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JOURNALISM: King's College London departmental records

  • KDJ
  • Collection
  • 1923-1946

The records of the Journalism Department at King's College London comprise minutes, correspondence, lecture notes and some printed pamphlets, newspapers and publicity material, 1923-1946; notably including minutes of the Journalism Committee of the University of London, the course's governing board, with some related papers, 1931-1945; manuscript and typescript correspondence, mainly with students, especially applications to study, regarding assignments and work placements, including correspondence with regional newspapers and publishers, but also illustrative of the broadcasting and lecturing work of Tom Clarke particularly on the freedom of the press in the late 1930s, 1923-1939; letters of enquiry from prospective students concerning the possible reinstatement of the diploma course, 1946; papers concerning The Electrical Association for Women and the Retail Trading Standards Association, including booklets and memoranda, 1935-1936; summaries of lecture notes compiled by Tom Clarke for teaching the practical journalism component of the diploma, 1935-1936; copies of The L.U.J.S. gazette , produced by journalism students, 1927-1935; newspaper cuttings concerning the teaching of journalism, 1923-1938. This series also includes records, 1933-1939, containing some student information, including application forms, admission counterfoils giving name, address, year and optional subject, vacation work reports from editors, correspondence regarding students and potential students, some marks, and a register of former students.

King's College London Department of Journalism


  • SGH/CN
  • Collection
  • 1946-1947

St Giles Hospital case papers, 1946; St Giles Hospital out-patient case notes, 1946-1947, for a named patient suffering from Addison's disease, who was treated at various hospitals and clinics.

St Giles Hospital, London

ENTWISTLE, William James (1895-1952)

  • K/PP172
  • Collection
  • [1945-1947]

Papers of William James Entwistle collection, [1945-1947] comprising correspondence to and from Entwistle regarding the Chronicle of John I of Portugal and also includes a draft edition of the first 136 chapters,[1945-1947].

The correspondence section notably includes a letter, in Portuguese script, from Florentino dos Santos Cardoso, of Évora Public Library, to William James Entwistle, 1945, concerning the Chronica de El Rei D. João I by Fernão Lopes and a reproduction made and held by the Évora Public Library. Florentino dos Santos Cardoso asks Entwistle whether he would be interested in purchasing a complete reproduction. Correspondence also includes a letter from Entwistle to Edgar Prestage (1881-1949), regarding the printing of the final chapters of Chronicle of John I of Portugal , 1945; letter from Entwistle to Prestage regarding the progress of the printing of a complete copy of Chronicle of John I of Portugal , suggesting the proofs are the 'pre first edition of book which will never appear', 1947.

The collection also includes a copy of the unpublished text of Chronicle of John I of Portugal [1945-1946], written by Fernão Lopes 1380-1459.

Entwistle, William James, 1895-1952, Professor of Spanish


  • BH
  • Collection
  • 1874-1948

Records of the Belgrave Hospital for Children, 1902-1948, comprising minutes of the medical sub-committee, 1902-1921 (1 volume); case notes, 1904-1948 (216 volumes); admissions register, 1929-1931, including an index (1 volume). Two bound volumes of out-letters, 1874-1875, minutes of a meeting of the hospital’s General Council, 1901, and printed items including fundraising leaflets, 1899-1902, a pharmacopoeia, 1937, and an annual report, 1946.

Belgrave Hospital for Children, London, 1866-1985


  • AHL
  • Collection
  • [1912]-1948

Seven volumes of newspaper cuttings from British newspapers concerning Greece, 16 Nov 1915-2 Aug 1919, particularly the political repercussions of events of World War One in Greece; four volumes of newspaper cuttings from British newspapers concerning Greece, 2 Feb 1938-27 Mar 1948, mainly relating to the German occupation of and Allied liberation of Greece during World War Two, and subsequent Greek Communist military operations; manuscript and corrected typescript of 'The perfidy of Constantine - a history of Greece, 1912-1917' by Leonard Arthur Magnus, presented to the Anglo-Hellenic League by Magnus in 1919; Greek vocabulary by R A Bickford Smith.

Anglo-Hellenic League, 1913-

PRESTAGE, Professor Edgar (1869-1951)

  • K/PP74
  • Collection
  • 1881-1949

Papers of Edgar Prestage, 1881-1949, largely relating to his work on the history of Portugal, 16th-19th centuries. Letters to Prestage from various correspondents, 1886-1948 and undated, relate to a variety of subjects pertaining to his work, publications and translations, sources and interpretation, and also to acquaintances and contemporaries, other publications, and some personal matters such as correspondents' health and families, and include six letters from Fortunato de Almeida, 1917-1933 and undated; 24 letters from Joao Lucio de Azevedo, 1914-1933 and undated; 13 letters from Pedro Augusto de S Bartolomeu de Azevedo, 1910-1927 and undated; six letters from Henrique de Gama Barros, 1908-1925; five letters from Carlos Roma du Bocage, 1915-1918; three letters from Sir Richard Francis Burton, 1888-1889, and 12 letters from Lady Isabel Burton, 1894-1896, relating to Sir Richard's translation of Camoens; 22 letters from Julio de Castilho, 1908-1918; nine letters from Harold Castle, 1903-1906; six letters from Fidelino de Figueiredo, 1911-1918 and undated; eight letters from James Fitzmaurice-Kelly, 1905-1919; five letters from Anselmo Braamcamp Freire, 1905-1919; two letters from Pieter Geyl, 1923, 1926; letter from William Ewart Gladstone, 1893, congratulating Prestage on Letters of a Portuguese nun ; ten letters from Edward Heawood, 1922-1933; letter from Benjamin Jowett, 1887, explaining entrance examinations at Oxford; five letters from Margery Lane, 1927 and undated; six letters from Manuel de Oliveira Lima, 1910-1927; two letters, 1928, 1932, from Manuel II, King of Portugal, concerning the monarch's bibliography of early Portuguese books; eight letters from Jacinto Octavio Picon, 1911-1920; seven letters from Jacinto Inacio de Brito Rebelo, 1895-1908; eight letters from Jaime Batalha Reis, 1894-1896, 1904-1905, 1922; 12 letters from Francisco Rodrigues, 1913-1918, 1930 and undated; two letters from John Ruskin, 1886 and undated, on the study of architecture; seven letters from Antonio Maria Jose de Melo Cesar e Meneses, 5th Conde de Sabugosa, 1905-1913; five letters from Luis Teixeira de Sampayo, 1921-1928; letter from Herbert Louis Samuel, 1st Viscount Samuel, 1905, congratulating Prestage on Eca de Queiroz's The sweet miracle ; five letters from Georg Schurhammer, 1930-1936; five letters from Wilhelm Storck, 1894-1895; five letters from Herbert Thurston, 1905-1913; ten letters from Pedro Tovar de Lemos, 2nd Conde de Tovar, 1916-1927 and undated; 13 letters from Carolina Michaelis de Vasconcellos, 1895-1896, 1907-1922, and 11 letters from her husband, Joaquim de Vasconcellos, 1897, 1908-1925; six letters from Afonso Lopes Vieira, 1910, 1914, 1927 and undated; five letters from Tomas Maria de Almeida Manuel de Vilhena, 8th Conde de Vila Flor, 1925-1929 and undated; letter from Oscar O'Flahertie Wills Wilde, [1892], regretting he cannot send a copy of his unnamed play (perhaps Lady Windermere's Fan ) as it has not yet been published. There is also a letter of 1881 from Antonio Candido Goncalves Crespo to Maria Amalia Vaz de Carvalho (father and mother of Prestage's wife). Ephemera includes signatures of Gomes Eannes Azurara, William Wordsworth, [? Isaac] Disraeli and Samuel Wilberforce; Christmas cards; the visiting card of S T P Kruger, President of the Transvaal Republic, 1903; menus, including the House of Commons Coronation luncheon in Westminster Hall, 1902; a ticket to the coronation of Edward VII, 1902; and an invitation to a party at Windsor Castle, 1912. Otherwise the collection comprises research notes and transcriptions on various subjects and sources, including Restoration period Portugal; Sousa Coutinho; Portuguese in Africa, Brazil and Asia; the War of the Spanish Succession; 17th century Portuguese history, including diplomacy; the sermons of Father Antonio Vieira SJ; Portuguese bibliographies prepared by Prestage; annotated typescripts on the Portuguese in Abyssinia down to 1543, aspects and results of Portuguese colonisation, and Portuguese reminiscences (1948); Prestage's 'The Mode of Government in Portugal during the Restoration Period'; photographs of Portuguese fortresses in Morocco; notebook on 'Analyse das "Cartas Familiares" '; copies of letters of F de Sousa, including his embassies to France and Rome; copies of letters of Sir R Southwell, English ambassador to Lisbon; material relating to relations between Spain and Portugal; pamphlets and articles of Prestage; proofs for a chapter entitled 'L'Intevention Anglaise dans la Peninsule Iberique', in an envelope addressed to Prestage and labelled 'D Fernando & the Holy See by E Perroy'.

Prestage, Edgar, 1869-1951, Professor of Portuguese, historian

BIRD, (Cyril) Kenneth (1887-1965), alias Fougasse

  • K/PP57
  • Collection
  • 1936-1949

Published books, 1936-1949, written or illustrated by Fougasse, mainly comprising books of cartoons and war propaganda posters used during World War Two, 1939-1945: You have been warned: a complete guide to the road with W D H McCullough (Methuen & Co, 8th edition, London, 1936); Drawing the line somewhere (Methuen & Co, London, 1937); Stop or go: a diary for 1939 (Methuen & Co, London, 1938); ...and the Gatepost (Chatto & Windus, London, 1940); The changing face of Britain (Methuen & Co, 3rd edition, London, 1941); Aces made easy with W D H McCullough (Methuen & Co, 3rd edition, London, 1941); The Little Less...and how much it is with Guy Reed (HMSO, London, 1941); The luck of the draw (Methuen & Co, 5th edition, London, 1942); Running commentary (Methuen & Co, 2nd edition, London, 1942); Sorry-no rubber (Methuen & Co, London, 1942); Just a few lines verses by Arthur W Bird, drawings by Fougasse (Methuen & Co, 2nd edition, London, 1944); Home circle (Methuen & Co, London, 1945); A school of purposes: a selection of Fougasse posters, 1939-1945 (Methuen & Co, London, 1946); You and me (Methuen & Co, London, 1948); Question-mark: a journey round the world by Donald McCullough, illustrated by Fougasse (Paul Elek, London, 1949).

Bird, Cyril Kenneth, 1887-1965, cartoonist and illustrator, called Fougasse

NURSING: Belgrave Hospital for Children Nursing School student records

  • BH/FP
  • Collection
  • 1903-1950

The collection comprises three registers of student nurses at Belgrave Hospital for Children, including details of name and address of nurse, rank, location of previous training, age, date of entering, date of leaving, description of work undertaken, reasons for leaving, and comments on suitability of candidate, 1903-1950.

Belgrave Hospital for Children Nursing School

DOUGLAS, Gordon Oxenbury (1914-1999)

  • K/PP157
  • Collection
  • 1934-1950

Papers of Gordon Oxenbury Douglas, 1914-1999, relating to his social life at King's College London, comprise a black and white photograph of Gordon Oxenbury Douglas, [1940]; letters from Katharine Dilley to Douglas, whom he later married, 1934-1935; dance card belonging to Douglas for the King's College London Commemoration Ball, 1935 showing all dances marked for Katharine Dilley. The collection also contains professional references for Douglas from W.G Shilling of the Aeronautical Inspection Directorate, Lilian F Haddakin, Assistant Lecturer in the Department of English at University College London, W. W. Willliams, Assistant Censor at Fitzwilliam House, Cambridge University and from J. E. Young, Senior Classics Master at Ipswich School.

Douglas, Gordon Oxenbury, 1914-1999, student of King's College London Faculty of Science


  • DH/CN
  • Collection
  • 1947-1951

Dulwich Hospital case notes, consisting of out-patient case notes, 1947-1951, for a named patient suffering from Addison's disease, who was treated at various hospitals and clinics.

Dulwich Hospital, London

LOW, David Morrice (1890-1972)

  • K/PP70
  • Collection
  • 1911-1952

Notes and papers, 1911-1952, of David Morrice Low, including scrapbook of news cuttings and pictures, 1911-1913; printed Marlborough school lists, 1914-1918, and extracts from school rules, 1916; list of Oriel men on service; notes on Italy and Latin, 1924-1925 and undated; notes on teaching classics and mathematics [1914-1921]; notes, manuscripts and typescripts for novels or short stories; material relating to Low's novel Twice Shy (1933) including notes, reviews, and a contract with Chatto & Windus; other material relating to Chatto & Windus, 1927-1933; notes on Greece and Nice; manuscript notes and letter, 1927, from V H Collins on 'Scotticisms'; manuscript personal notes on his mother, childhood, first memories, use of language and attitude to women; typescript note on role as examiner of English, 1940; notebooks on Edward Gibbon, some dated 1934-1935, from various sources including Gibbon's journal and letters; printed catalogue of Gibbon's library, 1934, and typescript essay on it; photographs of portraits of Gibbon and places associated with him; typescripts on 'The Grand Tour'; notes on aeronautical terminology in Spanish and Portuguese [1941-1943]; offprint of E M Wilson, 'La Estroga Sexta de la Cancion a la Flor de Guido', Miscelanea (1952), dedicated to Low; Enid Marx, The Pigeon Ace [undated].

Low, David Morrice, 1890-1972, writer

SHEARING, Edwin Albert (b 1915)

  • K/PP11
  • Collection
  • 1937-1953

Personal correspondence, 1937-1952, between Shearing and Samuel Smiles, Daniell Professor of Chemistry at King's College London, relating to the publication of Shearing's research, and Shearing's work and career; letters, 1938, from Arthur John Allmand, Daniell Professor of Chemistry at King's College London, requesting information on Shearing's career and the Samuel Smiles Prize Fund; 'Report of the Samuel Smiles Prize and Presentation Fund Committee', [1939]; dinner menu and photographs of a chemists' gathering at the Waldorf Hotel, London, 1937.

Shearing, Edwin Albert, b 1915, chemist

COLLINS, Dr Douglas Cecil (b 1897)

  • K/PP61
  • Collection
  • [1935-1954]

Transcriptions of source material and notes by Douglas on Elizabethan and Stuart journalism, [1935-1954], mainly comprising typed transcriptions of newspapers, pamphlets and similar sources of news, 1566-1622, with associated notes and references by Collins, and including typescript of 'Elizabethan journalism, 1590-1610' by Collins; manuscript and typescript introduction, table of contents and bibliography of A Handlist of News Pamphlets, 1590-1610 (Walthamstow South-West Essex Technical College and School of Art, London, 1943) by Collins; file of correspondence with archivists (mainly at Essex Country Record Office, the Bodleian Library and Chester City Record Office), concerning sources of Elizabethan and Stuart journalism and pamphlets, 1948-1954, with a manuscript copy of an interim report on the subject, [1949]; notebook containing research on the early modern postal service; manuscript notes on Sixteenth Century French news pamphlets and related material, including research undertaken on Collins' behalf by Robert J North, with covering letters from North to Collins, 1934.

Collins, Douglas Cecil, b 1897

ADDRESS BOOKS: King's College for Women student records

  • Collection
  • 1894-1955

King's College for Women student address books, 1894-1917 (Ref: KWA/RAD), student address book, 1908-1955 (Ref: Q/RAD1). Information typically includes student addresses and courses being taken.

Queen Elizabeth College, 1953-1985

DELEGACY SPECIAL COMMITTEE: University of London King's College committee records

  • KA/DS
  • Collection
  • 1909-1955

The records of the Special Committees of the Delegacy of King's College London consist of minutes of a variety of committees, 1910-1955. These include committees on individual departments including Engineering and Chemical Engineering, Evening Classes, Slavonic Studies and Bacteriology and Public Health, notably covering the Engineering Society, departmental reorganisation and equipment, 1910-1950; Refectory Committee, 1918-1931; Fellows Committee, 1924-1954; Committee of Deans, including the calendar, fees, admission of women, student statistics and social activities, 1921-1943; College Dinner/Fellows Dinner/Luncheon Club Committees, 1924-1954; Public Lectures Committee, including notes on the Gilbart Banking Lectures and programmes of public lectures in each department, 1946-1955; the Conversazione Committee, 1932-1954; Men's and Women's Hostel Committees, with some accounts and prospectuses, 1923-1931.

University of London, King's College Delegacy, 1908-1980

PEARSON, John Edward (b 1930)

  • C/PP3
  • Collection
  • 1954-1957

The papers of John Pearson comprise manuscript notebooks of lectures and experimental write-ups compiled by Pearson when he was a student at Chelsea Polytechnic, 1954-1957, and include notes on electricity, optics, electronics and circuit theory, electromagnetic theory, diffraction gratings, wave mechanics and X-ray physics.

Pearson, John Edward, b 1930, electrical engineer

PATIENT CASE NOTES: King's College Hospital

  • KH/CN
  • Collection
  • 1840-1959

King's College Hospital patient case notes, medical and surgical records and indexes, [1828]-1959; containing detailed patient medical and personal information, clinical data and disease profiles; typically including name, age, dates of admission and discharge, ward and precise address or home parish/town; clinical data including reason for admission, diagnosis and outcome and covering a wide range of specialisms and a cross section of diseases notably infectious diseases, cancer, nervous diseases, congenital illnesses, accidental or self inflicted injuries and poisoning.

KH/CN1: Series of case notes of patients in King's College Hospital arranged in sections by physician or surgeon in chronological order, 1840-1928. 668 volumes and 104 files.

KH/CN1/1-61 (1840-1859): Professor Robert Bentley Todd, Physician to the Hospital and Professor of Physiology;

KH/CN1/62-113 (1840-1878): Professor Sir William Fergusson, Surgeon to King's College Hospital;

KH/CN1/114-147 (1873-1887): Sir George Johnson, Professor of Clinical Medicine;

KH/CN1/148-202 (1859-1895): Lionel Smith Beale, Professor of Medicine;

KH/CN1/203-226 (1863-1874): Sir Alfred Baring Garrod, Professor of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy;

KH/CN1/227-248 (1876-1895): Alfred Baynard Duffin, Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine;

KH/CN1/249-264 (1876-1899): Isaac Burney Yeo, Joint Professor of Medicine;

KH/CN1/266-310 (1863-1889): John Wood, Professor of Clinical Surgery;

KH/CN/311-326 (1867-1888): Henry Smith, Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery;

KH/CN1/327-355 (1873-1892): William Smoult Playfair, Professor of Obstetric Medicine;

KH/CN1/361-387 (1885-1906): Thomas Crawford Hayes, Professor of Obstetric Medicine and the Diseases of Women and Children;

KH/CN1/388-413 (1886-1907): David Ferrier, Professor of Neuropathology;

KH/CN1/ 414-435 (1882-1888): William Rose, Professor of Surgery;

KH/CN1/436-493 (1889-1914): Surgeon-Rear-Admiral Sir William Watson Cheyne, Professor of Clinical Surgery;

KH/CN1/494-503 (1894-1916): Albert Boyce Barrow, Consulting Surgeon to King's College Hospital;

KH/CN1/504-510 (1894-1922): Frederic Francis Burghard, Senior Surgeon and Lecturer on Clinical Surgery;

KH/CN1/511-512 (1898-1899): John Curnow, Professor of Clinical Medicine;

KH/CN1/513-522 (1898-1918): Albert Carless, Professor of Surgery;

KH/CN1/523-524 (1900, 1911): Sir Nestor Tirard, Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine;

KH/CN1/525-528 (1902, 1907-1909, 1917): Professor Norman Dalton, Senior Physician and Lecturer on Medicine;

KH/CN1/529-533 (1903-1910): Sir Hugh Reeve Beevor, Physician;

KH/CN1/537-585 (1907-1927): George Frederic Still, Professor of Diseases of Children;

KH/CN1/586-592 (1908-1923): Sir Raymond Henry Payne Crawfurd, Physician and Director of Medical Studies in the Medical School;

KH/CN1/593-597 (1908-1925): William Aldren Turner, Physician in Charge of Neurological Cases and Lecturer in Neurology in the Medical School;

KH/CN1/598-605 (1913-1927): Arthur Edmunds, Senior Surgeon and Lecturer in Surgery;

KH/CN1/606-613 (1914-1927): Thomas Percy Legg, Surgeon;

KH/CN1/614-629 (1913-1927): Sir George Lenthal Cheatle, Senior Surgeon;

KH/CN1630-647 (1920-1927): Orthopaedic Clinic run by Charles Jennings Marshall, Harold A T Fairbank, Senior Orthopaedist, and St John Dudley Buxton, Junior Orthopaedist and Junior Surgeon and Buxton's independent cases (KH/CN1/678-687, 1922-1928);

KH/CN1/648-662 (1919-1928): John Everidge, Junior Urologist and Junior Surgeon;

KH/CN1/663-677 (1919-1927): Urogenital and Urological cases of John Everidge and John Thomson-Walker, Senior Urologist;

KH/CN1/688-713 (1919-1929): Sir Charlton Briscoe, Senior Physician and Dean of the Medical School;

KH/CN1/714-736 (1920-1928): Douglas Firth, Junior Physician;

KH/CN1/737-744 (1920-1923): Harold Waterlow Wiltshire, Lecturer on Morbid Anatomy and on Practical Medicine;

KH/CN1/745-749 (1920-1923): Francis Whittaker Tunnicliffe, Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacology;

KH/CN1/750-765 (1922-1927): Cecil P G Wakeley, Senior Surgical Registrar and Surgical Tutor;

KH/CN1/766-772 (1923-1928): Arthur Whitfield, Professor of Dermatology and Charles Frederick Terence East, Junior Physician; Richard Partridge, Surgeon and Professor of Anatomy (KH/CN3/2, 1869-1872);

KH/CN1/534-536 (1904-1913): Throat Department notes.

KH/CN2/1-689: General patient case notes describing treatments and the work of staff covering a wide range of specialisms, 1928-1939. 689 boxes


  • John Geoffrey Yates Bell, Assistant Urological Surgeon, 1930-1937, Urological Surgeon, 1937;
  • Sir Charlton Briscoe;
  • St John Dudley Buxton, Orthopaedic Surgeon and Lecturer on Orthopaedics from 1922;
  • Terence Cawthorne, House Surgeon, Ear, Nose and Throat, 1924-1928, Surgeon, 1939;
  • Sir George Lenthal Cheatle;
  • Edward Bellis Clayton, Surgeon, Children's Department at King's, 1907-1908, Medical Officer in Charge of the Electrical and Massage Department at King's, 1912, Director of Physiotherapy, 1913-1946;
  • Macdonald Critchley, Junior Neurologist, 1928, Physician for Nervous Diseases, 1935, Head of Neurology, 1937;
  • William Ingledew Daggett, Junior Aural Surgeon, 1928-1935, Aural Surgeon, 1935;
  • John Alexander Drake, Assistant Physician, Dermatological Department, 1919, Director of the Department for Venereal Diseases, 1920, Dean of the Medical School, 1932;
  • Charles Frederick Terence East,
  • Arthur Edmunds,
  • Harold Clifford Edwards, Surgeon, 1934, Dean of the Medical School;
  • John Everidge,
  • Harold Fairbank,
  • Douglas Firth,
  • Sir William Gilliatt, Senior Obstetric and Gynaecological Surgeon;
  • Archibald Gilpin, Assistant Physician, 1935, Physician, 1942;
  • Lynette Hemmant, Venereologist, 1930;
  • Charles William Menelaus Hope, Clinical Assistant to Sir St Clair Thomson, 1910-1914, Assistant Surgeon, 1914-1922, Surgeon, 1922-1940, Consulting Surgeon, 1940;
  • John Bowman Hunter, Assistant Surgeon, 1927, Dean of the Medical School, 1938;
  • Arthur Wallis Kendall, Assistant Surgeon, 1934, Vice-Dean of the Medical School, 1939;
  • Robert Daniel Lawrence, Biochemist, 1924, Assistant Physician-in-charge of the Diabetic Department, 1932, Physician, 1939;
  • Thomas Percy Legg, Assistant Surgeon, 1910, Senior Surgeon, 1930;
  • Harry Audley Lucas, House Surgeon, Ear, Nose and Throat Department, 1920, Assistant Pathologist, 1921, Lecturer in Pathology and Bacteriology in the Dental School, 1930, Sub-Dean and Vice-Dean in the Medical School, 1931-1937;
  • Robert Alexander McCance, Biochemist during the 1920s and 1930s;
  • John Bell Milne, Lecturer on Dental Mechanics, 1923, Lecturer in Prosthetics, 1930, in charge of Dental Department, 1932-1947;
  • Edward Grainger Muir, Assistant Surgeon, 1934;
  • Victor Ewings Negus, Junior Surgeon, Ear, Nose and Throat Department, 1924-1931, Surgeon, 1931-1940, on retirement of Charles Hope, Senior Surgeon, 1940-1946;
  • Charles Edward Newman, Physician, 1937;
  • Alexander Croydon Palmer, Obstetric and Gynaecological Surgeon, 1925-1932, Surgeon 1932-1946;
  • John Harold Peel, Obstetric Tutor, 1932, Obstetric and Gynaecological Surgeon, 1943;
  • Lewis Herbert Savin, Assistant Ophthalmic Surgeon at King's, 1931, Senior Surgeon, 1945;
  • Wilfred Percy Sheldon, Assistant Physician and then Physician-in-Charge of the Children's Department at King's from 1928;
  • George Frederic Still,
  • William Aldren Turner,
  • Cecil P G Wakeley,
  • Samuel Alexander Kinnier Wilson, 1878-1937, Neurologist at King's from 1919.

KH/CN3/1-19: Case notes, abstracts, and loose records of doctors and departments of King's College Hospital or related to it, 1828-1958, with notes by Lord Lister, 1st Baron Lister of Lyme Regis, Professor of Clinical Surgery, William Fergusson and others, diet sheets and the case notes of some named patients, 12 files and 4 volumes.

KH/IN: Indexes comprising: KH/IN1, Indexes to medical case records, 1963-1927, 46 volumes;

KH/IN2, index cards of diseases, 1928-1937, 5 boxes;

KH/IN3, Indexes of surgical cases, 1863-1901, 15 volumes;

KH/IN4, post mortem registers, 1860-1959, 20 volumes;

KH/IN5, indexes of Robert Bentley Todd's nervous disease cases, 1840-1848, 1 volume.

King's College Hospital, London, 1840-

RANDALL, Sir John Turton (1905-1984)

  • K/PP59
  • Collection
  • [1943-1959]

Medals and other awards, including the insignia of a Knight Bachelor, particularly for scientific achievement and his cavity magnetron work, with accompanying documentation, [1943-1959].

Randall, Sir John Turton, 1905-1984, knight, physicist

LEIGH, Denis (1915-1998)

  • IOP/PP6
  • Collection
  • [1960]

Black and white photographs of rare pamphlets and typescript drafts and preparatory notes, [1960], for the production of Denis Leigh's Historical Development of British Psychiatry Vol. 1 (1961), (Vol. 2 was never published).

Leigh, Denis, 1915-1998, consultant psychiatrist

WORMALD, Francis (1904-1972)

  • K/PP167
  • Collection
  • [1930-1960]

Papers of Francis Wormald, comprising several scientific notebooks by Honoria Yeo (Wormald's wife) during her time as a pharmacy student, [1930-1939]; photographs, photocopies and postcards, used for teaching or research purposes, of the exterior and interiors of British and European churches, church furnishings, and pages from numerous illuminated manuscripts, Psalters and books of hours, many from the Bodleian Library, Oxford, and British Museum, [1949-1960]; notebooks and loose notes used for lectures including on St Oswald, brasses and Danish invasions of England; papers on topics including French palaeography until the 14th century, English miniatures in the 12th century and Flemish texts in the 13-14th centuries, [1949-1960].

Wormald, Francis, 1904-1972, antiquarian and palaeographer

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