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Correspondence, notes and maps, 1919-1920, relating to service with the British Military Mission to South Russia

Papers relating to Kennedy's service as an artillery officer with the British Military Mission to South Russia, including correspondence, maps and manuscript notes, notably typescript account by Kennedy of the fighting which resulted in the capture of Ariol (Orel) near Kursk, Russia, by the White Russian Volunteer Army, together with notes on the need for propaganda in support of the White Russian Volunteer Army, the supply of shrapnel fuses to 60 pounder guns and the use of tractor-drawn artillery in open warfare, Sep 1919; papers relating to the award to Kennedy of a Russian decoration for his part in the action at Orel, near Kursk, Russia, Sep 1919-May 1920; manuscript report by Maj Lennox Brett O'Brien, Senior Liaison Officer, Royal Field Artillery, British Military Mission to South Russia, detached with Ural, Russia, Cossacks, on events in Ural region, Russia, Jan-Apr 1920. Also a Bolshevik recruitment poster, c 1920, with a colour illustration of peasants in a rural scene congregating to sign up under a red flag. 1 file.

Advertising literature for Bush House, 1925-1928

Promotional pamphlets for Bush House as a luxurious commercial office building. Contents include: a list of current tenants, map of Kingsway with names of businesses and plans of standard office suites, 1925; a colour illustration, ‘Bush House from the Strand’ from a watercolour by Hanslip Fletcher, and line drawings of the Aldwych and Strand porticos, the Aldwych entrance hall and the central building seen from the north east, c 1927; details of facilities and services available, and line drawings of the Aldwych and Strand entrances and of the West Court, 1928.

Photograph albums of site works, Bush House West Wing extension, 1927-1928

Captioned photographs of the construction of Bush House West Wing, created by Bush House (Extensions) Ltd. Images include: preliminary excavations; views of surrounding buildings, streets and rooftops; a visit by the commissioning property developer, Irving Tar Bush; the digging of foundation trenches and pier holes; the erection of the steel frame; excavated fragments of old water pipes; stone masons, riveters, asphalt layers, welders and other workmen on site.

Bush House Christmas leaflets, 1927-1930

Christmas pamphlets for Bush House inhabitants, 1927, 1928 and 1930, with comic references to some of the businesses and office life, cartoons by H M Bateman [Henry Mayo Bateman], 1927 and 1928, depicting life in Bush House, and a 1930 poem, ‘Wisdom and youth’, parodying Lewis Carroll’s ‘You are old, Father William’.

Background information, 1990-1993, including pro-Serbian propaganda

Serb propaganda'. File of printed articles, letters and documents relating to events in the former Yugoslavia including, Yugoslav Survey, Facts and Documents, Press and Information Department of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belgrade, 9 Apr 1993, 22pp; _'Economic position of Serbs in Yugoslavia', Kosta Mihailovic, GLAS CCCLXVI de l'Academie serbe des sciences et des arts, Class des sciences sociales_, No 26, 1992 p 19-30, Belgrade, 1992; letter from the Republic of Serbian Krajina to Boutros Boutros Ghali, UN Secretary General, 10 Sep 1993, 11 Sep 1993; Statement from the Republic of Serbian Krajina to Diplomatic and Consular Missions in Belgrade, 11 Sep 1993, concerning mobilisation of Croatian military reserve and Croat aggression in Serb Krajina; Serbs in Croatia: Types of problems and solutions for the Serbian question in Croatia, Association of Serbs from Croatia, Apr 1993, 14 pp; 'The Republic of Serbian Krajina: a quest for truth - facts and documents', The Republic of Serbian Krajina Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belgrade, [1990-1993]; documents from the Serbian Council Information Centre relating to the treatment of Serbs in Croatia, and containing three colour maps indicating ethnic distribution in Yugoslavia (1941) and in Croatia (1991); and Veterans newspaper Veteran, No 1, 1990. Language: Serbo-Croat, German and English

Letters from FM Sir Bernard Montgomery, Sep 1944

Chief of Imperial General Staff semi-official file 6m: including letter to Brooke from FM Sir Bernard Law Montgomery, Commander-in-Chief, 21 Army Group, 10 Sep 1944, expressing his concern at the lack of progress in operations in North West Europe and the poor system of command of Allied forces; telegrams from Montgomery to Brooke, 12-28 Sep 1944, reporting on the progress of operations in North West Europe, Sep 1944, notably the Battle of Arnhem, 17-26 Sep 1944; correspondence between Montgomery and US Gen Dwight David Eisenhower, Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force, Western Europe, 4-20 Sep 1944, on plans for the invasion of Germany.

Papers relating to the London Conference on Yugoslavia, 1992

File of material relating to the London Conference on Yugoslavia, 26-28 August 1992, including: addresses to the conference; press releases; letters and background documents. Includes addresses to the conference by: Rt Hon Peter Alexander Rupert Carington, 6th Baron Carrington (Lord Carrington), European Community peace envoy; Dr Klaus Kinkel, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Federal Republic of Germany (Language: German with English translation); Hekmet Cetin, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Turkey; András Ágoston, President, Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Vojvodina; Alfred Serreqi, Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs; Kiro Gligorov, President of the Republic of Macedonia; Milan Panic, Prime Minister of Yugoslavia; Kiro Gligorov, President of the Republic of Macedonia; Josef Moravcik, Chairman in Office of the CSCE Council of Ministers; Hon Barbara McDougall, Secretary of State for External Affairs, Canada; Dr Alois Mock, Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Austria; Willy Claes, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Belgium; Uffe Ellemann-Jenson, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Denmark; Roland Dumas, French Foreign Minister (Language: French); H van den Broek, The Netherlands Minister for Foreign Affairs;Boutros Boutros-Ghali, UN Secretary General (Language: French). Press releases from the following: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania on compliance with the sanctions against Yugoslavia decided by the Security Council Resolutions, 22 Aug 1992; the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 27 Aug 1992 relating to 'Panic proposal for UN Observers on Yugoslav/Bosnian Border endorsed by Milosevic and Izetbegovic', and 'Major and Hurd praise Panic principles for peace'; statement by US Acting Secretary of State, Lawrence Eagleburger following the London Conference, 27 Aug 1992; and transcript of press conference given by John Major, British Prime Minister, Cyrus Vance, Boutros Boutros Ghali and Douglas Hurd, 27 Aug 1992; joint statement by the Index on Censorship and Faith Asylum Refuge, 26 Aug 1992; statement from the spokesman for the UN Secretary General [1992]; and statements from Bosnia-Herzegovina Information Centre [1992]. Letters include: Milan Panic, President of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to Li Diaoyu, President of the UN Security Council, 17 Aug 1992; Joseph J DioGuardi, US Member of Congress to Douglas Hurd, British Foreign Minister, 21 Aug 1992; Members of the Parliament of the Republic of Kosova to the London Conference on Yugoslavia 26 Aug 1992; Background material includes: bound copy of European Community Conference on Yugoslavia. Background documents pack; 'Serbia and Montenegro', paper by the Co-Chairman; draft statement on Serbia and Montenegro, 27 Aug 1992; abstract to articles 'The opinions of the Badinter Arbitration Committee, A second breath for the self-determination of peoples' Alain Pellet, European Journal of International Law, Firenze, Vol 3 No 1 1992, and 'Faillite: le sort des crianciers', Jean-Reni Edighoffer, Chroniques d'actualité de la deseis, Paris T22, No 10, 15 Oct 1985; copy of speech of President Jacques Delors at the Special Session of European Parliament Committees on the Former Yugoslavia, Brussels, 10 Aug 1992; copy of article 'Development in Eastern and Central Europe: a new challenge for the community' [1992]; copy of article 'The Serbian policy of genocide against the Albanians in war and peace', Council for the Defence of Human Rights and Freedoms [1992].

Background information on former Yugoslavia, 1992, including UK and French publications

File of miscellaneous material relating to the Yugoslav conflict including, 'Sarajevo must be saved, Report to the House of Commons and the House of Lords Action for Bosnia', UK Citizens Committee for Bosnia-Herzegovina, Dec 1992, 4pp; 'Dossier Yougslave' in Dialogue, International Journal of Arts and Sciences, Vol 1 No 2/3 Supplement, Sep 1992, Paris; and a photocopied map indicating locations of UN troops in the former Yugoslavia, [1992]. Language: French and English

Maps and statistics relating to former Yugoslavia, 1991-1992

File of maps and tables including photocopies of street map of Mostar (1992); colour copy of map titled 'Bosnia-Herzegovina 1991, The ethnic makeup of the Republic' published in War Report, Nov/Dec 1992; colour copy of 'Komsic's canton map' indicating 'Cantonal spatial subdivision Bosnia and Hercegovina - according 2+2+2 principle', and table of statistics of population by ethnic group.

Copy published articles by Christopher Bennett on the conflict in Yugoslavia, 1991-1993

File containing spiral bound copies of a selection of press articles by Christopher Bennett, relating to the Yugoslav conflict Jun 1991-Aug 1992 published in the Daily Telegraph, UK Press Gazette, Daily Mail, Christian Science Monitor, Times, European, and Oxford Analytica, and the international oil industry, Nov 1992- Feb 1993, published in Oil Buyers Guide, and Bloomberg Business News Wire.

English language summaries of articles from Erasmus journal, [1993]

File containing English summaries of articles in a Zagreb intellectual journal - Erasmus, Issue 2, including 'The dominant values of Croatian Society', Josip Zupanov; 'New agenda for new democracies (I) Vesna Pusic; 'Reconciliation' Slavko Goldstein; 'The Labyrinth of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ivan Lovrenovic and Darko Hudelist; 'The broken clock of Bosnian policy', Ivo Banac; 'I didn't kiss the clock', Ines Sabalic; 'The banality of evil and loneliness', Ozren Zunex; 'On university autonomy' Neven Sesardic; 'Terrorism', Igor Primorac; 'The art of political falsehood', Jonathan Swift; 'Satirical verse', Vesna Parun; 'Never more', Ranko Marinkovic; 'Papandopulo and Sulek', Zvonimir Berkovic; 'Alija Izetbegovic - the man and the book', Dinka Martinovic; 'Young Croatian film makers - a sketch for an inventory', Juric Pavicic; 'Media and milk', Viktor Ivancic; 'The promotion of Erasmus, Zagreb, Mimara Museum', 4 May 1993. 24pp

Papers, 1992-1995, relating to Lord Owen, co-chairman of the International Conference on the former Yugoslavia

File relating to the role of Rt Hon David Anthony Llewellyn Owen, Baron Owen of the City of Plymouth (Lord Owen), European Community (EC) mediator and co-chairman of the International Conference on the Former Yugoslavia 1992-1995, during conflict in Yugoslavia, including photocopies of: three public lectures at the London School of Economics given by Dr Cedric Thornberry, celebrating of the UN's Fiftieth Anniversary, entitled 'The development of international peacekeeping', 17 Jan 1995, ' Only the odd-numbered World Wars start in Sarajevo', 19 Jan 1994 and 'Peacekeeping in the nineties and beyond', 23 Jan 1994, 54pp; Photocopy of article 'Conflict in former Yugoslavia: quest for solutions', Susan L Woodward, Great Decisions 1994, 14pp; 1994 Sir Winston Churchill Memorial Lecture delivered by Rt Hon Lord Owen, 11 Mar 1994 at the Fondation Pescatore, Luxemburg, entitled 'Yugoslavia: the lessons for the European Union', 21pp; 1993 Churchill Lecture deliverd by Rt Hon Lord Owen, 'Yugoslavia', Guildhall, London, 25 Nov 1993, 22pp; XIX International Conference organised by the Pio Manzu Research Centre, the Gorbachev Foundation and Bologna University, Keynote address by Lord Owen titled 'The third round: the global enterprise in a world torn between neo-tribalism and the challenge of trans-national solidarity', Rimini, 17 Oct 1993, 24pp; note on on 'pre-Owen' meeting, 29 Mar 1994 and copy of topics for discussion with Lord Owen; Summary of Activity, Sep 1992-Feb 1994, from the International Conference on the Former Yugoslavia; four newpaper articles by Lord Owen, Jul 1992-Aug 1993; 'A framework for survival' Lord Owen, Journal of the Irish Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, Vol 23, No 1, Jan 1994. Also contains United Nations Security Council material including Reports of the Secretary-General on the International Conference on Former Yugoslavia, 11 Nov 1992; Report of the Secretary-General on the activities of the International Conference on the Former Yugoslavia, 12 Mar 1993 and the copies of Resolutions 847 (1993), 30 Jun 1993, and Resolution 877 (1993), 21 Oct 1993.

Copy extracts from Kako se dogodio vodza, (How the leader happened), 1992

File containing 'Book extracts-Djukic's book' Photocopy of book Kako se dogodio vodza, Borbe za vlast u Srbiki posli Josipa Brosa [How the leader happened, The struggle for power in Serbia after Jodif Bros Tito], Slavoljub Djukic, 1992, p55-278, and typescript notes on its contents. Language: Serbo-Croat and English

Papers relating to Turkey and South Africa, Aug 1942 - Jan 1943

Reports, telegrams and memoranda chiefly relating to a visit by Taylor (code name ‘AD’) to Turkey as Director of Overseas Groups and Missions, SOE, December 1942, and preparations for a visit to South Africa, January 1943. File includes: a directive summarising the purpose and organisation of SOE activities in East Africa; a report on SOE organisations in South and East Africa by ‘DZ 4’ [Lt Col R L Broad] two memoranda by ‘AD/U’ [William Johnston ‘Tony’ Keswick] on SOE personnel in the Durban Mission; letters from ‘WS’ [Lt Col A W Smith], relating to the command of the Durban Mission and the development of special operations in Portuguese East Africa, including possible SOE anti-submarine activities; reports by Taylor, with related correspondence, concerning his visit to the SOE office, Turkey, including SOE operations in Turkey, the morale of SOE personnel, relations with the SOE Cairo office, negotiations with the Turkish government over the sale of chromite (used in the production of chrome) to Germany, the Goeland Company (a fictitious company created by the British government to reduce German access to Danube shipping), potential demolition targets in Turkey in the event of Axis occupation, and possible future actions of the Turkish government; letters by Taylor relating to SOE operations in Hungary, the Hungary Section in London, the deployment of an operative with expert knowledge of Hungary, named ‘Hindle’, and negotiations with OSS (Office of Strategic Services, the US counterpart to SOE) over possible co-operation in the Middle East.

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