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Psychological operations

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Psychological operations

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EVANS, Maj Patrick Hutchinson (1913-1994)

  • Collection
  • 1943-1944

Manuscript diaries, detailing his SOE training in Haifa, Palestine, Cairo, Egypt, his service as an instructor at the Allied Military Mission Commando School at Pendalophos, British relations with allied Greek partisan units, and SOE harassment and demolition activity prior to and during the German withdrawal from the Greek peninsula, 1943-1944; reports, mainly compiled byEvans as commander of the Vitsi sub-area, relating to intelligence, reconnaissance and demolition missions alongside Greek Ethnikos Laikos Apeleftherotikos Stratos (ELAS) units, the pro-German infiltration of West Macedonia, and the conduct of Operation NOAH'S ARK; papers relating to SOE commando missions, including notes detailing weapons, ammunition and supplies used; lists of alliedPolish, Czech and French participants in the Allied Military Mission, autumn 1943; papers relating to the construction of the SOE airfield at Grevena, 1944; list compiled by Evans concerning hostile Armenian, Italian, German and Greek forces, 1944; notes detailing the nominal roll of partisan forces in the Vitsi sub-area, 1944; papers relating to SOE and ELAS border assaults into Yugoslavia and Albania, 1944; papers detailing the splintering of relations between British and Greek forces in Greece, 1944; booklets of deciphered signals messages received and issued by the Vitsi sub-area station, relating to the movement of German forces and Yugoslavian partisans, under the command of Marshal Josip Broz (Tito), and the execution of Operation NOAH'S ARK, 1944; correspondence with Lt ColArthur Edmonds, Officer Commanding Area 1, West Macedonia, Lt Col Nicholas Geoffrey Lemprière Hammond, Officer Commanding Allied Military Mission, West Macedonia, and allied British, American and Greek soldiers, 1944; policy and procedure papers, including his official secrecy declaration, 1944; papers relating to SOE technical training, finances and supplies; papers, in Greek, relating to combined operations between the Allied Military Mission and ELAS 9 Div, including command and control agreements and messages from Gen Karayannis, commander ELAS 9 Div, relating to German movements in the Vitsi sub-area; official report, in Greek, from theGreek government, detailing the history of Greek partisan forces in Greece, 1940-1944; Greek propaganda leaflets and newspapers relating to Greek partisan activity in West Macedonia, and Ellinikos Dimokratikos Ethnikos Stratos (EDES) and ELAS power struggles, 1944; German divisional daily order concerning the psychological state of German occupation troops; personal correspondence from German 1 Mountain Div soldiers; papers relating to the proposed publication of an account of Evans's career in the SOE; papers relating to the publication of Hammond's article, 'The Allied Military Mission in Northwest Macedonia', Balkan Studies (Volume 32), 1993.

Evans, Patrick Hutchinson, 1913-1994, Major


  • Collection
  • 1915-2002

Publications on psychological operations, 1915-2002, including books, editions of Falling Leaf (the magazine of the Psywar Society), other publications by the Psywar Society, journals, newsletters, VHS tapes, photocopies and printouts.

International Centre for Security Analysis, Department of War Studies, King's College London


  • MF825-MF830
  • Collection
  • 1967-1975

The Vietnam Documents and Research Notes Series reproduces in microfilm captured and translated Viet Cong and North Vietnamese political and military reports, treatises, resolutions, directives and programme descriptions compiled by JUSPAO, Oct 1967-Feb 1975. The 'notes' in the collection also contain US and South Vietnamese commentary on the enemy materiel, as well as analyses of political methodology, strategy, infrastructure, and history. While the majority of notes relate to political topics, military topics include analyses of soldiers' diaries and comments on military conditions and operations. Papers include composite diary highlighting the plight of North Vietnamese Army (NVA) soldiers serving in South Vietnam, Dec 1966; diary of a North Vietnamese Army soldier en route to South Vietnam, including mention of his political indoctrination and military training, Oct 1967; North Vietnamese directive defining the political tasks for North Vietnamese An Thai Regt, Oct 1967; directive from Headquarters of Viet Cong Military Region 5, relating to repression of counter-revolutionaries, Oct 1967; Viet Cong training document, Mar 1968; Viet Cong post-operation report relating to military operations during the Tet Offensive, Apr 1968; Sixth Resolution, Central Office, South Vietnam, assessing the results of the Tet Offensive, Jul 1968; Liberation Radio broadcast texts outlining the political programme of the Alliance of National, Democratic, and Peace Forces, Sep 1968; broadcast reports relating to the death of Ho Chi Minh, Sep 1969; speeches by Gen Vo Nguyen Giap, Nov 1969; report, issued by the commander of Unit 591, detailing the shortcomings of his unit, including low morale, poor leadership, self-inflicted wounds and surrender, Feb 1970; conference notes relating to the Indochinese Peoples' Summit Conference, Apr 1970; report detailing the establishment and organisation of the Public Security Sector and the People's Police Force in North Vietnam, Jan 1971; captured documents highlighting the effects of an unsuccessful military campaign, loss of key cadre on the village levels, and the slow recruitment of personnel, Apr 1971; full text of Liberation Radio broadcast of Maj Gen Tran Do highlighting the problem and result of poor political indoctrination and ideological education, May 1971; lists of members, denoting office or responsibility of Communist Vietnamese organisations including the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam, the National Liberation Front and the People's Revolutionary Party, Jun 1972; articles by Gen Vo Nguyen Giap, Jun-Oct 1972; papers relating to the abandonment of the military and political seizure of Danang, Dec 1972; Central Office for South Vietnam (COSVN) directives relating to the economic situation in South Vietnam following the Paris Peace Talks, 1974-1975