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ABINGER family papers

  • K/PP168
  • Collection
  • 1780-1974

Papers of the Abinger and Clarke family, including diaries, letterbooks and memoirs of Frances Scarlett, comprising diaries in 5 volumes, 1842-1854; notebook containing Scarlett's memoirs, 1904 and letterbook containing copies of family letters, 1855 and 1916, including a copy of a letter fron Sir James York Scarlett describing the charge of the Light Brigade, 7 Dec 1854. Abinger family memoirs entitled 'Fanny Scarlett: Extracts from her Journals 1840-55, and from her Letters and Memoirs', by Frances' granddaughters Hester Smith and Priscilla Douglas-Jones including photographs and family tree, 1974. Letterbook of Robert Astley Scarlett, including copy of letter sent home from the Boer War, 1900. Family correspondence including to Frances Scarlett and two silhouettes of Sydney and Charles Lidderdale-Smith. Diaries of Mrs John Plomer Clarke, 1780-1800, in 3 volumes; day book, 1800; record of Helen Emilia Clarke by her governess Eliza Denis, 1794 and a travelogue of a member of the Clarke family.

Scarlett, Frances (Fanny) Mary, 1828-1920, daughter of Robert Campbell Scarlett, 2nd Lord Abinger

BAYNHAM, Brig Derrick Hubert (1924-2006)

  • Collection
  • 1939-1942

Memoir of Brig Derrick Baynham, 1939-1942, including descriptions of assisting in the evacuation of Dunkirk, 1940; work in the Local Defence Volunteers, 1941; Special Operations Executive (SOE) training, including resisting interrogation and handling explosives; preparation for mission to support agents in occupied France and identify targets for sabotage; account of the mission including encounter with Milice (Vichy police), liasion with sympathetic French locals in Limoges, recovery of radio transmission equipment from the Milice, establishment of permanent base station in Perigueux and return to England, 1942. Also accounts of the attempted rescue of the surviving crew member of a crashed British bomber off the coast of Anglesey, 1941, for which Baynham was awarded the George Medal, and account of his capture by German troops and subsequent escape, Germany, April 1945.

Baynham, Derrick Hubert, 1924-2006, Brigadier

Correspondence with Dorothy Hodgkin, 1965 and 1972, with related papers

Letter from Wilkins to Dorothy Hodgkin, Department of Crystallography, Oxford University, Oct 1965, requesting the loan of a model relating to her recent research for a British Biophysical Society display. Letter from Hodgkin, Zoology Department, Oxford, to Wilkins, Nov 1972, requesting the loan of a component for a Hilger microfocus x-ray camera. Review by Wilkins of a National Portrait Gallery exhibition, ‘In close-up: Dorothy Hodgkin’, 1986, published in New Scientist, Mar 1986, with copies of portrait sketches by Graham Sutherland and Henry Moore.

Correspondence with Bruce and Mary Fraser, 1953-2003, relating chiefly to early DNA research, including CLOSED items

Correspondence with (Robert Donald) Bruce Fraser (1924-2019) and Mary Fraser, former colleagues in the Medical Research Council Biophysics Unit, King’s College London, chiefly relating to the need to publicise Fraser’s 1952 unpublished structural model of DNA, following the publication of James Watson, The double helix: a personal account of the discovery of the structure of DNA (Atheneum, New York, 1968) and Anne Sayre, Rosalind Franklin and DNA (Norton, New York, 1975). File also includes text of Wilkins’ unpublished article, ‘The relation of the King’s work to that at Cambridge’, and correspondence, 1999-2000, relating to exhibits in the Science Museum, London, and proposals for a DNA museum at King’s College London. Original file title ‘Fraser 1953 and 76 DNA’. File includes personal data, CLOSED during the lifetime of Mary Fraser, or for review 2080

ALFORD, Col Johnathan R (1933-1986)

  • Collection
  • 1974-[1976]

Draft of a text on strategy and tactics on the Eastern Front, 1941-1945, written in [1974]; draft article describing tour of duty of battalion of Royal Engineers in Belfast, [1969-1973], written in 1974; draft of a text on the changing concept of defence, primarily concerned with the shift from positional defence to mobile defence, [1976].

Alford, Jonathan R, 1933-1986, Colonel

GRAHAM, Maj Gen Sir Miles (William Arthur Peel) (1895-1976)

  • Collection
  • 1917 - 1919

Diaries relating to service in World War One and World War Two, and other items, 1941-1960, relating to his World War Two career, notably: diaries, 1917-1919, chiefly relating to his service with 2 Life Guards on the Western Front, 1917-1918; diary, 1940, covering service as Adjutant, Household Cavalry Composite Regiment, Palestine, and as Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General, British Troops in Egypt, Aug-Dec 1940; diaries, 1943-1945, relating to service as Deputy Adjutant and Quartermaster General, Eighth Army, 1943, and as Major General Administration (MGA), 21 Army Group, 1944-1945. Also account of the capture of Giarabub, Libya, 1941; account of the capture of Sicily, 1943; printed messages from Gen Sir Bernard Montgomery to 8 Army, 1942-1944; issues of Eighth Army News, 1942-1943; photographs of Graham and colleagues, c 1943 – c 1965; maps of North West Europe, 1945.

Graham, Sir Miles (William Arthur Peel), 1895-1976, Major General


  • Collection
  • 1915-2002

Publications on psychological operations, 1915-2002, including books, editions of Falling Leaf (the magazine of the Psywar Society), other publications by the Psywar Society, journals, newsletters, VHS tapes, photocopies and printouts.

International Centre for Security Analysis, Department of War Studies, King's College London

MILLS-ROBERTS, Brig Derek (1908-1980)

  • Collection
  • [1942-1981]

Papers relating to his service with the Commandos, 1942-1945, dated [1942-1981]comprising:

papers on service with No.4 Commando, May-Dec 1942, principally on the Dieppe Raid, Aug 1942, including report by Mills-Roberts on training exercise on the Isle of Arran, 25-26 Jun 1942; reports on Orange Beach landing; report on destruction of 6 inch gun battery at Varangeville; detailed report 'Lessons Learned on Combined Operations'; and letters of congratulation on award of MC;

papers on service with No.6 Commando, Apr-May 1943, North Africa, including letters from General Dwight D Eisenhower and Maj-Gen Robert Laycock and letters of congratulation on award of DSO;

papers on service with 1st Special Service (Commando) Bde, Jun 1944 - May 1945 including: account of part taken by No 1 Special Service Brigade in Operation OVERLORD, 6 Jun - 26 Aug 1944; narrative by Mills Roberts on action from 16-21 Aug 1944; report of No 1 Special Service Bde operations around Dozule and L'Epine, 19-21 Aug 1944; report of operations by 1st Commando Bde east of the River Maas, 19 Jan - 1 Feb 1945; 'Five Rivers' - account of 1st Commando Bde in Germany, 1945, on the advance from the Meuse to the Baltic, crossing the Meuse, Rhine, Weser, Aller and Elbe; 'United We Stand' diary of L Cpl Cliff Morris, No 3 Troop, 6 Commando, detailed personal account of action from 6 Jun 1944 - 7 May 1945; papers relating to the arrest of FM Erhard Milch in 1945, dated 1946, 1969; maps of Ouistreham, St Aubin, Caen, Dozule;

papers on commando training, 1942-1950 including account of 6 Commando training by Mills-Roberts, 1943-1944;

manuscript of Clash by Night (William Kimber, London, 1956) and notes to Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser Lovat, 17th Lord Lovat, concerning Lovat's book March Past (Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1978), dated 1977-1981;

photographs, 1942, 1944-1945, 1947, including German propaganda photographs of Dieppe Raid, 1942, and photographs relating to Commando service in World War Two, 1944-1945, dated 1944-1945, 1947, including Normandy, Jun 1944, and Germany, 1945.

Roberts, Derek Mills-, 1908-1980, Brigadier

Copy diary, 16 Jun 1916 - 11 Dec 1917

Manuscript copy diary, 16 Jun 1916 – 11 Dec 1917, relating to Smith’s command of 20 Division, Jun 1916 – Mar 1917, 56 Division, Jul-Aug 1917, and 20 Division, Aug-Dec 1917, including: diversionary raids, Jun 1916; the use of vests impregnated with antiseptic to reduce the risk of wound infection, 16-18 Jun 1916; the start of the Battle of the Somme, 1 Jul 1916; inaccurate British press coverage of Western Front operations, 24 Jul 1916; a demonstration of flamethrowers, 18-19 Aug 1916; the aftermath of a successful attack on Guillemont village, 19 Sep 1916, including the shortage of troops available to bury the dead and to salvage equipment; German aerial night time bombing behind Allied lines, 28 Sep 1916; the Battle of Le Transloy, Oct 1916; the lack of aerial intelligence on German positions due to bad weather, 6 Oct 1916; inter-brigade sports competitions, 9-14 Nov 1916; cases of trench foot, 15-24 Dec 1916; four months’ leave, chiefly on medical grounds, Mar-Jun 1917; Smith’s taking command of 56 Division, 23 Jul 1917; Smith’s return to the command of 20 Division, 8 Aug 1917; the Battle of Langemarck, 16-18 Aug 1917; the Battle of the Menin Road Ridge, 22 Sep 1917; start of planning, Oct 1917, for the Battle of Cambrai, Nov-Dec 1917, including training and extreme secrecy about the planned use of tanks; the start of the Battle of Cambrai, 20 Nov 1917, and the successful use of tanks to clear a way through for infantry; a German counter-attack, 30 Nov 1917.

Also inserted items, including: press cuttings about Western Front operations; letters of congratulation on 20 Division operations; typescript statistics on the issue of rations, 4 Aug1916, and on medals recommended and awarded, 1916; notes on the effectiveness of experimental mortars and flamethrowers, Aug 1916; a detailed account, 7 Sep 1916, of the capture of Guillemont village; snapshot photographs of ruins, abandoned army buildings and battle sites, taken in Feb 1919; report on the capture of the German ‘Au Bon Gite’ blockhouse, Langemarck, by Captain H A Slade, commander of ‘B’ Company, 11 Rifle Brigade, 14 Oct 1917; casualty statistics, Aug and Nov 1917; personal letter to Smith from General Sir Hubert de la Poer Gough, 21 Jun 1918, including Gough’s anger at the British government; printed War Office notes on the British Armies of Occupation, 1919; press cutting from the Morning Post , 12 Jan 1937, on Gough and 5 Army, ‘Vindicated by History’.

Copy diary, 23 Apr 1915 - 15 Jun 1916

Manuscript copy diary relating to Smith's command of 9 Infantry Brigade, 23 Apr 1915 - 7 Mar 1916, and of 20 Division, 8 Mar 1916 - 15 Jun 1916, on the Western Front, World War One, including: the Second Battle of Ypres, Apr-May 1915; the German use of chlorine gas, 22 Apr 1915; Smith's anger, 23 Apr 1915, at Prime Minister Herbert Henry Asquith's assertion that there was no ammunition shortage; the inadequacy of anti-gas equipment, 2-3 May 1915; the destruction of Ypres, May 1915; the news of the German sinking of the British passenger ship Lusitania on 7 May 1915; an improved design of hand grenade, 13 May 1915; the arrival of the first troops of the New Army (Kitchener's Army), 23 May 1915; Smith's personal experience of a German gas attack, 24 May 1915; the Second Battle of Artois, May-Jun 1915; ammunition shortages and the lack of experienced officers, 30 Jun 1915; German and British attacks and counter attacks on the village of Hooge, Jul-Aug 1915; the British attack on the first day of the Battle of Loos, 25 Sep 1915; ammunition shortages and the immense length of communication trenches, 18-21 Oct 1915; fuel shortages and frostbite cases, 28 Nov 1915; German gas attack, 19 Dec 1915; exhaustion caused by prolonged use of gas helmets, 21 Dec 1915; news of the withdrawal from Gallipoli, 23 Dec 1915; the challenges of training and of newly promoted officers risen from the ranks, 21 Feb 1916; demonstration of a Stokes trench mortar, 6 Mar 1916; Smith's appointment as Commander, 2 Division, 8 Mar 1916; the poor state of trenches and cases of trench foot, 9-12 Mar 1916; detailed account of moving gas cylinders into trenches for a British gas attack, 11 Jun 1916.

Also inserted items, including: sketch maps of British and German trenches in the area east of Hooge, Belgium, Jun and Sep 1915; two personal letters to Smith from former 9 Infantry Brigade interpreter M. van Lerberghe, Sep and Nov 1915; typescript order issued by 3 Divisional Artillery for operations on 19 September 1915; typescript instructions issued by 24 Divisional Artillery, 13 Oct 1915, for communications between Artillery and Infantry in frontline trenches; typescript report on a nightime bombing raid by Cheshire Regiment personnel, 6-7 Dec 1915; casualty evacuation statistics for 20 Division, Feb-Apr and Jun 1916; typescript reports on a German attack on 11 Apr 1916; typescript notes on the distribution of German forces along the Western Front, 14 May 1916.

Copy diary, 31 Oct 1914 - 22 Apr 1915

Manuscript copy diary relating to Smith’s command of 9 Infantry Brigade in 3 Division, 2 Corps, British Expeditionary Force (BEF) on the Western Front, 31 Oct 1914 – 22 Apr 1915, including: the First Battle of Ypres, Nov 1914, with the loss of many named officers serving under Smith; a visit to the troops by King George V, 3 Dec 1914; the waterlogged state of trenches near Kemmel, Belgium, Dec 1914; a demonstration of grenade throwing, 20 Dec 1914, and thoughts on the difficulty of deploying hand grenades from trenches; reference to a meeting of British and German troops on Christmas Day, 25 1914, and Smith's disapproval; initiatives to improve conditions in trenches, Jan 1915; demonstration of a mortar to be used from a trench, 16 Jan 1915; the execution of two deserters, 6 Feb 1915; the deployment of miners from Britain to undermine German trenches, 19-24 Feb 1915; a German counter-attack, 11 Mar 1915, Battle of Neuve Chapelle, with heavy Allied casualties; details of material used to improve trenches, 25 Mar 1915; frequent criticism of British press coverage of the war, Apr 1915.
Also inserted items, including: press cuttings chiefly relating to Smith’s promotions; account of 1 Royal Scots Fusiliers’ operations at Jemappes, 23 Aug 1914, by Captain Thomas Balfour Traill; a detailed account by Smith of 9 Infantry Brigade operations during early Nov 1914, First Battle of Ypres; sketch maps and accounts relating to 9 Infantry Brigade operations, Nov 1914; a letter from Clara Barton, mother of Lieutenant Harold William Ferguson Barton (died 18 Oct 1914), quoting a letter from a German officer praising her son’s bravery; illustrated manuscript poem, ‘New Year’s Eve in the Trenches’, possibly by Major Athol [Athel, Atholl] Murray Hay Forbes, [1914]; letters of praise about 9 Infantry Brigade from Field Marshal Herbert Charles Onslow Plumer, Commander of 5 Corps, and Lieutenant General Sir Charles Fergusson, Commander of 2 Corps, Feb 1915; programme for a concert by personnel of 9 Infantry Brigade, 9 Mar 1915.

Copy diary, 13 Aug - 30 Oct 1914

Manuscript copy diary relating to Smith's command of 1 Battalion, Royal Scots Fusiliers, Aug-Oct 1914, including: their arrival in France, 13 Aug 1914; the Battle of Mons, 23 Aug 1914; the retreat from Mons to the River Marne, Aug-Sep 1914; the Battle of Le Cateau, 26 Aug 1914; his high opinion of German infantry tactics, and the German use of aerial reconnaissance (5 Sep 1914); the First Battle of the Marne, 5-12 Sep 1914; the First Battle of the Aisne, 13-28 Sep 1914; the death of Major General Sir Hubert Ion Wetherall Hamilton, 14 Oct 1914; the Battle of La Bassee, 18-29 Oct 1914.
Volume also includes: printed messages from King George V and Field Marshal Sir John French; a printed translated extract from an alleged order by Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany for the destruction of 'General French's contemptible little army', 9 Aug 1914; instructions, 22 and 23 Aug 1914, for an anticipated attack, including instructions by Captain R Stevens, 9 Infantry Brigade [Captain Reginald Walter Morton Stevens, died 28 Aug 1914]; a report on 'A' and 'C' companies, 1 Royal Scots Fusiliers, 25-27 Aug 1914, at Vendegies-sur-Ecaillon and Le Cateau, by Major Athel Murray Hay Forbes.

Diary of service on the Western Front, 1914-1916, World War One

Manuscript diary, 13 Aug 1914 - 12 Dec 1916, relating to Smith's service with the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front, World War One, in command of 1 Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers, Aug-Nov 1914, as commander of 9 Brigade, Nov 1914 - Mar 1916, and as commander of 20 (Light) Division, Mar 1916 - Dec 1916. Contents include: the Battle of Mons, 23 Sep 1914; the Battle of Le Cateau, 26 Aug 1914; the First Battle of the Marne, 5-12 Sep 1914; the First Battle of the Aisne, 13-28 Sep 1914; the Battle of La Bassee, 18-29 Oct 1914; the First Battle of Ypres, Nov 1914; the Battle of Neuve Chapelle, 11 Mar 1915; the Second Battle of Ypres, Apr-May 1915; the Second Battle of Artois, May-Jun 1915; the Battle of Loos, 25 Sep 1915; the Battle of the Somme, Jul 1916; the Battle of Le Transloy, Oct 1916. Written on loose sheets and sent to his wife, Kathleen Smith (nee Kathleen Edith Beyts), who transcribed the diaries into four volumes. PLEASE NOTE: the copy transcripts (ref: SMITH, WD 2) additionally include diary entries, 13 Dec 1916 - 11 Dec 1917, for which the originals have not survived.

HUTTON, Lt Gen Sir Thomas Jacomb (1890-1981)

  • Collection
  • 1914-1977

Papers dated 1914-1919 relating to service on Western Front, World War One including typescript memoir. Papers and correspondence relating to first Burma campaign and fall of Rangoon, Jan 1939-Jan 1944, including plan dated 1942 for possible offensive against the Japanese, cooperation between British and Chinese troops and reports on operations; copy correspondence of Gen Sir Archibald Wavell, Commander-in-Chief of India, used to compile the official history of the campaign inBurma, 1941-1955; published articles on the Burma campaign by British officers, 1942-1944; correspondence and unpublished manuscripts relating to histories of the Burma campaign, 1942-1978, including narrative of evacuation of Burma by Col J S Vorley dated 1953 and Hutton's memoir 'Rangoon 1941-1942' dated 1974; transcript of interview for Imperial War Museum relating to mechanisation of the British Army, 1919-1939.

Hutton, Sir Thomas Jacomb, 1890-1981, Knight, Lieutenant General

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