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SLINGSBY, Capt Henry Laurence (1893-1917)

  • Collection
  • 1914-1917

Bound copies of illustrated French military magazine Le Miroir nos 75-108, 1915. Transcripts of diary entries and letters describing his service in France and Belgium, 1914-1917, notably the Battle of Le Cateau, Aug 1914, first Battle of the Marne, Sep 1914, first Battle of the Aisne, Sep 1914, and first battle of Ypres, Oct-Nov 1914, with related photographs, newspaper cuttings and correspondence, 1914-1920.

Slingsby, Henry Laurence, 1893-1917, Army Captain

SLINGSBY, William Ecroyd (1885-1950)

  • Collection
  • 1915

Photograph album relating to his service with the Royal Naval Air Service, Gallipoli, 1915.

Slingsby, William Ecroyd, 1885-1950, member of Royal Naval Air Service

SLINGSBY, Lt Col William Laurence (1919-1994)

  • Collection
  • 1915

Papers relating to his military career, 1939-1962, principally his service in Burma, 1939-1941, UK, 1941-1943, North Africa, 1943, Italy, 1943-1944, and Korea, 1955-1956, notably including battalion orders for 2 Bn, Sherwood Foresters, 1945; German propaganda leaflets for US and Allied troops, [1944]. 'An ancient Yorkshire family', a history of the Slingsby family, written by Slingsby in 1989.

Slingsby, William Laurence, 1919-1994, Lieutenant Colonel

SMITH, Maj Gen Sir Cecil (1896-1988)

  • SMITH, C
  • Collection
  • 1942-1943

Papers dated 1942-1943 relating to the campaign in the Western Desert during World War Two comprising the history and organisation of Field Maintenance Centres, later known as Field Maintenance Areas, and message from Gen Bernard L Montgomery commending troops of 8 Army following the German defeat at El Alamein and capture of Tripoli, Jan 1943.

Smith, Sir Cecil Miller, 1896-1988, Knight, Major General

SMITH, Capt Ralph C

  • Collection
  • 1915-1917

Copy of typescript diary of his service on the Western Front, 1915-1917, notably in the second Battle of Ypres, Apr 1915, the Battle of the Somme, Aug-Sep 1916, and the Battle of Arras, Apr 1917.

Smith, Ralph C, fl 1915-1917, Army Captain

SMITH, Maj Gen Sir William Douglas (1865-1939)

  • Collection
  • 1914 - 1917

Personal diary of Maj Gen Sir William Douglas Smith, relating to his service on the Western Front, France and Belgium, World War One, 1914-1917, including: service as Commander, 1 Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers, Aug-Nov 1914; Battle of Mons, 23 Aug 1914; Battle of Le Cateau, 26 Aug 1914; the retreat to the River Marne, Aug-Sep 1914; the Battle of the Aisne, Sep 1914; service as Commander of 9 Infantry Brigade, Nov 1914 - Mar 1916; action around Hooge and Bellewaarde, Belgium, Jun and Sep 1915; service as Commander, 20 Division, Mar 1916 - Mar 1917 and Aug-Dec 1917, including the capture of Guillemont, Sep 1916, and the Battle of Le Transloy, Oct 1916, both during the 1916 Battle of the Somme; the Battle of Cambrai, Nov 1917, including secret preparations to conceal the planned deployment of tanks. Also four volumes of transcript copies of the original diary, with additional related original notes, letters, memoranda, reports, photographs and other items, copied and compiled by Kathleen Smith.

Smith, Sir William Douglas, 1865-1939, Knight, Major General


  • Collection
  • [1914-1919]

Pacifist publications and publications relating to conscription, [1914-1919], principally comprising leaflets issued by the Society of Friends Service Committee and the Joint Advisory Council of the Society of Friends Service Committee, the No-Conscription Fellowship and the Fellowship of Reconciliation, [1916]-1917, 1919; supplement to No-Conscription Fellowship newspaper The Tribunal , Jul 19 1917; 'Military Service Act, 1916 (Session 2)', printed by HMSO, 1916; 'One-man businesses: cases of hardship: co-operation', Local Government Board circular to Military Service Acttribunals, printed by HMSO, 1917. Catalogue of The Garland library of war and peace series , published by Garland Publishing Inc, 1971. _Some'frightful' war pictures by William Heath Robinson (Duckworth and Co, London, 1915). 'The Bystander's' fragments from France _by Capt BruceBairnsfather, published by The Bystander , [1915-1916].

Society of Friends

SOWREY, AM Sir Frederick (1922-2019)

  • Collection
  • 1917-1925

Papers relating to AM Sir Frederick Beresford Sowrey's life and career, 1940-1985, including manuscript meeting notes taken by Sowrey, on night air attacks, 17 Sep 1940; typescript lectures, notes and correspondence relating to course on Allied Defence at Royal College of Defence Studies, 1950; two volumes of typescript speeches by Chief of the Air Staff, ACM Sir Thomas (Geoffrey) Pike, Mar 1961-Jun 1962; typescript notes from the RAF School of Work Study, relating to management training [1962]; personal correspondence, 1968-1972, relating to Sowrey's service as Director, Defence Policy, Ministry of Defence, 1968-1970, and Senior Air Staff Officer, RAF Training Command, 1970-1972; typescript delegation list for '5 Power meeting on Defence', Canberra, Australia, Jun 1969; timetables and guest lists for Battle of Britain commemorations, Sep 1971-Sep 1972; typescript notes and memoranda relating to the introduction of management by objectives into RAF Training Command, 1972; RAF Finningley graduation ceremony brief and speech notes, Feb 1972; notes and correspondence relating to prospective book on RAF vehicles, 1974; personal correspondence, 1974-1977, mostly relating to Sowrey's service as Director General, RAF Training, 1975-1977; invitations and souvenir booklet relating to the Royal Review, HM Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee, 1977; personal correspondence, 1977-1979, relating to Sowrey's service as UK Representative, Permanent Military Deputies Group CENTO (Central Treaty Organisation); typescript report by Sowrey entitled 'The use of existing national resources in the UK defence effort', Ministry of Defence, 1979; typescript article 'Western military capability in the Middle East', for publication in NATO's 15 Nations, with correspondence, 1980; typescript text of speech by Sowrey on the future of the military (later published in Survival), 1982; conference papers and correspondence relating to colloquium on contingency operations, Centre for Defence Studies, Aberdeen University, 1982-1983; unpublished Royal United Services Institute study entitled 'Defence of the vulnerable society', chaired by Sowrey, 1983-1985. Also, correspondence, dated 1917-1925, relating to a claim by Sowrey's father, Gp Capt Frederick Sowrey, of a £1000 reward for shooting down a German Zeppelin in World War One [1917].

Sowrey Sir Frederick Beresford, 1922-2019, Knight, Air Marshal

SPEARS, Maj Gen Sir Edward Louis (1886-1974)

  • Collection
  • 1851-[1974]

Papers, mainly on World War One compiled by Sir Edward Louis Spears, 1851-[1974]; notably including official World War One correspondence and telegrams, to GHQ, 1 Army, Gen Douglas Haig, Lt Gen Sir Henry Wilson and other officers, on infantry composition, munitions and artillery, lists of officers, colonial troops, morale, observation and intelligence gathering, the lessons of specific campaigns, the employment of tanks, casualties, prisoners of war (POWs), training, public opinion, operational orders for the French 6 Army by Gen Emile Fayolle, and more generally relations between the French and British armies, meetings, views and opinions by and concerning French C-in-C Henri-Philippe Petain, French Northern Army Commander, Ferdinand Foch, and Robert Nivelle, French C-in-C, 1916-1917, an interview with Georges Clemenceau, French Prime Minister from Nov 1917, US, Japanese, Greek and other correspondence and communications over Siberia, Japan, Finland, Bulgaria, and demands for independence by Eastern European peoples, US participation in the War and opinions on President Woodrow Wilson, Italian military offensives, precis of interviews with corps and army commanders, manuscript diary (1915), on the Russian civil war, post-war commerce, correspondence with Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill on post-war claims, the current political and military situation, especially in Russia, and Versailles peace conference papers, 1914-1920 (Spears Section 1); unpublished material collected by Spears for his publications on the War, including a report of events for 122 Bd, Royal Field Artillery (1916), detailed memoranda and correspondence concerning operations notably comprising copy letters between FM Sir Douglas Haig, Gen Nivelle, and others including to the Chief of the Imperial General Staff, and on reinforcements, the German postions, the Calais Agreement of February 1917, 1 and 3 Army operations, Franch Army mutinies in 1917, extracts from a diary covering the Battle of Arras, Apr 1917, the politics of liaison, interviews with French and British officers, including French C-in-C Henri-Philippe Petain and Lt Gen Sir Launcelot Edward Kiggell reflecting on strategic and other concerns, 1916-1938 (Spears Section 2); printed material by other authors on World War One used by Spears in his published studies, [1917-1964] (Spears Section 3); draft notes and chapters for Spears' published works on World War One, [1919-1974] (Spears Section 4); original source material and notes by Spears on the 1870 Siege of Paris, mainly rough notes and draft chapters on the Siege, original and copy letters from participants describing events and an exercise book containing lecture notes redating the Franco-Prussian War, [1851-1974] (Spears Section 5); newspaper reviews of Spears' books and critics' letters, 1930-1969 (Spears Section 6); material relating to a war memorial at Mons, 1936-1968 (Spears Section 7); personal papers, mainly articles on the life of Spears [1918-1974] (Spears Section 8), maps, principally of Arras, Bullecourt and Mons, during 1917 [1917]-1959 (Spears Section 9); photographic material, post cards and watercolour sketches, including of trenches, damaged buildings, troops and officers, and a visit to the Balkans in 1920, 1914-[1920] (Spears Section 10); photocopies of some items of Second World War material transferred to Churchill College, Cambridge, mainly on the fall of France, General de Gaulle, and French resistance, [1940-1943].

Spears, Sir Edward Louis, 1886-1974, 1st Baronet, Major General

SPICER, Capt Lancelot Dykes (1893-1979)

  • Collection
  • 1915-1979

Letters home by Spicer from France, Sep 1915-Sep 1916 and Apr 1917-Nov 1918, with nine Field Service Postcards, Western Front, 1915-1917. Letters home from Lt Roger Lancelot Spicer, 1 Bn, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, Apr 1942-May 1944, killed in action near Anzio, Italy, May 1944; Edition of Letters from my son, 1942-1944, Roger Lancelot Spicer, edited by his father, Capt Lancelot Dykes Spicer (Unwin, London, 1946). Typescript correspondence with Capt Basil Henry Liddell Hart, 1949-1963. Correspondence with former members of 9 (Service) Bn, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 1963-1979, including Liddell Hart and Brig George Fothergill Ellenberger, mostly relating to the Battle of the Somme, 1916.

Spicer, Lancelot Dykes, 1893-1979, Army Captain

SPOONER, Megan (1898-1987)

  • Collection
  • 1941-[1959]

Papers relating to her life in Singapore, 1941-1942, dated 1941-[1959], principally comprising diaries and personal letters describing her voyage to Malaya, 1941, and life in Singapore, 1941-1942; press cuttings, 1942, 1945-1946, relating to R Adm Ernest John Spooner's appointment as R Adm Malaya, 1942, and to his death on the island of Chibia (Tjibia, Tjebia) following his escape from Singapore, 1942; photographs, 1940, 1946, notably of Capt Sir David Bone and his search party on Chibia during their search for R Adm Spooner, 1946; correspondence relating to Megan Spooner's claim for war damages, 1945-1947. Also an account, 'Fall of Singapore and the Dutch East Indies and defence of Ceylon' by Capt Andrew Nichol Grey, RN, detailing his experiences on the staff of the Commander-in-Chief, Far East, ACM Sir (Henry) Robert (Moore) Brooke-Popham and subsequently Gen Sir Henry Royds Pownall, from early 1941 to Feb 1942, written [1946].

Spooner, Megan, 1898-1987, opera singer and wife of Rear Admiral Ernest John Spooner

SPRAWSON, Maj Gen Sir Cuthbert Allan (1877-1956)

  • Collection
  • [1938]

Typescript memoir entitled '37 years in the IMS [Indian Medical Service]', [1938], notably concerning the treatment of tuberculosis in India, 1910-1937, service in Waziristan, North West Frontier, India, 1901-1902, prison service, Jhansi, 1906-1907, and service in World War One with the Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force, 1916-1918, 304 pps.

Sprawson, Sir Cuthbert Allan, 1877-1956, Knight, Major General

SPROT, Lt Col Aidan Mark (b 1919)

  • Collection
  • 1947

Memoir of his service with the Royal Scots Greys in the Middle East, 1942-1943, Italy, 1943-1944, and North West Europe, 1944-1945, written from his own experiences and using regimental war diaries, 1947.

Sprot, Aidan Mark, fl 1919-2015, Lieutenant Colonel

NURSING: St Saviour's Infirmary Nursing School register

  • SSH/FP
  • Collection
  • [1890]-1931

St Saviour's Infirmary Register of Assistant Matrons, Night Superintendents, Head Nurses, and Staff Nurses, [1890]-1931, including details of name, address, age, religion, date of entry, name and type of ward worked on, previous experience, remarks.

St Saviour's Infirmary Nursing School

STAMMERS, Professor Francis Alan Roland (1898-1982)

  • Collection
  • 1944-1945

Diary, Jul 1944-Jun 1945, covering his service as Consulting Surgeon, 8 Army, Italy.

Stammers, Francis Alan Roland, 1898-1982, Surgeon and Professor of Surgery

STANFORD, Brig Henry Morrant (1894-1957)

  • Collection
  • 1940-1942

Papers, 1940-1942, including correspondence, reports and memoranda relating to gunnery techniques and tactics, when Stanford commanded Support Group, 8 Armoured Div, Middle East, 1941-1942. Typescript summary of points arising from Exercise DRAGON, Jan 1941, with typescript precis of lecture 'Tactical handling of German and Italian armoured formations'; typescript memoranda by Maj Gen Charles Wake Norman on armoured tactics, Apr 1941; typescript memorandum on point of aim for the 2 pounder anti-tank gun, [1941]; typescript memorandum relating to the organisation of self propelled artillery, Royal Horse Artillery, Jan 1942; typescript papers on the role of an air observation post in an armoured division, with typescript precis of lecture entitled 'The air observation post', 1942. Correspondence with Lt Col Rawdon Hoare, Commanding Officer, 5 Regt, Royal Horse Artillery, 1940-1942, on anti-tank exercises; deployment of Royal Horse Artillery when supporting armoured troops and regimental targets.

Stanford, Henry Morrant, 1894-1957, Brigadier

STARLING, Brig John Geoffrey (1928-1996)

  • Collection
  • 1944-1992

Papers relating to the career of Brig John 'Joe' Starling, 1947-1992, including copy of memoir Soldier On! The Testament of a Tom , (Spellmount Ltd., 1992), detailing 45 years of Starling's military career; pamphlets and brochures advertising the Parachute Regiment and the Red Devils display team including The Parachute Regiment: Challenge! , c.1970; Train to be a Parachute Soldier , [1975]; Parachute Regiment and Officer Parachute Regiment , Office of Information, 1985; The Airborne Initiative: The 1990 Airborne Forces Golden Jubilee Appeal , 1989 and recruitment posters; recognition guides including Tips for Tankers: Defeating Soviet Armor , US Army Armor School, c 1955; Recognition Handbook: Foreign Weapons and Equipment (USSR) , MOD, 1964; Notes on the Soviet Ground Forces , MOD, 1972; Intelligence Aide-Memoire , Staff College, Camberley, 1976; Threat Recognition Guide , 1 (BR) Intelligence Training Directive, 1984; RAF: Aircraft, Missiles, Vehicles , Office of Information, 1985; Threat Recognition Guide , 1 (BR) Intelligence Training Directive, 1988; and flipbook showing Soviet weaponry and equipment.

Publications including Field Engineering and Mine Warfare, Pamphlet No. 4: Mines - Individual Mechanisms , War Office, 1961; NATO: Facts and Figures , NATO Information Service, 1971; Ranger Handbook , United States Army Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia, May 1972; Northern Ireland: What is it like for soldiers? , HMSO, 1974; Back Pocket Briefs: Royal Navy, Directorate of Naval Staff Duties , MOD, c.1988.

Lecture notes, handouts, pictures, maps and teaching aids on topics including lessons learned at Fibua Tewt, Aden, May-June 1967; battle handling exercises: tank stalk and tank ambush; explosive excavation of trenches; tactical exercises, Joint Services Free Fall Trials Team, May 1971, and the construction of petrol bombs to effectively attack tanks. Photographs including Starling in a rubber estate, evening meal in the jungle, Bukit Prang Base, river crossing, a patrol resting, armoured 3 ton truck, the corpses of Tamil terrorists killed in ambush, captured weapons displayed by an Iban tracker, Malay policemen and Starling, Malaya, 1949; group photographs including Champion and Waterloo Company; Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, July 1947; Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Hare and Hounds; Waterloo Company, July 1948; No 2 Platoon, East Anglian Regiment Training Brigade; Officers, School of Infantry (Platoon Weapons Wing), Hythe, May 1950; School of Infantry Tactical Wing Platoon Commanders Course, August 1950 and the Parachute Regiment Regimental Sergeants Major Convention, March 1973. Also Yemeni flag with National Liberation Front slogan in Arabic, Aden, 1963.

Starling, John Geoffrey ('Joe'), 1928-1996, Brigadier

STENT, Lt Col John Arthur Goodfellow (1914-2003)

  • Collection
  • 1943

Papers of Lt Col John Stent, 1943, 1961 and 1991, comprising Tanganyika (Tanzania) driving licence, 1943; discharge letter from War Office, 1961; typescript letter containing vivid reminiscences of his service with the Royal Corps of Signals in Africa, [1990].

Stent, John Arthur Goodfellow, 1914-2003, Lieutenant Colonel

STEPHENSON, Maj Frederick Simeon Dauncey (1897-1975)

  • Collection
  • 1923-1973

Papers, of Maj Frederick Simeon Dauncey Stephenson, 1930-1973, and publications, 1923-1951, mostly relating to his service with 5 Bn and 7 Bn, The South Staffordshire Regt, Territorial Army, 1923-1950, including five letters received by Stephenson, Mar 1930-Sep 1973, notably one manuscript letter from Edmund Charles Blunden, 2 Mar 1930; manuscript and typescript papers relating to the proceedings of a Court of Enquiry at RAF Station Hednesford, Staffordshire, into the death of an unnamed Aircraftsman of gunshot wounds, 17 Oct 1939; manuscript, typescript and printed financial accounts, 5 Bn and 7 Bn, The South Staffordshire Regt, Sep 1939-Jan 1940; typescript Battalion orders, 5 Bn, The South Staffordshire Regt, by Lt Col Leonard Gerard Muller, Lt Col John William Hinchcliffe and by Stephenson, 4 Sep 1939-20 Jul 1943; typescript movement order for Stephenson to join 1 Bn,, Northamptonshire Regt, 3 Corps, BEF (British Expeditionary Force), France, on attachment for one month, 12 Apr 1940; manuscript account of Stephenson's 'Month's attachment to the BEF, France', 15 Apr-16 May 1940; typescript routine orders by Brig Arthur Ernest Hawkins, 177 Infantry Bde, 9 Oct 1940, with typescript instructions for 59 Div Exercise, North East England, Oct 1940; manuscript draft and typescript of 'Confidential report and history of the 5th Bn The South Staffordshire Regt, 177 Infantry Bde', Oct 1940; typescript memorandum by Stephenson entitled 'Ourselves and Russia', Feb 1942, with manuscript drafts, 1941-1942; six printed news sheets entitled Atlantic War Bulletin. Down , Northern Ireland, Jul 1942; two typescript news sheets entitled 'Punch War Bulletin. Erne and Derry', Northern Ireland, 26 and 28 Sep 1942; three typescript news sheets entitled 'HQ Company News corner', 5 Bn, The South Staffordshire Regt, Jan-Feb 1944; manuscript notebook entitled '106 Town Major. Details of duties', France, 1944. Seven editions of The Staffordshire Knot. The Regimental Annual of the South Staffordshire Regiment (Gale and Polden, Aldershot, Hampshire, 1924-1927) and (J and W Griffin, Walsall, 1928-1930); three editions of The Staffordshire Knot and _The Knot. Journal of the South Staffordshire Regiment, _Jul 1949-Jul 1951. Twenty three printed and typescript editions of The Fleet Street Letter , Apr-Sep 1939; sixty five editions of a magazine entitled War (Army Bureau of Current Affairs, 20 Sep 1941-28 Apr 1945); sixty six editions of a magazine entitled Current Affairs (Army Bureau of Current Affairs, 27 Sep 1941-21 Apr 1945); seven editions of The British way and purpose , prepared by the Director of Army Education, Dec 1942-Jul 1943. Also, editions of Field Service Regulations. Volume I. Organization and administration (HMSO, London, 1923); Infantry training. Volume II. War (HMSO, London, 1926); 1st Battalion South Wales Borderers. Battalion tactical doctrine 1927 (Horns and Miller, Devonport, Devon, 1927); Field Service Regulations. Volume II. Operations (HMSO, London, 1929); The lie about the war. A note on some contemporary war books by Douglas Jerrold (Faber and Faber, London, 1930); Small arms training. Volume I. General, rifle, bayonet and revolver (HMSO, London, 1931); Small arms training. Volume II. Light automatic, grenade and small arms anti-aircraft (HMSO, London, 1931); Small arms training. Volume IV. Regulations for the conduct of annual courses and range practices (HMSO, London, 1931); Infantry training. Volume I. Training (HMSO, London, 1932); A study of unit administration (Gale and Polden, Aldershot, Hampshire, 1933); _Covenants with death _edited by T A Innes and Ivor Castle (Daily Express Publications, London, 1934); Battle of the Marne 8th-10th September, 1914. Tour of the battlefield (HMSO, London, 1935); Battle of the Aisne 13th-15th September, 1914. Tour of the battlefield (HMSO, London, 1935); The South Staffordshie Regiment News Sheet (Home Edition) ,1935-1936; _What are you going to do about it? The case for constructive peace by Aldous (Leonard) Huxley (Chatto and Windus, London, 1936); Spain at war. A monthly journal of facts and pictures, May 1938 _; Field Service Regulations. Volume I. Organization and administration HMSO, London, 1939); Military organization and administration by Maj Gen Wilfrid Gordon Lindsell (Gale and Polden, Aldershot, Hampshire, 1939); Simplified tactical instruction by Lt Col Geoffrey Massey Gamble (Gale and Polden, Aldershot, Hampshire, 1939); _600 questions and answers on military law _by Maj H M Shurlock (Gale and Polden, Aldershot, Hampshire, 1939); Foundations of soldiering. A study of Regimental soldiering in the British Army by Lt Col Mark Kingsley Wardle (Gale and Polden, Aldershot, Hampshire, 1940); _War with honour _by A A (Alan Alexander) Milne (Macmillan, London, 1940); _How the war will be won _by Capt Bernard Acworth RN (Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, 1940); The history of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's) 1794-1939 (McLagan and Cumming, Edinburgh [1940]); _The defence of Calais _by Eric Robert Russell Linklater (HMSO, London, 1941); _The Battle of Flanders 1940 _by Ian Hay (HMSO, London, 1941); _Black record. Germans past and present _by Rt Hon Sir Robert Gilbert Vansittart (Hamish Hamilton, London, 1941); _Lies as Allies. An indictment of Hitler _by Frederic Herbert Maugham, 1st Viscount Maugham of Hartfield (Oxford University Press, London, 1941); _Open letter of an optimist by Sir Hugh Seymour Walpole (Macmillan, London, 1941); How Moscow was won in 1917. A chapter in the history of the revolution _by Ilse Mintz (Lawrence and Wishart, London, 1941); _Fighters ever _byPeter Dunsmore Howard (Heinemann, London, 1941); Defence. The Services' Magazine , 1 Oct 1941; _Roots of the trouble _by Rt Hon Robert Gilbert Vansittart, 1st Baron Vansittart of Denham (Hutchinson, London, [1941]); _The fall of France seen through Soviet eyes _by Ilya Ehrenburg (Modern Books, London, [1941]); _The Highland Division _by Eric Robert Russell Linklater (HMSO, London, 1942); Front line 1940-1941. The official story of the Civil Defence of Britain (HMSO, London, 1942); Games and sports in the Army 1942-1943 (The Army Sport Control Board, War Office, London, 1942); _That second front. A survey of the strategic and political factors _by Cdr Edgar Philip Young RN (W H Allen, London, 1942); _The gangsters around Hitler _by Dr Otto Strasser (W H Allen, London, [1942]); _Churchill _by Charles Harvard Gibbs-Smith (Hodder and Stoughton, London, [1942]); Combined Operations 1940-1942 (HMSO, London, 1943); East of Malta, West of Suez. The Admiralty account of the Naval war in the Eastern Mediterranean, September 1939 to March 1941 (HMSO, London, 1943); 'Army Training Memorandum No. 46', General Staff restricted publication, 1943; _Shell-fire corner carries on. A graphic description of the war's events at England's gateway _by Raymond Arthur Cook (Headley Brothers, London, 1943); The Eighth Army, September 1941 to January 1943 (HMSO, London, 1944); Target: Germany. The US Army Air Forces' official story of the VIII Bomber Command's first year over Europe (HMSO, London, 1944); Soviet documents on Nazi atrocities (Hutchinson, London, [1944]); By air to battle. The official account of the British Airborne Divisions (HMSO, London, 1945); His Majesty's Submarines (HMSO, London, 1945); RAF Middle East. The official story of air operations in the Middle East, from February 1942 to January 1943 (HMSO, London, 1945); Your men in battle. The story of the South Staffordshire Regiment 1939-1945 (Express and Star, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, 1945); 30 Corps in Germany [1945]; _A servant when he reigneth _by Norman Tiptaft (Norman Tiptaft Limited, Birmingham, Warwickshire, 1948).

Stephenson, Frederick Simeon Dauncey, 1897-1975, Major

STERN, Lt Col Sir Albert Gerald (1878-1966)

  • Collection
  • 1914-1959

Papers relating to his role in the development and production of armoured fighting vehicles, dated 1914-1959, 1964, 1994, principally comprising correspondence, memoranda and minutes relating to the Landships Committee, 1915-1916, and the Tank Supply Committee, Tank Supply Department (later Mechanical Warfare Supply Department) and Mechanical Warfare (Overseas and Allies) Department, 1916-1918; progress reports and memoranda on design and construction of landships, 1915; plans, drawings and blueprints for landships and tanks, 1915-1916; 'Notes on the employment of tanks' by Col Ernest Dunlop Swinton, printed at the Foreign Office, 1916; 'Mechanical warfare, a summary of British tank development, 1914-1918', typescript text by Stern, [1925]; papers relating to the establishment of the Allied Tank Factory at Neuvy Pailloux, Chateauroux, France, dated 1917-1918; notes and reports by Lt J Rackham and George Watson relating to the use of tanks on the Western Front, 1917; 'The tactical employment of tanks in 1918', unofficial report by Col John Frederick Charles Fuller, 1917; correspondence and memoranda relating to Ministry of Supply Special Vehicle Development Committee and the Tank Board, 1939-1943, and the design and development of TOG heavy tanks, 1939-1944 ['TOG' - The Old Gang, informal name for Special Vehicle Development Committee members, some of whom had worked on tank development during World War One], including correspondence with Rt Hon Edward Leslie Burgin, Minister of Supply, 1939-1940, Rt Hon Herbert Stanley Morrison, Minister of Supply, 1940, Rt Hon Sir Andrew Rae Duncan, Minister of Supply, 1940-1941 and 1942, Rt Hon William Maxwell Aitken Beaverbrook, 1st Baron Beaverbrook, Minister of Supply, 1941-1942, Sir James Lithgow, Chairman of the Tank Board, 1941, and Rt Hon Winston (Leonard Spencer) Churchill 1940-1942, Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister of Defence, Sir William Tritton of Tritton, Foster and Co, and Cdr R H Stokes-Rees, 1943-1944; official reports by Lt Col Gordon Hall on British and Italian use of tanks in the Middle East, 1940-1941, dated 1941; specifications and technical reports relating to tanks, 1939-1944; minutes of Special Vehicle Development Committee, 1939-1942; papers relating to investigation of Stern's position in the Ministry of Supply, 1942, dated 1939-1942, including transcriptions of interviews with Stern, 1942; correspondence and memoranda relating to Stern's evidence before the Sub-Committee on National Production and Supply of the House of Commons Select Committee on National Expenditure; publications and printed material relating to tanks, 1915-1919, 1939-1946, 1959; photographs, 1915-1918, 1939-1945, principally comprising British, French and Canadian photographs of tanks, 1915-1918; photographs of TOG tanks, 1939-1942; films concerning the development of the tank, 1918, 1941-1942, 1957. Other papers relating to his life and career, notably including photographs relating to his service with the Royal Naval Air Service, 1914-1915; copies of personal correspondence, 1918-1919.

Stern, Sir Albert Gerald, 1878-1966, Knight, Lieutenant Colonel

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