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HEY, Professor Donald Holroyde (1904-1987)

  • K/PP25
  • Collection
  • 1930-1971

Papers covering Hey's career, 1930-1971, including scientific papers, lectures, notes relating to departmental administration, and papers by others. File of correspondence, 1936-1937, chiefly with Professor William Alexander Waters, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Durham, relating to Waters' investigations into reactions involving free radicals and the subsequent publication of a paper on the same in Chemical Review , and including a draft and final version of Waters' paper on 'Decomposition reactions of the Aromatic Diazo Compounds', read to the Royal Society of Chemistry in Dec 1936.

Hey, Donald Holroyde, 1904-1987, Professor of Chemistry

HANSON, Professor (Emmeline) Jean (1919-1973)

  • K/PP67
  • Collection
  • 1938-1975

Papers of Professor Jean Hanson, 1938-1975, comprising undergraduate lecture notes; drafts for lectures, revised annually, for undergraduate teaching in zoology at Bedford College, 1938-1948; lectures in Biophysics given at King's College London, 1960-1973; research papers, comprising extensive laboratory notebooks and working papers, 1938-1973, which include ideas for research and comments on current and projected experiments as well as records and observations of work in progress; reports on the work of the Muscle Biophysics Unit; drafts for publications, 1950-1973; unpublished invitation lectures and talks, 1956-1973; scientific correspondence, 1956-1973, including letters exchanged with colleagues whilst at conferences or abroad, detailing research progress; 'Emmeline Jean Hanson' by Sir John Randall, reprinted from Biographical memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society , Vol 21, Nov 1975.

Hanson, Emmeline Jean, 1919-1973, biologist

HALLIDAY, Sir William Reginald (1886-1966)

  • K/PP133
  • Collection
  • 1945-1966

Papers, 1945-1966, of Sir William Halliday including letters, 1945-1966, to M T Tudsbery, variously addressed from the Athaeneum, King's College London and Lynton, Devon, and covering subjects such as verse, health, meetings, acquaintances and family, travels and work; privately printed Christmas cards, 1945-1949; original verse and literary exercises; copies of Anecdotage , a privately printed Christmas pamphlet containing reminiscences by Halliday, 1957-1964; obituary of Halliday, The Times , 1966.

Halliday, Sir William Reginald, 1886-1966, Knight, historian, archaeologist and Principal of King's College London

HALL, Hubert (1857-1944)

  • K/PP66
  • Collection
  • [1896]

Manuscript notes by Hubert Hall on the Red Book of the Exchequer (a volume, originating in the 13th century, containing precedents and memoranda), undated [1896].

Hall, Hubert, 1857-1944, archivist

HUDSON, Professor William Henry Hoar (1838-1915)

  • K/PP32
  • Collection
  • 1873

Papers of Hudson comprising 'Angle Generator for use in the study of trigonometry' by W B Bushell, 1873; a letter from H Orfleur concerning surfaces, with photograph of geometrical model attached, 1898; invitation to Hudson from Principal Henry Wace to the Medical Department Prize Distribution, with geometrical drawing on the reverse; mathematical model (quadratic surface: ellipsoid).

Hudson, William Henry Hoar, 1838-1915, Professor of Mathematics

HOLMES, Maj Oliver Wright- (b 1909)

  • K/PP22
  • Collection
  • 1931-1934

Lecture, course and revision notes written by Wright-Holmes whilst studying History at King's College London, 1931-1934; typescript copy of his PhD thesis entitled 'Tertullian on prayer', 1951.

Holmes, Oliver Wright-, b 1909, Major

HUDSON, Helen Muriel (1919-2006)

  • K/PP12
  • Collection
  • 1968-1975

Correspondence, 1968-1975, with and concerning Mrs Helen Joseph, a graduate in English at King's College, London, who became a social worker in South Africa and was later tried for treason and put under extended house arrest, including a petition by female public leaders for her release, 1968; correspondence regarding Helen Joseph's election as a Fellow of King's College, London, 1975.

Hudson, Helen Muriel, 1919-2006

HILTON, John Robert (1908-1994)

  • K/PP94
  • Collection
  • 1934-1941

Papers of John Robert Hilton 1934-1941, comprising: correspondence and papers on his appointment as Director of Antiquities, Cyprus, 1934 and his dismissal in 1935; correspondence with Sir George Hill, Director, British Museum, 1935; press cuttings and printed reports on the Cyprus Committee and the Department of Antiquities, 1935-1941; personal correspondence, 1934-1935; photographs of Cypriot antiquities, colleagues and family, 1934-1935; unpublished memoir A Camel Load of Woad

Hilton, John Robert, 1908-1994, architect and diplomat

HISTORY: King's College London departmental student records

  • KDH/FP
  • Collection
  • 1947-1994

King's College London Department of History undergraduate student files, 1949-1992, 1994 (Ref: KDH/FP), undergraduate record cards, 1952-1968, 1971-94 (Ref: KDH/FPC), postgraduate files, 1947, 1960, 1962-1993 (Ref: KDH/FPPG), postgraduate record cards, [1950-1992] (Ref: KDH/FPPGC). All students listed in the undergraduate file series from 1949-1966 have both a record card and a file. The majority of postgraduate students up to 1989 also have both a record card and a file. Undergraduate files from 1949-1966 typically contain only general correspondence. From 1968-1976, they also include UCCA (Universities Central Council on Admissions) forms. Information contained on the record cards includes name, permanent address, term time address, previous education, course studied, and photograph. The postgraduate files include an application for admission form, report form, references, degree registration form, admission slip and enrolment form, Faculty of Arts postgraduate form and correspondence.

King's College London Department of History


  • K/PP45
  • Collection
  • 1992-1996

Text of address given by Professor Cyril Domb at the unveiling of a plaque to commemorate James Clerk Maxwell at King's College London , 24 Jun 1996; printed leaflet relating to the James Clerk Maxwell Birthplace in Edinburgh, [1992]; photocopy of Examination Papers written by Clerk Maxwell for Smith's Prizes at Cambridge University in Jan 1879, [1992-1996]; photocopies of articles relating to Clerk Maxwell, notably 'The origins of the Clerk (Maxwell) genius' by D O Forfar in the Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, 'James Clerk Maxwell: maker of waves', based on a talk given by Forfar at a conference held at the Royal Society of Scotland on Scotland's mathematical heritage, Jul 1995, and 'Ordering the foundations', by David S Ritchie in Natural Science .

James Clerk Maxwell Foundation

KELLY, Professor James Fitzmaurice- (1857-1923)

  • K/PP69
  • Collection
  • 1898-1907

Twelve letters from James Fitzmaurice-Kelly to David Hannay, 1898-1907, the subjects including work and publications, among them Fitzmaurice-Kelly's History of Spanish Literature , his edition of Don Quixote and Hannay's review, 1898, and providing and soliciting information on Spanish, military and naval subjects and sources, mediaeval to contemporary.

Kelly, James, Fitzmaurice-, 1857-1923, Professor of Spanish

KING'S COLLEGE HOSPITAL: Thrombosis Research Unit

  • KH/TRU
  • Collection
  • [1972-1996]

General correspondence concerning the Thrombosis Research Unit of King's College Hospital, 1977-1988; progress and research reports, [1974-1990]; annual reports, 1983-1995; proposals for the Institute of Thrombosis Research, [1982-1988]; applications for funding, [1977-1987]; British Heart Foundation annual research reports, 1978-1985; British Heart Foundation applications for grants, [1972-1989]; individual staff files, [1976-1985], mostly containing correspondence; clinical trials and studies, [1984-1996]; letters, receipts, invoices and delivery notes of equipment ordered for the Unit, [1977-1988]; research papers written by the Unit, [1975-1986]; other research papers written outside of the Unit, [1978-1989]; bound report in sections, 1989, 'Laboratoires Biosedra: Divitine (LU 47311), Clivaparine Sous-Cutanée, April 1989', investigating the use of Heparin in the prevention of thrombosis.

King's College Hospital Thrombosis Research Unit, 1965-


  • KH
  • Collection
  • 1562-2001

Records of King's College Hospital, 1562-1999, comprising the governing and management bodies' and sub-committees' minutes and papers, 1839-1976; files of senior administrative staff including the Hospital Secretary, House Governor and District Administrator, 1853-1990; title deeds and other legal documents, 1562-[1970]; registers, indexes and inventories, 1879-1980; Medical School papers, 1833-1997, including the Medical Society/Listerian Society, the Clubs and Societies Union, and the Medical School Library; private papers of several professors, 1834-1988, including Albert Carless, Arthur Edmunds, Sir (Harold Arthur) Thomas Fairbank, and Herbert Willoughby Lyle; case notes, 1820-1959; ephemera, 1742-1998, including programmes for ceremonies and events, Hospital serials and publications, appeals and publicity, photographs and press cuttings; minutes and annual reports of the Friends of King's College Hospital, 1955-1988; Hospital accounts, 1961-1981; records of the Thrombosis Research Unit, [1972-1996]; records of the Nightingale Institute, 1813-1999.

King's College Hospital, London, 1840-

TITLE DEEDS: King's College London legal records

  • KA/T
  • Series
  • 1678-1969

This series contains title deeds relating to College property, mainly the original building in the Strand and extensions in Strand Lane and Surrey Street, Drury Lane, King's College School in Wimbledon, and other College property including the Hospital, laboratories in Hampstead and sports grounds, comprising assignments of lease, schedules of deeds and conveyances, 1678-1969.

King's College London, 1829-

PUBLICITY: King's College London printed material

  • K/PUB
  • Series
  • 1910-2014

King's College London general information booklets on the College, scholarships and prizes, College services such as catering, campus guides, Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives Guides, Directories of Experts at King's available for interview by the media, style guidelines for College publications, merger celebrations and Millennium festival programmes, 1913-2001.

King's College London, 1829-

REPORTS: King's College London printed material

  • K/RPT
  • Series
  • 1829-2014

King's College London Reports include incomplete Annual Reports from the College Council, 1836-1895 (a full set of early Reports for the 1840s are printed in the College Calendars), and Delegacy, 1914-1980, Annual Reports of Theological Department, 1917-1979, Statistical Bulletins, 1985-1993, Annual Accounts, 1976-1994, Departmental Annual Reports for Gerontology, 1987-1998, Medicine and Dentistry, 1984-1998, Medical Law and Ethics, 1987-1997, Life Sciences, 1991-1992, Psychiatry, 1997-1998, University of London Annual Reports and Reviews, 1970-1998, Student Services Annual Reports, 1987-2000, Library Services Annual Report, 1985-1997, and other merger, strategic development, research, subject area reviews and financial surveys, 1829-2014 

King's College London, 1829-

PUBLICATIONS: Queen Elizabeth College printed material

  • Q/PBN
  • Series
  • 1919-1986

Queen Elizabeth College publications include a variety of booklets and brochures advertising appeals, careers information for students, descriptions of the work of departments for prospective students, health and safety issues and the facilities of the College Library, and describing the history of the College, 1919-1986 (Ref: Q/PBN)

Queen Elizabeth College, 1953-1985

YUDKIN, Professor John (1910-1995)

  • K/PP36
  • Collection
  • [1954-1971]

Reference cards, [1954-1971], for all types of publications on nutrition, (giving the publication title, author, date and brief summary of content), and bibliographic reference cards for authors (giving name, publication title and date, and page references).

Yudkin, John, 1910-1995, Professor of Nutrition

YULE, William (b 1940)

  • IOP/PP7
  • Collection
  • 1964-2002

Papers of William Yule, 1964-2002, including: questionnaires, test instructions, notes, progress reports, conference papers and articles, 1964-1969, relating to a longitudinal educational and medical survey of schoolchildren on the Isle of Wight (selected as a relatively static but socially and economically cross-representative population: this was the first epidemiological survey of this size to cover child health and the impact of health on educational achievement); questionnaire, articles and notes relating to 1982-1983 study on the effect of lead on children's development, and assessments of the tests used; reports and correspondence, 1987-1990, relating to survivors of the 1987 HERALD OF FREE ENTERPRISE cross-channel ferry disaster; reports, correspondence, questionnaires and articles, 1988-1996, relating to survivors of the 1988 sinking of the educational cruise ship JUPITER off the coast of Greece, including two studies, 1989-1992 and 1994-1996, of survivors and their experience of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which established the previously debated capacity of adolescents to suffer from PTSD; notes, questionnaires and articles, 1992-1993, relating to a World Health Organisation study, 'Brain development in utero', in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, concerning the prenatal development of children born shortly after the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident; reports, 1993-2002, relating to the charitably-funded School for Life, assisting children with severe learning difficulties, Kiev, Ukraine; reports, correspondence and notes, 1995-1996, concerning the joint United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and Institute of Psychiatry project to provide psychosocial support to war-affected children, Bosnia.

Yule, William, b 1940, psychologist

LAW: King's College London faculty records

  • KFL
  • Collection
  • 1964-1993

The collection of the King's College London School of Law comprises correspondence, minutes and papers, 1964-1993; notably including correspondence relating to Defence Legal Studies at King's, 1966 (ref: KFL/FS1); correspondence relating to prizes, sponsorships and scholarships, 1966-1992 (ref: 1995/KFL); correspondence, minutes and papers relating to regulations, course content and schedules and the staff-student liaison committee, 1968-1985 (ref: KFL/FS1-5); general correspondence and accounts of The Human Rights Trust, 1968-1985 (ref: 1992/KFL); papers concerning the teaching of human rights in schools and especially Council of Europe recommendations on the subject, 1970-1986 (ref: 1992/KFL); correspondence concerning the Chair and Centre for European Law, 1972-1976 (ref: KFL/FS2); papers, proceedings and seminar materials on the rights of prisoners and the protection of religious liberty, 1975-1987 (ref: 1992/KFL); correspondence relating to European Economic Community grants directed towards the teaching of human rights, 1977-1981 (ref: 1992/KFL); academic staff files, 1964-1993 (ref: 1995/KFL/FPA).

King's College London School of Law

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