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GOLD, Col Philip Roland (1912-2002)

  • GOLD
  • Collection
  • 1992 (1942)

Copy of personal account by Colonel Philip Roland Gold of his escape from Singapore, 13 Feb - 8 April 1942, including vivid descriptions of: street fighting; the chaos of evacuation and lack of boats; the commandeering of a Chinese fishing boat by Gold and subsequent difficulties steering the vessel, ensuring provisions lasted and keeping up morale; crossing the Sumatran jungle, Indonesia, in canoe and on foot; negotiations with villagers for assistance; evacuation to Padang, Indonesia; journey from Padang to India on Royal Navy Cruiser HOBART.

Gold, Philip Roland, 1912-2002, Colonel

BUCKLE, Maj Gen Denys Herbert Vintcent (1902-1994)

  • Collection
  • [1988

Various papers relating to his family, life and career, dated [1988 and 1991], notably including a brief draft memoir covering his life and career, 1902-1991, written in 1991 and a brief account of the life of his grandfather, Louis Anthony Vintcent, 1865-1891, a member of the Pioneer Corps who accompanied the British South Africa Company Police on their trek to occupy Mashonaland in 1890, sent to Buckle by J P A Sutton in 1988.

Buckle, Denys Herbert Vintcent, 1902-1994, Major General

HAMILTON, Gen Sir Ian Standish Monteith (1853-1947)

  • Collection
  • 1814-2015

Papers, 1814-2015, relating to Hamilton's life, military career and activities. The collection specifically includes correspondence, 1852-1899; diaries and notebooks, 1870-1899; printed correspondence and speeches of FM Frederick Sleigh Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts of Kandahar, Waterford and Pretoria, 1878-1893; diaries kept during the siege of Ladysmith, South Africa, 1899-1900; personal and official correspondence during the Second Boer War, 1899-1902, including Hamilton's letters to FM Frederick Sleigh Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts of Kandahar, Waterford and Pretoria, 1901-1902, and operational correspondence of 10 Div and Hamilton's Force, 1900; Hamilton's diaries of the Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905 and related correspondence, 1902-1905; publications of the Royal Commissions on the war in South Africa and on the Militia and Volunteers, 1903-1904; correspondence as General Officer Commanding Southern Command, 1905-1909, and related official papers; correspondence as General Officer Commanding Mediterranean Command and Inspector General of Overseas Forces, 1910-1914, including papers relating to compulsory and voluntary military service, official reports on overseas forces, and correspondence relating to Hamilton's tours of the West Indies, South Africa, the Far East, Canada, Australia and New Zealand; correspondence as Commander-in-Chief Central Force, Home Defence, 1914-1915; papers as General Officer Commanding Mediterranean Expeditionary Force on Gallipoli, 1915, including correspondence with FM Horatio Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener of Khartoum and Broome, and the War Office, Rt Hon Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill MP, Lt Gen Sir John Grenfell Maxwell and Lt Gen Sir William Riddell Birdwood; papers relating to Ellis Ashmead Bartlett and Keith Arthur Murdoch, war correspondents on Gallipoli; papers relating to operations at Suvla Bay and Sari Bair, Aug-Sep 1915, and to the efficiency of commanding officers; papers relating to Hamilton's despatches from Gallipoli, and to recommendations for decorations; official despatches, 1914-1919; force orders, intelligence bulletins and other papers of General Headquarters, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force; papers relating to Hamilton's Gallipoli diary; maps and official photographs of the Gallipoli Campaign; depositions of witnesses given to the Dardanelles Commission, with related correspondence, 1916-1919; correspondence with the War Office, 1917-1938; correspondence as Colonel of the Gordon Highlanders, 1912-1949; correspondence relating to ex-servicemen, the British Legion, and to war memorials, 1916-1949; correspondence and papers as Lord Rector of Edinburgh University, 1932-1936; correspondence with major military, political and literary acquaintances, including Rt Hon Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill MP, Rt Hon Richard Burdon Haldane, 1st Viscount Haldane of Cloan, Capt Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart, John Masefield, FM Sir William Robert Robertson, and senior officers associated with the Gallipoli Campaign, 1916-1949; correspondence relating to the Anglo-German Association and to Anglo-German relations, 1928-1947; correspondence with members of the public and relatives, 1908-1948; business and financial correspondence, 1913-1947; correspondence relating to Hamilton's estate and his literary executors, 1948-1969; papers relating to Hamilton's publications, 1872-1948; speeches, articles and letters to the press, 1918-1947; scrapbooks and press cuttings, 1883-1971; photographs, 1855-1947; publications and other printed material, 1814-1966; diaries, correspondence and publications of Hamilton's wife, Jean Miller Hamilton, Lady Hamilton, 1869-1940; correspondence of Eleanor Charlotte Sellar, 1896-1934, including correspondence with Hamilton, FM Sir George Stuart White and FM Sir Neville Bowles Chamberlain.

Hamilton, Sir Ian Standish Monteith, 1853-1947, Knight, General

BAKER, Maj Gen Ian Helstrip (1927-2005)

  • Collection
  • 1955-2003

Papers of Maj Gen Ian Helstrip Baker, notably concerning armoured warfare, 1955-2003, including instructions, memoranda, reports and notes on training exercises including Exercise GAMEBIRD, Cyclops Sqn, 2 Royal Tank Regt, Libya, Jul 1964; Exercises OPEN GLOVE and TREBLE CHANCE, Cyclops Sqn, 2 Royal Tank Regt and 16 Parachute Bde Group, Sep 1964; Exercise DOUBLE STRETCH 72, 7 Armoured Bde, Germany, Feb-Mar 1972; Exercise RED RAT, 7 Armoured Bde, Germany, Sep-Oct 1972; MACLEOD, 7 Armoured Bde, Germany, Aug-Sep 1972; Exercise READY RAT, 7 Armoured Bde, Germany, 11 Sep 1972; Exercise LONG LOOK, for 7 Armoured Bde trials of ZB298 radar, Oct 1971-Apr 1972; organisational trial Exercise SQUARE RAT, Germany, 28 Dec 1972; Exercise FIRST STRETCH 73, 7 Armoured Bde, Germany, Feb 1973; Exercise DOUBLE STRETCH 73, 1 Armoured Bde, Germany, Mar-Apr 1973; Exercise HURST PARK 73, 7 Armoured Bde, Germany, Apr 1973; Exercise QUEEN'S PATROL, 7 Armoured Bde, Germany (relating to operations in Northern Ireland), May 1973; Exercise RED RAT 73, 7 Armoured Bde, Germany, Aug 1973; Exercise FOUR SQUARE, 7 Armoured Bde, Germany, Sep-Nov, 1973; photographs of [FV214 Conqueror battle tanks], Royal Armoured Corps, Bovington, Dorset and photograph of an amphibious jeep, partially submerged, 1960; photograph of Crown Prince Birendra of Nepal and others watching a Hornet Launcher vehicle being loaded with Malkara missiles by personnel of Cyclops Sqn, 2 Royal Tank Regt, Candahar Barracks, Tidworth, 15 Apr 1964; captioned photographs relating to Baker's visit to [1 Bn, Royal Green Jackets], Belfast, Northern Ireland, including: battalion personnel on patrol; Falls Road and Hamilton Street, Belfast, showing the aftermath of explosions; IRA weapons discovered, including rifles, knives, an RPG7 rocket launcher and RPG7 rockets, a car bomb and smaller incendiary devices, Aug 1972; photographs of Baker, Nov 1979 and in Brigadier's uniform; handing over briefing notes by Baker as Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, 17 Gurkha Div, Overseas Commonwealth Land Forces, 25 Jun 1962; training instructions for Cyclops Sqn, 2 Royal Tank Regt, Tidworth, Mar 1963-May 1964; briefing notes on the Parachute Sqn, Royal Armoured Corps, by Baker, 1964; Royal Armoured Corps training pamphlet, 'The technique of shooting from AFVs. Part 4: the application of fire from Saladin armoured cars' (MoD, Feb 1967); 1 Royal Tank Regt standing operational procedures, Jun 1969; briefing notes for Baker as Commander, 7 Armoured Bde, by Administration and Quartering staff, 7 Armoured Bde, 18 Jan 1972 and by Brigade Majors, 7 Armoured Bde, 7 Feb 1972; 7 Armoured Bde standing operating procedures relating to headquarters and operations (vol. 1), and administration and logistics (vol. 2), Feb 1972; training directives by Baker as Brigadier Commanding 7 Armoured Bde, Mar-Sep 1972; notes on the creation and history of the Desert Rat badge of 7 Armoured Bde, 1940-1972; training directive by Baker as Brigadier Commanding 7 Armoured Bde, Mar 1973; correspondence and accounts by Lt Col R A Pascoe, 1 Bn Royal Green Jackets, of the battalion's service in Belfast, 8-14 Oct 1972.

Baker, Ian Helstrip, 1927-2005, Major General

MACKINLAY, Lt Col John C G (b 1944)

  • Collection
  • 1968-2001

Papers relating to international peacekeeping and relief work, 1979-2000, chiefly by the United Nations, including: papers relating to Commonwealth ceasefire monitoring, Rhodesia [now Zimbabwe], 1979-1980; United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Handbook for Emergencies (Geneva, Switzerland, 1982); United Nations Standing Operating Procedures (SOPS), for United Nations missions in Cyprus, 1984, Iraq-Kuwait border, 1991, Cambodia, 1992, and Liberia, 1993; account of Joint Task Force PROVIDE COMFORT for humanitarian relief in Turkey to Kurdish refugees from Iraq, 1991; reports and information bulletins on peacekeeping and relief operations, former Yugoslavia, 1993-1994. United Nations Department of Peacekeeping publications, 1995-1997, including guidelines and handbooks for peacekeeping and policing procedures, and printed maps of disaster relief and peacekeeping operations areas, including Beirut, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. Also NATO peacekeeping guidelines, and United States Army and British Army Field Manuals relating to peacekeeping and general tactical doctrine 1977, 1985, 1993-1995.

Mackinlay, John, b 1944, Lieutenant Colonel

WEST, Lance Corporal Victor (1919-2002)

  • WEST
  • Collection
  • 1941-1999

Wartime diaries, typescript correspondence, memoirs and poetry by Victor West, concerning the campaign in Greece, Crete and as a prisoner of war during World War Two, with recent poetry, 1941-1999; notably including a bound typescript memoir, 'The loss of Creforce Reserve: "The side show"', written 1981, including list of officers and other ranks of 9 Bn, King's Royal Rifle Corps, killed in Greece and Crete, 1941, and a copy article, 'The Rangers in Greece and Crete: a story of devotion and toil', printed 1941 in the house magazine of the Gas Light & Coke Ltd; 3 volume bound typescript memoir, 'Wash me in the water: a personal account of the first Greek campaign, 1941. The battle for Crete, including the story of the loss of Creforce Reserve', written 1983; bound typescript 1941 personal war diary, a transcription of West's original diary; bound typescript copy letters to West from a Spanish fellow POW, Sgt Basilio Marin, 1944-1945 and photocopy typescript and manuscript notes (untitled) on the Crete campaign, 1941; bound typescript 'We from Crete: Pep talks in Stalag 383', written 1982, relating to life in a POW camp (first and second drafts); bound typescript, 'Escape involuntary (we couldn't help it)', recounting West's escape from a POW camp, Germany, Apr 1945; Victor West, The horses of Falaise: poems on the experiences of a fighting soldier in World War II (Salamandar Imprint, London, 1975), bound photocopy; Victor West, Part 2 orders: WWII poems (Salamandar Imprint, London, 1999), bound photocopy; notes on West's career and on the history of 1 Rangers, King's Royal Rifle Corps; copy correspondence and illustrations relating to a painting by West presented to Winston Churchill, 1955.

West, Victor, 1919-2002, Lance Corporal

CADOGAN, Lt Col Stanley Clifford (1908-1998)

  • Collection
  • 1998

Typescript notes and copies of photographs, compiled by his nephew, Bruce O B Williams, relating to Cadogan's life and career, 1908-1998, including genealogical information and notes on bibliographic sources on the Chindit operations in Burma, 1943-1944 (Operations LONGCLOTH, Feb-Mar 1943 and THURSDAY, Mar 1944). Also, brief typescript notes on the life and military careers of Lt Ernest Llewellyn Williams, 160 Bde, Royal Field Artillery, 34 Div, Western Front, 1917-1918, and Maj Lewis Bernard Williams, Royal Artillery, World War Two, 1939-1945.

Williams, Bruce O B, fl 1998, nephew of Lieutenant Colonel Stanley Clifford Cadogan

VAN STRAUBENZEE, Lt Col Henry Hamilton (1914-2002)

  • Collection
  • 1997

Reminiscences (1997), privately published memoir of the life and Army career of Lt Col Henry van Straubenzee, including his time as a first-class cricketer for the Army and Essex, 1938-1939; participation in Operation DYNAMO, 1940; service in the Middle East, 1943-1944; Italy 1944-1945; Palestine 1945-1946; Germany, 1950-1953; post war career with WH Smith, 1957-1977.

van Straubenzee, Henry Hamilton, 1914-2002, Lieutenant Colonel

RAMSBOTHAM, General Sir David John (b 1934)

  • Collection
  • 1971-1997

Papers of Sir David Ramsbotham, including reports, correspondence, photographs, lecture texts, press cuttings and ephemera, relating to his career, 1974-1995.Papers relating to Northern Ireland including Northern Ireland intelligence summaries, 22 Mar-11 Aug 1978; reports including report on 2nd Bn, Royal Green Jackets, Northern Ireland operations, Nov 1974-Feb 1975 and related correspondence; report on the organisation and operation of Bn search teams, 8 Aug 1974; report to Brigadier Ramsbotham from J.H. Dunlop on the subject of education in Belfast, 7 Jan 1980; 'Report on the situation in Belfast as at 14 July 1980'; report by Ramsbotham while commanding 39th Infantry Brigade to Major General Glover Commander Land Forces Northern Ireland, 15 Jul 1980 and situation report 39th Infantry Bde, Belfast, July 1980; training notes and reports; operation statistics, 6 Dec 1978-5 Dec 1979; papers relating to riot and crowd control in Northern Ireland, 19 Sep 1978; correspondence, 1971-1993, including two letters from Dervla Murphy Oct and Dec 1987; transcripts and notes for lectures on 2nd Bn, The Royal Green Jackets' time in Ireland between 1 Nov 1974 and 28 Feb 1975 and press cuttings and articles on Northern Ireland, 1971-1990.Papers relating to the Falkland Islands including detailed account of Ramsbotham's tour, 23 Jun-1 Jul 1982; photographs; related press cuttings and notes on a 1989 visit.Transcripts of speeches by Ramsbotham on defence and peacekeeping, 1982-1995; transcripts of speeches on military subjects by various speakers, 1982-1995; articles relating to defence 1959-1989; articles and talks by FM Lord Carver 1971-1996; papers relating to HRH Silver Jubilee review of the Army 1977; papers relating to official visits; papers relating to the United Nations, 1993-1997; booklets on military subjects, 1962-1995 and memoranda and copies of articles on defence and the media, 1982-1985.Photographs including of the Falkland Islands visit; the opening of the Adjutant General Information Centre; Ramsbotham's early career; presentation of the Imperial Service medal to June Small; visit to the Guides Infantry; visit to the USA; visit to the UNISYS International management centre; visiting troops during winter training; visits by Col Gen Omelichev to Winchester and Winchester Cathedral; meeting soldiers on patrol; official visits in Germany; on exercise Lone Star; visiting commonwealth troops in India and Africa and a visit to Gibraltar.

Ramsbotham, Sir David John, b 1934, General

HARBOTTLE, Brig Michael Neale (1917-1997)

  • Collection
  • 1966-[1995]

Papers, chiefly correspondence, conference reports, articles and press cuttings relating to the organisation Generals for Peace and Disarmament, 1981-[1992]. Typescript reports and press cuttings relating to service with the UN Peacekeeping Force, Cyprus, 1966-1968. Editions of Harbottle's publications, 1970-1995, including The impartial soldier (Oxford University Press,under the auspices of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, London, 1970), The blue berets (Leo Cooper, London, 1971), The thin blue line. International peacekeeping and its future , with Indar Jit Rikhye and Bjørn Egge (Yale University Press, London, 1974), and Waging war on war: the need for new concepts of common security for Europe (Project for Peace Studies, Oxford, 1988). Typescript copies of UN Security Council Resolutions, with correspondence, draft articles and newspaper cuttings, dated 1976-1980, relating topeace keeping operations in the Middle East, 1971; typescript UN General Assembly papers and press releases relating to peace keeping, 1972-1980; typescript UN General Assembly papers on disarmament, 1981-1982.

Harbottle, Michael Neale, 1917-1997, Brigadier

PURDON, Maj Gen Corran William Brooke (1921-2018)

  • Collection
  • 1993

List the bugle, reminiscences of an Irish soldier (Greystone, Antrim, 1993), a memoir of his life and career, 1921-1976, notably his service in the UK and France, 1942, including the Allied raid on St Nazaire,1942, his experiences as a POW, Germany, 1942-1945, his service in Palestine, 1945-1946, Egypt, 1949-1951, Malaya, 1956-1958, and Cyprus, 1958, and his command of the 1 Bn, Royal Ulster Rifles, Borneo, 1963-1964, and of the Sultan's Armed Forces, Oman, 1967-1970.

Purdon, Corran William Brooke, 1921-2018, Major General

CHICHESTER, Cdr Michael Guy, RN (1917-2012)

  • Collection
  • 1960-1992

Publications, mostly official, relating to UK defence policy, notably, defence expenditure, and equipment procurement, 1960-1990, including ninety-seven editions of House of Commons Official Report. Parliamentary debates (Hansard) (HMSO, London, 1964-1990) and thirteen editions of House of Lords Official Report. Parliamentary debates (Hansard) (HMSO, London, 1975-1990); fifty, mainly UK and USA official printed reports, 1960-1989, including Navy estimates, 1960-1963, Statement on the Defence Estimates (HMSO, London, 1966-1973, 1975-1981, 1988-1989); reports from the House of Commons Defence Committee, 1981-1989; reports relating to specific issues, notably strategic nuclear deterrence, 1973-1982, and the Falklands conflict, 1982-1987. Newspaper cuttings, 1968-1992, mostly relating to Malta, 1968-1972; Soviet seapower in the Mediterranean, 1969-1972; International naval affairs, 1970-1971; South Africa, 1970-1971; the Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988; the Falklands conflict, 1982; US intervention in Grenada, 1983; Soviet defence policy, 1984-1988; NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), 1984-1990; UK, US and European defence policy, 1984-1992; the US bombing raid on Libya, 1986; the Gulf War, 1991.

Chichester, Michael Guy, 1917-2012, RN Commander

ROBERTS, Maj Gen Philip (1906-1997)

  • Collection
  • 1940-1992

Papers relating to Roberts' life and career, 1940-1992, including twenty four detailed letters home to his father, Col William Bradley Roberts, from North Africa and North West Europe, 1940-1944; papers relating to operations in North Africa, 1941-1943, including memoranda, typescript intelligence summaries and typescript and manuscript notes, notably on operations of 22 Guards Bde and 7 Armoured Div, North Africa, Jun 1941; brief notes and correspondence on tank deployment, tactics and specifications, 1943-1944, including typescript copy of letter from Gen Sir Bernard Law Montgomery to Lt Gen Sir Ronald Weeks, Deputy Chief of the Imperial General Staff, on tank specifications, Apr 1944; correspondence, accounts and notes relating to 11 Armoured Div operations in North West Europe, 1944-1945, notably planning notes and reports on Operation GOODWOOD, the 2 Army offensive south east of Caen, France, Jul 1944; typescript and manuscript accounts by personnel of 11 Armoured Div, dated 1982-1993, relating to operations in North West Europe, 1944-1945; correspondence, 1948-1992, including letters from Lt Gen Sir Henry Royds Pownall, Sep 1948, Lt Gen Sir Giffard Le Quesne Martel, 1951, Maj Gen Raymond Briggs, Feb 1951, Maj Gen Sir Percy Cleghorn Stanley Hobart, Sep 1952, and Maj Gen Ronald Frederick King 'David' Belchem, Nov 1978; correspondence between Roberts and the Daily Mail relating to articles written by Roberts on the possibility of a future war with the USSR, 1950-1951; press cuttings relating to service in World War Two, 1939-1945; correspondence between Roberts and The Guardian, Aug-Nov 1969, concerning the liberation of Antwerp, Belgium, 1944; newspaper cuttings, dated 1942-1967, relating to Roberts' service in World War Two, 1939-1945; one group photograph including Roberts [1945]; audiotape of BBC radio broadcast by Roberts, 1944, and after dinner speech, 1990.

Roberts, George Philip Bradley, 1906-1997, Major General

RAEBURN, Maj Gen Sir Digby (1915-2001)

  • Collection
  • [1992]

Some recollections of a Scots Guardsman, 1935-1947', a memoir covering his military career during the period 1935-1947, notably his service at General HQ, Middle East Land Forces, 1940-1943, and with the Scots Guards in Italy, 1943-1944 and 1947, and Germany, 1945, written in [1992].

Raeburn, Sir William Digby Manifold, 1915-2001, Knight, Major General

TALBOT, Maj Gen Dennis Edmund Blaquière (1908-1994)

  • Collection
  • 1929-1992

Papers, maps, publications, photographs and newspaper cuttings relating to Maj Gen Dennis Edmund Blaquière Talbot's life and career, 1929-1992, Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regt, India, 1929-1930. Papers relating to Talbot's service as Bde Maj, 30 Infantry Bde, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), France, Apr-Jun 1940, the defence and fall of Calais, and Talbot's escape from German captivity and return to the UK, 1940, including five printed maps of France and Belgium, 1937-1942; photograph of HMS VESPER, the destroyer that picked up the escape party, 17 Jun 1940; typescript report for MI9, War Office, by Talbot, Capt Edgar Alexander Wilmot Williams, 2 Bn, 60 Rifles, and Lt W Millett, Royal Corps of Signals and Bde signal Officer, 30 Infantry Bde, entitled 'Report compiled by three officers of the 30th Infantry Brigade who were captured at Calais on the evening of the 26th May 1940, escaped on the 30th May and finally arrived in England on the night of 17th June 1940', dated 22 Jun 1940 manuscript text of lecture by Talbot on the defence of Calais, 1940, with two large wall charts, sketch maps of the campaign in France, 1940, and of the defence of Calais, May-Jun 1940; correspondence, dated 1940-1941, with relatives of men captured or killed at Calais, 1940, including typescript list of killed, wounded, missing and captured, 1 Bn, The Rifle Brigade, 1940; three editions of The defence of Calais by Eric Robert Russell Linklater (HMSO, London, 1941); typescript letter, dated 13 Jul 1971, to Talbot from Airey Middleton Sheffield Neave MP requesting information and recollections on the defence of Calais in 1940 to be used in a book later published as The flames of Calais: a soldier's battle (Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1972).

Papers relating to Talbot's service in the North West Europe campaign, 1944-1945, including typescript copies of monthly War Diary, 7 Bn, Hampshire Regt, Jun 1944-May 1945, with typescript citations for gallantry awards, 1944-1945; typescript account '7th Bn The Hampshire Regiment in the North West European campaign during the period 13th July 1944 to 17th June 1945', with list of honours and awards and order of battle, 43 (Wessex) Div, 1945; five photographs, 1944-1945, notably officers of 7 Bn, Hampshire Regt, 1944, and victory parade, Bremerhaven, Germany, 1945; edition of The story of the 5th Battalion The Dorsetshire Regiment in North West Europe, 23rd June, 1944 to 5th May, 1945 by Maj G R Hartwell, Maj G R Pack and Maj M A Edwards (Henry Ling, Dorchester, Dorset, [1946]); correspondence relating to the North West Europe campaign, 1944-1945, mostly with veterans of 7 Bn, Hampshire Regt, 1951-1959 and 1983-1991.

Talbot's course notes, RN Staff College, Greenwich, 1946; copies of Talbot's confidential annual reports, 1946-1955. Typescript text of radio broadcast by FM Sir William Joseph Slim entitled 'Our Army', 2 Nov 1952. Papers relating to the Malayan Emergency, 1949-1955, including printed leaflet entitled 'Security hints', Malaya, 1952; typescript 'Appreciation of the situation in Malaya' by Lt Gen Sir Hugh Charles Stockwell, General Officer Commanding Malaya, 15 Oct 1953; Flying Log Book, Malaya, Oct 1953-Oct 1955, with group photograph of 1911 Light Liaison Flight RAF, Royal Naval Air Station Sembawang, Singapore, Aug 1955; twenty seven uncaptioned photographs relating to Talbot's service in Malaya, 1953-1955; eight printed maps of Malaya, 1953-1955; typescript copy of memorandum by Lt Col John Hamilton Allford, 2 Bn, 7 Duke of Edinburgh's Own Gurkha Rifles, entitled 'The location and attack on CT (Communist Terrorist) camps and cultivations in jungle', Jan 1954; typescript report entitled 'Malaya Command. Demonstration of field defences in atomic warfare', Dec 1954; typescript Operational Instructions, Malaya, 1954-1955, including Operation MOHICAN, Nov 1953-Mar 1954, and Operation LATIMER NORTH, South Pahang, Malaya, Sep 1954-Apr 1955; typescript copy of translated statement by Ng Heng, Representative of the Supreme Command Headquarters of the Malayan Racial Liberation Army, on negotiating a settlement to the Malayan Emergency, 1 May 1955; typescript memorandum by Talbot, commanding 99 Gurkha Infantry Bde, entitled 'Psychological warfare', May 1955; typescript 'Handing over notes' from Talbot to Brig Edward Philip Townsend on relinquishing command of 99 Gurkha Infantry Bde, Jun 1955, with related correspondence, May-Sep 1955; typescript situation reports from Maj John Eric Heelis, Headquarters, 99 Gurkha Infantry Bde, Malaya, Oct 1955-Oct 1956;.

Also, printed leaflet 'Edward VIII. His Coronation route', 1936; printed leaflet 'Code of battle signals' [1940]; three printed pamphlets entitled Notes from France,, Nos 1-3 (War Office, London, Jan 1940); printed pamphlet entitled Summary of events. Flanders campaign, 10th May-3rd June 1940 (War Office, London, Jul 1940); edition of The Regimental Officer's Handbook of the German Army (War Office, London, Aug 1943); edition of The history of the Hampshire Regiment (37th and 67th Foot) (Gale and Polden, Aldershot, Hampshire, 1944).

Talbot, Dennis Edmund Blaquière, 1908-1994, Major General

ROSENBAUM, Dr Sidney (1918-2013)

  • Collection
  • 1954-1992

Offprints of articles by Sidney Rosenbaum including: 'Heights and Weights of the Army Intake, 1951', Journal of the Royal Statistical Society , Series A (General), Vol 117, Part III, 1954; 'Head Injuries to Motor-Cyclists', with D T Beeston, Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps , Vol 102, 1956; abstract of article 'Changes in Body Weight and Subcutaneous Fat Thickness in Man on a Polar Expedition', with H E Lewis and J P Masterson, Abstracts of the 20th International Physiological Congress , 1956; 'An Epidemiological Study of Rheumatic Fever in the Army in 1953', with J D H Slater, Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps , Vol 103, 1957; 'Tuberculosis in the Armed Forces and its Control by BCG Vaccination: A Report to the Research Committee of the British Tuberculosis Association', Tubercle London , 1957; 'Experience of Pulheems in the 1952 Army Intake', British Journal of Industrial Medicine , Vol 14, 1957; 'Army Medical Department Statistics', Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps , Vol 104, 1958; 'Research in Practice', Army Medical Directorate Bulletin , Second Series, No 9, 1958; abstract of 'Review of Morbidity Among Young Soldiers', Proceedings of Royal Society of Medicine , Vol 52, 1959; 'Cross-Sectional Review of Morbidity Among Young Soldiers', British Journal of Preventive and Social Medicine , Vol 13, No 3, Jul 1959; 'Acute Rheumatic Fever in Young Men', with J D H Slater, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases , Vol 18, No 4, December 1959; 'Report of the Royal Sanitary Commission, 1858', Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps , Vol 105, No 4, 1959; 'The Association of Medical Discharges from the Army with Initial Grading', Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps , Vol 106, 1960; 'Body Weight and Skinfold Thickness of Men on a Polar Expedition' with H E Lewis and J P Masterson, Clinical Science , Vol 19, No 4, Nov 1960; 'Home Localities of National Servicemen with Respiratory Disease', British Journal of Preventive and Social Medicine , Vol 15, No 2, Apr 1961; 'Stability of Basal Metabolic Rate on a Polar Expedition', with H E Lewis and J P Masterson, Journal of Applied Physiology , Vol 16, No 3, May 1961; 'Health Assessment of Senior Officers: The Value of Periodic Medical Examinations', with W R M Drew, The Lancet , Nov 17 1962; 'Nomograms for Rates per 1,000', British Medical Journal , Jan 19 1963.

'Tables of Average Weights and Expected Variation for the use of the Services', Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps , Vol 109, No 2 1963; 'Some Aspects of Tuberculosis among National Servicemen', Tubercle London , Vol 44, 1963; 'Special Enlistments', with J L Gordon, Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps , Vol 110, No 2, 1964.

'A Survey of Sport Played in the Army', Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps , Vol 113, No 2, 1967; manuscript of 'A Review of Earlier Work on Skinfold Thickness, Particularly Among Army Personnel', 1979; 'Population Estimates of Height and Weight in Great Britain at Ages 11 and 15, 1983 and ages 16-19 inclusive, 1980', Annals of Human Biology , Vol 14, No 4, 1987; '100 Years of Heights and Weights', The Journal of the Royal Statistical Society , Series A (General), Vol 151, Part 2, 1988; 'More Than a Century of Army Medical Statistics', Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine , Vol 83, Jul 1990; 'Casualties in the Two World Wars', The Blue , Vol 120, No 1, Mar 1992; 'British Army Recruits: 100 Years of Heights and Weights', with J P Crowdy, Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps , Vol 138, 1992; Manuscript of 'A Comparison of Casualties in 200 Years of War', nd. Also articles by others: amendment to 'Chapter 16: Medical Statistics' of the Manual of Army Health 1954 , 1958; 'A Survey of Heights and Weights of Adults in Great Britain, 1980', by R K Skinner, I B Knight and J S Garrow, Annals of Human Biology , Vol 12, No 2, 1985.

Rosenbaum, Sidney, 1918-2013, Doctor

HELY, Brig Alfred Francis (1902-1990)

  • HELY
  • Collection
  • 1991

Copy of 'Tim', a typescript account of Hely's life and career, 1902-1990, notably his service with 60 Field Regt in the Western Desert, including action around Sidi Rezegh, Nov 1941, and with 7 Indian Div in India, 1942 and Burma, 1943-1945, including the Japanese attack on 15 Indian Corps' administrative base at Sinzweya, Burma, Feb 1944, written in 1991 by 'L R L', Hely's Bde Maj, Royal Artillery, 7 Div, 1942-1944. Includes extracts from Hely's descriptions of actions at Sidi Rezegh and Sinzweya written for The Royal Artillery Commemoration Book, 1939-1945 (G Bell and Sons, London, 1950).

Hely, Alfred Francis, 1902-1990, Brigadier

HARRISON, Frank (fl 1939-1991)

  • Collection
  • [1991]

Tobruk: Siege, Breakout, Victory', typescript memoir covering operations at Tobruk, 1941-1942, written in [1991] and later published as Tobruk: the great siege reassessed (Arms and Armour Press, London, 1996)

Harrison, Frank, fl 1939-1991, wireless operator in the Royal Corps of Signals

LIDDELL HART, Adrian John (1922-1991)

  • Collection
  • 1926-1991

Papers relating to Adrian Liddell Hart's life and career, and to the life and work of his father, Capt Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart, 1926-1991, including typescript extracts from the diaries of Capt Basil Henry Liddell Hart, 1926-1944; Adrian Liddell Hart's letters to his father, 1930-1969; newspaper cuttings relating to Capt Basil Henry Liddell Hart, 1939-1950; correspondence with John Frederick Lehmann, 1940-1986; typescript articles by Adrian Liddell Hart, 1945-1972, notably 'Reflections on the General Election before the announcement of the result', 1945, 'The Free University of Berlin', Feb 1949, 'The Foreign Legion', Jan 1952, and 'Rehabilitation of drug offenders', Jun 1968; correspondence with MPs and Peers, 1946-1991, including Rt Hon Arthur Leslie Noel Douglas Houghton, Baron Houghton of Sowerby, 1958-1991, Rt Hon (John) Enoch Powell, 1973-1991, Sir (John) Anthony Kershaw, 1960-1986, Rt Hon Francis Aungier Pakenham, 7th Earl Longford, 1985-1991; typescript notes by Adrian Liddell Hart relating to recollections of his father, 1970-1982; correspondence with academics, 1973-1991, including Professor Sir Michael (Eliot) Howard, 1973-1990, Professor Brian (James) Bond, 1974-1991, Professor Robert John O'Neill, 1988-1991; correspondence with authors and journalists, 1978-1991; correspondence with the Foreign Legion Association of Great Britain, 1981-1991; typescript text of lecture by Adrian Liddell Hart entitled 'The British way in warfare', given to students of the Department of War Studies, King's College London, 11 Feb 1982; typescript copies of Adrian Liddell Hart's letters to the press and to magazines, 1983-1991; correspondence relating to Adrian Liddell Hart's research on correspondents of Capt Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart, 1985-1991; correspondence with the HMS JAMAICA Association and the Flower Class Corvette Association, 1986-1991; papers relating to a proposed book by Adrian Liddell Hart on penology, 1988-1991; book reviews of Liddell Hart and the weight of history by John J Mearsheimer (Cornell University Press, Ithaca, New York, USA, 1988), with typescript review by Adrian Liddell Hart, 25 Feb 1989; correspondence with the T E Lawrence Society, 1990-1991.

Hart, Adrian John Liddell, 1922-1991, journalist and businessman

FREEMAN, Capt John A D (fl 1941-1995)

  • Collection
  • [1990]

Typescript notes on the re-occupation of the Netherlands East Indies by allied forces in 1945-1946, including background information about the Japanese occupation, 1942-1945, and an account of events in Semerang, Java, 1945-1946, dated [1990]. The notes are based partly on Freeman's service with 5 Indian Div in Java, 1945-1946, but mainly on research carried out at the Imperial War Museum.

Freeman, John A D, fl 1941-1995, Army Captain

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