982; minutes and papers of the Finance Committee, 1903-1982; minutes of the School Council, later Academic Board, 1925-1982; minutes of Guy's Hospital Medical (Examining) Council, 1852-1989; minutes and papers of the Dental Committee, later Dental Council, 1889-1982; minutes of Dental School committees, 1912-1982;

adminstrative records, [1880-1986], including an 'Act for Incorporating the Executors of the Last Will and Testament of Thomas Guy and Guy's Hospital Act, 1898'; scheme of management for the Medical and Dental Schools, [1930]; University Grants Committee returns, 1930/31-1950/51; papers and correspondence files relating to finance, committees, trust funds, school buildings and student accommodation, 1880s-1980s; papers concerning prize funds, 1850-1935;

financial records, notably Medical School and College balance sheets and statements of receipts and payments, 1893-1938; auditors' accounts, 1881-1930; general ledgers, 1883-1976; departmental ledgers, 1953-1976; fee ledgers, 1873-1935; Dental School fee ledgers, 1896-1925; journals, 1890-1939, 1971-1976; salaries and wages records, 1835-1975;

clinical and surgical records, 1823-1982, including patient registers for Guy's Hospital, 1809-1847; indexes of surgical cases, 1865-1899; individual patient records, 1929, 1959-1960, 1982; diaries of House surgeons and physicians of Guy's Hospital, 1869-1904;

student records, 1725-1992, notably pupil entry registers and books, 1725, 1755-1879 (including students at Guy's Hospital, 1755-1833); student entry lists, 1870-1934; student registers, 1876-1992;

records of Lectureships, Scholarships, prizes and examinations, 1891-1985, comprising minutes of Board of Electors to lectureships, scholarships and fellowships, 1891-1954; lists of entrants and winners of Medical and Dental School Prizes, 1900-1974; Dental School voluntary examination prizes, 1892-1985;

essays written by Guy's Hospital Medical School students for prizes, 1844-1915;

records of the Guy's Hospital Medical School Clubs' Union and Students' Union, 1881-1984, notably Council minutes 1891-1973, with related papers; minutes of constituent societies, 1881-1984, including the Football Club, Cricket Club, Pavy Gymnasium, Students' Club and Dental Society; financial records, 1891-1977; Guy's Hospital Clubs' Union Year Books, 1892-1928; handbooks, 1931, 1961-1970; recordings of songs from Guy's Residents' plays, 1933-1961;

records of societies of Guy's Hospital and Medical School, 1775-1963, comprising records of the Physical Society of Guy's Hospital, 1775-1851; records of the Physical Society of the Students of the United Hospitals of St Thomas and Guy, 1812-1815; records of the Pupil's Physical Society of Guy's Hospital, 1830-1948; general reports of Guy's Society for Clinical Reports, 1836-1845; records of the Physiological Society of Guy's Hospital, 1955-1963; minutes of Guy's '89 Club, 1896-1938; records of the Guyites Club and Junior Guyites Club of Guy's Hospital, 1845-1959; records of Guy's Hospital Medical Research Club, 1913-1923; records of the Dental Society of Guy's Hospital, 1894-[1955]; records of 'The Most Distinguished Order of Clinicals' of Guy's Hospital, 1889-1939;

photographs, [1850s-1981], of the hospital and medical school interior and exterior scenes; group and individual photographs of students, residents, physicians, surgeons, nurses, and patients; prints and illustrations of Guy's Hospital Medical School, [1647-1970];

records relating to Guy's Hospital Medical School College, 1888-1982, including minutes and papers of Guy's Hospital College Committee, 1888-1982; financial records, 1888-1976; vinyl disc recordings and printed programmes of Guy's Hospital Residents' Theatricals, 1905-1965;

records of Guy's Hospital Catering Company Limited, 1926-1981, including memorandum and articles of association, 1926; minutes of Directors' meetings, 1926-1980; reports and accounts, 1927-1980;

prospectuses, handbooks, reports and directories, 1846-1996, notably Medical School prospectuses, 1846-1985; Dental School prospectuses, 1899-1981; United Medical and Dental Schools prospectuses, 1983-1995; Guy's Hospital Medical School calendars, 1900-1914; Guy's Hospital Directory, later Guy's Medical Directory, 1922-1961, 1986; Guy's Hospital annual reports, 1922, 1957, 1967, 1984-1985; regulations and handbooks, 1874-1996;

records relating to Guy's Hospital Reports , 1856-1985, including records of the Advisory Committee, 1907-1921; records of the Editorial Committee, 1922-1974; correspondence of the editor, 1856-1922; financial records, 1932-1977; copies of Guy's Hospital Reports , 1893, 1913-1972 (incomplete series);

copies of Guy's Hospital Gazette , 1872-1996 (incomplete); copy of the Guyscope , Guy's Hospital satirical magazine, 1920; copies of the Tablet , Guy's Hospital Medical School students' magazine, 1977-1980.

Guy's Hospital Medical School, 1726-1982

Publications and related papers from Guy's Hospital, 1724-2000

Publications including prospectuses, handbooks, reports and directories of Guy's Hospital Medical and Dental Schools, 1846-1996, comprising Medical School prospectuses, 1846, 1858-1985; Dental School prospectuses, 1899-1981; prospectus for Guy's Hospital School of Nursing, [1963]; United Medical and Dental Schools prospectuses, 1983-1995; Guy's Hospital Medical School calendars, 1900-1914; Medical School handbooks, 1925, 1935-1937; standing orders and reports for the Dental School, [1922-1933]; regulations for the management of Guy's Hospital, 1874; Guy's Hospital College rules and regulations, 1896, 1900; Guy's Hospital standing orders and regulations, 1910; Guy's Hospital 'note-taking in surgical cases', 1951; United Medical and Dental Schools student code of discipline, 1996, Directory of Guy's Men (Medical and Dental), later Guy's Hospital Directory, later Guy's Medical Directory, 1922-1961, 1986; Guy's Hospital Dental Directory, 1982; year books of Guy's Hospital Governor's handbooks, 1905, 1907, 1912, 1925, amended copy, 1934; Guy's Hospital annual reports, 1868-1894, 1912-1967; UMDS annual reports, 1984-1985; guide to the Medical Museum of Guy's Hospital, 1985; guide to New Guy's House, [1961]; and general publications collection comprising: bibliographies of Guy's men including Sir Henry Greenway Howse, Philip Henry Pye-Smith, Thomas Bryant, Sir James F Goodhart, Sir Frederick Taylor, Walter Hamilton Acland Jacobson, Cuthbert Hilton Golding-Bird, Sir William Arbuthnot Lane, 1915-[1939]; miscellaneous Guy's publications 1724, 1732, 1868-[2002]; publications relating to Guy's Nurses including Guy's Hospital Trained Nurses' Institution, Indenture and deed poll, 1896; and Guy's Hospital Nurses League Journal 1967-1992; University of London publications including Minutes of the Senate, 1860-1896; statutes and reports 1926, 1972-1981; publications of other medical and dental bodies including the Society of Apothecaries of London, Royal College of Physicians of London and the Royal College of Surgeons of England, General Medical Council, and Dental Board of the United Kingdom, 1923-1940; government departments / health authorities including government reports and legislation effecting hospitals and universities, [1934]-1993; University Grants Committee publications 1948-1984; Publications relating to the history of London and of Guy's Hospital including Mr Guy's Hospital , 1926-1948, H C Cameron, 1954.

Records of students chiefly at Guy's Hospital, 1725-1992

Student records of Guy's Hospital and Guy's Hospital Medical School, 1725-1992, comprising register of pupils and dressers at Guy's and St Thomas's Hospitals, 1755-1823, arranged alphabetically; registers of general entry for pupils, 1805-1859, containing names, addresses, lecture fees paid; books of entry of physicians and surgeons' pupils and dressers, 1725, 1762, 1778-1845, containing names and fees paid; entry books for surgeons' pupils of Guy's and St Thomas's Hospitals, 1812-1833, containing fees paid by students; pupil entry books, 1837-1879, containing names, length of studentship and to whom apprenticed; student entry lists, 1870-1934, giving names of students by year; index to pupils at Guy's Hospital, 1823-1878, giving numbers of lectures attended; lecture books, 1835-1847, containing names of pupils entered for lectures on particular subjects; student registers, 1876-1992, containing name, parent or guardian and address; pupil returns, 1850-1895, containing numbers of lectures attended by pupils and remarks; Dental pupil returns, 1889-1896, giving name, parent or guardian, address and details of pupil's attendance; Guy's Hospital register of internal students, [1900-1907]; lists of student entries to Guy's Hospital, 1931-1941; student record cards for Abdul Hamid Gool, 1904-1910, and Goolem Hoosen Gool, 1923-1928; statistics of examinations, 1918-1938.

Register of entry, chiefly 1778-1813, for pupils and dressers of physicians and surgeons at Guy's Hospital

Guy's Hospital entry of Physician and Surgeon's pupils and dressers, 1778-1813': manuscript volume containing list of fees for physicians and surgeons pupils depending on length of stay; list of dressers and pupils entered under Jos[eph]Warner, James Franck, William Lucas, Benjamin Stead, Babington, William Cooper, Astley Cooper, Thompson Forster, Richard Stocker, in the stewardship of Mr Thomas Callaway, May 1778-Sep 1804. Includes name, whether dresser or pupil, length of stay, date of payment of hospital certificates; date certificate granted, and name and place of surgeon under whom they served time (prior to attending Guy's); list of gentlemen entered as apprentice to the surgeons, of Mr Guy's Hospital, 1762, 1784-Jun 1813. Includes date when entered, name, age, length of apprenticeship, time expired, date when certificate granted, when certificate paid, and name and place of surgeon to whom apprenticed, or where educated. Also contains memoranda relating to the practice of the apothecary, who was forbidden to take any apprentice or pupil, 1725; and loose page, (damaged) 'Terms of [attending] St Thomas's Hospital' contains list of fees for dressers and pupils, terms of admission, and availability of tickets of admission to operations.(Volume is extremely fragile)

Prints and engraved views, [1725-1949] of Guy's Hospital and Guy's Hospital Medical and Dental Schools

Prints and engraved views of Guy's Hospital and Medical and Dental Schools including Guy's Hospital (front view), 3 copies; colour print of Guys Hospital for Incurables (about 1725) from engraving by Thomas Bowles, London; colour print from 'engraving of Guy's Hospital published circa 1734'; electric engraving of gathering around the statue of Thomas Guy, 2 copies; Guy's Hospital courtyard, signed Hy G Webb, 2 copies; main gate, ND; Guy's Hospital and statue of Thomas Guy, the founder, drawn by Thomas H Shepherd, engraved by T Higham, Pl 169; main gate, ND; man on stretcher being carried through the main entrance, ND; main entrance, ND, 2 copies; and three large photogravures depicting the hospital main entrance, Shepherd's House (Massage and electrical departments) and the statue of Thomas Guy (2 copies).Also prints of drawings by Hanslip Fletcher including main gate, 1946; Guy's Hospital Medical School, 1947; Hunts House, 1948; the colonnade, 1949; and clinical and dental school, ND.

Treatise on the operations of surgery with a description and representation of the instruments used in performing them, to which is prefixed an introduction on the nature and treatment of wounds, abscesses and ulcers' by surgeon Samuel Sharp, [1739]

'Treatise on the operations of surgery with a description and representation of the instruments used in performing them, to which is prefixed an introduction on the nature and treatment of wounds, abscesses and ulcers. By Samuel Sharp, surgeon to Guy's Hospital.' Manuscript volume including dedication to William Cheselden, Surgeon to Chelsea Hospital; preface; contents page; thirty seven chapters on surgical procedures such as the suture of the tendons, the amputation of cancered and schorrous breast, bronchotomy, and amputation. Also contains illustrations of surgical instruments with explanation of their use and construction. 293pp Donated to the Wills Library by Dr G Newton Pitt, 5 May 1913.

Sharp, Samuel, [1700]-1778, surgeon

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